Economy is the worst in history

May 20, 2009
By Anonymous

..The economy not only effects the country but also the people ..

The Untied States is said to be the best economy in the world, but the reality of it is that the United States is in the biggest dept in history. The dept of the Unites States is about 13.87 trillion. This three times more then the second highest dept, which is Japan with 4.4 trillion. Having this big dept to pay is hurting not only the country but the people. Everyone in the United States is otherwise in dept or in bankrupt. People are not getting paid well nor are able to afford most stuff that is being offered. Also people are getting everything that they have taken away. People are losing everything. Starting from jobs, cars houses, inventories and other valuable items. The worst of this dept is that some people can even pay for college and education is one thing that anyone should have. Everything is just going down the tubes because of the dept that we are in. This should not be happening to anyone. People have worked so hard to get what they have and for the tax collector to just take it away. That’s the thing that hurts the most, having something and then its gone. What a life.


Education is right that everyone should have. Thanks to the big dept that we are in, education is hard to pay for. The lenders loan more to the students but if you do all the math and find out how much money you will have to pay, its more then what they have lend you. It is also not that easy to get a loan. In order to get a loan they check your whole background and if you don’t qualify you don’t get the loan. If you don’t get the loan you wont have any money for college.

..._Searching for a Job_...

Searching for a job may sound easy to do but it really isn’t that easy. You may apply for as many jobs you want. The problem is that maybe the place isn’t hiring right now or you

don’t qualify for the job because of your age or because you don’t have any experience with that type of job you are looking for. Maybe you do get the job but the pay isn’t going to be that good because of the situation we are in. This situation is one of the hardest to get out of. Looking for a solution isn’t that easy. The best situation for this problem is a good, well paid job. The chances of getting a good, well paid job is like winning the lottery. It doesn’t come that often. I’ve seen many people suffer because of how the economy is. The President and Congress should be helping everyone out but all they are doing is making the taxes increase. This is good for the people that don’t pay taxes but its not good for the people that don’t. Not that many people have enough money to continue with their life.

Families and Hard Times

Everything is this country is being affect by the economy but the worst thing that is being affected is families. Many families are being separated and pulled away from their friends and families because they can afford to be near them. Families living in good condition end up living in hard condition because they just don’t have the money to live like they use to. People change states because they see that other states have cheaper things. This makes every family go different directions. Also when a family member gets really sick, some families can not pay to help the member get well nor to be by their side while they are down and sick. This hurts most families now because of the swine flu. The flu had killed a lot of people and it is still affecting a lot of them. The problem is that there is no more to help with. This is all thanks to the economy dept. Thanks to all of congress and the president. Thanks to the war in Iraq.

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