How to Not Get to Class on Time

May 20, 2009
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Getting to class on time is sometimes hard. You have to grab your books from your locker, which you have to open with the combination lock. Sometimes it won’t open, so you have to try again. Next you look at a clock and realize that you only have a couple minutes left. And you have to run to get to class on time. That is what you want to do! But to make it perfect I have a few steps for you to do.

Step 1: Look at the clock in the classroom to see what time it is. You want to make sure that you have enough time to put your books and work away. But instead of doing that, take your time and talk with your friends. You want to be late for the next class.
Step 2: Walk with your friends to there locker. Take your time walking, you don’t want to rush.
Step 3: Go to your locker and grab your books. Look at everything in your locker, to see what you need.
Step 4: On the way to your classroom, you can stop by and see your friends with the minutes you have left. You want to talk for a long time with them.
Step 5: Get a drink at the water fountain or maybe go to the vending machines to grab something to eat.
Step 6: Walk to class after the bell rings. You want to be late everyday! So follow the steps to get to class NOT on time.

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Hallie M. said...
Jun. 4, 2009 at 5:00 am
Interesting, why do i not want to get to class on time again?
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