Puzzle Piece

May 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Life is a puzzle, but in more aspects than one. Not only do we have to put together the meaningful and meaningless moments and try to make a picture of who we truly are through the scrambled fragments, but we also have to look at ourselves, our own full puzzles as mere puzzle-pieces in a much larger and more chaotic puzzle.
Everyone around us is their own puzzle piece, whether or not they know the shape of it is irrelevant. Our life’s goal, our primal instinct is to surround ourselves with puzzle pieces that mesh with ours. Many times we miss judge either our own piece or another persons, and like in a normal puzzle, you can leave ill-fitting shapes for a long time, but eventually, you’re going to have to change it out for another (not necessarily the right) piece. Some people have it easy, sometimes when you open a brand new puzzle; the pieces are already fit together. Some people never have to go through the constant switching and searching for the pieces that fit them.
What happens when one piece from a puzzle gets mixed up in the box with another puzzle? Sure there’s still a good chance that the puzzle piece will “fit” and be undetected for a while, but honestly how long would that last? Once the maker knows something’s amiss, the offending piece is removed, sometimes after a fight to get it unstuck. How horrible it is to be that lone puzzle piece; the one that thought it fit, only to suddenly be ripped from all it knew and believed in. Had the puzzle piece been truly aware of its surroundings, it could’ve noticed earlier how the other pieces fit too snugly, or had space between them. Unfortunately the temporarily euphoric puzzle piece had spent its time smiling away thinking it fit in, when really, it was the most isolated of all the puzzle pieces.

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