Heavy Metal: Why Is Everyone Against It? MAG

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   Most people today dislike heavy metal music. They feel that the lyrics send a bad message to teenagers. While most kids listen to it because of the sound and because they like it; there are songs that send a positive message.

Another reason why this particular type of music is not accepted is the appearence of band members. They usually wear long hair. Some people think this is grubby and therefore, overlook the music.

Some folks plain don't like to listen to it. They get headaches because their opinion is that it is noise, and not music.

The language also plays a large part in why people don't like it--either it isn't clean or it is taken the wrong way.

People are always ready to believe rumors about famous or infamous bands, whether it involves drugs or just a reputation.

"Headbangers," as they are frequently called, wear ripped clothing or shirts with messages that make a person detest them.

Earlier bands have worn make-up, whether they were female or not. This provokes people to believe they are gay.

Because of their appearence, people are inclined to think they take drugs. I believe most bands do take a form of alcohol. This gives the impression that they are druggies.

Tatoos on their anatomy may represent satanic symbols or just bad things that don't always win the heart when gaining a fan.

There are some organizations, such as the PMRC, who try to ban this and other selections of music from our lives.n

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