Love vs. Like: What is the difference?

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Don’t even get me started on what is the difference between the two. The only thing that is in common about love and like is that they start with l. Love is a tremendous subject that can hardly be described as anything else. It is hard to find synonyms for love, because nobody can think of another word to describe it.

Like, on the other hand, is a different story. Like can be described as a temporary feeling. It can be compared to a crush or the deadly sin lust. A person can like attributes of a person, but not love that person. A very common example of this outcome of liking someone is a celebrity crush. Basically in a celebrity crush, the person crushing likes his/her body, physical attributes, and entertainment performed by that celebrity. Because the crusher does not actually know the celebrity personally, love us not anywhere in the picture. Like CAN NEVER be compared to love.

Let’s talk about love some more. Love can be expressed in countless ways. It caresses the soul and opens the heart. It can be expressed physically and emotionally, through song, poetry, and writing. You really don’t here many people writing about liking someone. (HINT! HINT!) There is religious love, intimate love, and friendship love. There are so many types of love, it is not even funny. Love can be used in a strong way or weak way, but it is still stronger than like.

Many people dwell on the difference between love and like. Some people even find paranoia in the fact that some people think love and like share a lot of similarities. The truth is, they don’t. Point, blank and simple! You can never say that love and like are alike. I should have not even written this paper for you to know the difference. But I did, because some people need to know what love really is. It is no were near like.

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