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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   In this cruel world there are many things that compel us to cry out for help in utter frustration at society. After we do so we usually get results and some sort of satisfaction. But not in my case.

I watch a lot of television and I know most of the commercial slogans backwards. As time has gone by, I have grown to like certain commercials more than others (which brings me to my really selfish and unimportant gripe).

The television producers cancelled the McDonald's commercial that featured the moon guy!

I remember the first time I saw that commercial classic. I was eating dinner (at approximately 6: 30) and I had just begun to get up from the table, when suddenly I heard a voice and a song coming from the television. I turned around and saw a man dressed in a black suit, with a head the shape of a crescent moon, and he was playing a floating piano.

I immediately fell in love with the commercial. And from that time on I was always on the prowl for that amazing commercial.

Now during movies on Channel 56, 34, 4, 5 and & 7 that claim to have few commercial interruptions I watch hoping to see my favorite commercial. And for some time I was successful, until recently they have been showing a new commercial for Monopoly and they trashed the poor moon guy. And as fast as he shot into stardom, he twinkled out. But I am still hoping, still praying, to see that famous ad one more time.

So remember:

When the clock strikes

half past six, babe

time to head for

golden lights

'Cause it's a good time for

the great taste

Dinner at McDonald's

It's Mac tonight

Come on, make it Mac


Editor's note: This commercial was a spin-off of famed song, "Mack the Knife" (of "Three Penny Opera" fame).

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i love this so much!


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