Marinate and draw

April 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Marinate and draw!

Drawing, a fun and enjoyful talent to have. The art comes from your imagination or from what you see or as Michelangelo says"A man paints with his brains and not with his hands". Drawing is very fun and is not as difficult as you think, just a little practice and it will become easy. There are many drawing classes you can take to learn or get better on drawing. My first time going to a drawing class was fun and I never thought I would have a great experience there, first the teacher told me to draw what I know so I did the best I could imagine and went on just drawing what ever poped into my head, then he told me to draw a simple drawing he showed me how to do, which were not so hard and after drawing that I won a prize for having the best well made drawing. I want you to sketch out this simple drawing and compare it with this one.

Art in life and the world

After practice with simple drawings you can be able to go to more advanced time taking pieces(drawings). Drawings are very familiar and unique to me that is why I take a minute looking at it. Many artists have drawing not as a talent but a part of there life or culture. Art is very famous around the world such as in Italy they have a drawing of a women named Mona Lisa or the other famous drawing in the U.S.A. of George Washington in the White house.

Types of art

In art there are many types of drawings, such as realistic,graffiti,anime,perspective,still-life and cartoon. There are plenty more different types of art that may be of interest to you.Some pieces are confusing but have alot words to be said of, thats how art works.

Happy drawing

After reading the article I hope you start drawing of all different types and have fun doing so. Art in my words; art is very special and not just anything but as something rare.
by:Erik Lima

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