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May 4, 2009
By Lauren Tomlinson BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
Lauren Tomlinson BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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Are you a blood thirsting movie fanatic? Blood thirsting fanatics are people who enjoy watching horror and scary movies. Usually, these are teens and young adults who enjoy a thrill in a movie. To find a good blood thirsting movie try the movie theatres, or on certain channels during Halloween. A blood thirsting movie can involve a wide range of items however the most common ones are based off of old ghost stories and massacres. Most blood thirsting movies are only good until a new one comes out, then everyone forgets about who dies and what happened. You don’t need to bring anything special, only your scream if you pick an extremely scary movie!

Or maybe, you are looking for a good date night movie. This is the love stories otherwise known as chick-flicks. The age range on a date night movie is usually standard, although some will have sexual comments that children should not be able to understand. A movie theater usually has at least one date night movie in theater at all times but the movie doesn’t change as often as lets say a blood thirsting one. The themes are similar depending on the company the most common one is two people completely opposite finding their soul mate. Date night movies don’t go out of date, many of the good date night movies are older movies however the new ones that come out are equally good. Having a tissue is suggested but not required, most of these movies will just make you go Aww.

My favorite category is wet your pants movies. These are comedies, in most wet your pants movie the actors can be the same. Teenagers definitely watch these types of movies because they make you laugh for stupid reasons only teens would understand. Watch the movie with other teens though, unless you had really cool parents it would be bad if you whipped out Superbad for your family night movie. These movies have a lot of sexual innuendos in them. To find them you don’t have to go far big wet your pants movies are advertised a lot when in the theaters and if there is none currently then hit up you tube. Kids are constantly trying to make the next greatest movies and the easiest way to see how people will respond is through the website. Those movies though are not rated so watch them with caution, also there is a chance that the movie will just be stupid.

A family oriented movie category is up and coming classics. These are movies that are new but a world wide phenomenon. The biggest example is High School Musical and Madagascar. It is to early to tell how long these new movies will stay in the hearts of families, however almost 1 out of 2 people probably own one of the movies and 3 out of 4 have most likely seen the movie. Also up and coming classics usually have a sequal following it due to the popularity of the first one. These movies can make you laugh and make you cry but you will always recommend it to your friends

Finally if you are looking for a family centered movie try getting a common classic. The best brand of common classics is Disney or Pixar. These never grow old and you will find that your kids will fall in love with them. They differ from old school movies because they continue to earn money, even if its tem years later than when it came out. Common classics are constantly redone and redigitalized so that new features and technology can continue passing the epic story we all fell in love with. A lot of common classics are cartoons, such as Cinderella, The lion King, Aladdin ,etc. You can always find a common classic in the shelves at main stores however, they do not stay in theatres for that long.

. So why pick the wrong movie to watch? Define you and pick the right one that is acceptable for you and whoever else is watching it. Don’t be worried if you fit in more than one category, that just means you movie compatibility is greater than some other person. Go out and watch the movie that is going to leave you thinking wow that was a great movie! Life is to short to waste time and money watching movies you will hate and never see again spend that time embracing a new movie!

Whenever wondering who will want to go see a movie with you a question always occurs, who would want to see the movie with you? If you wanted to see a horror movie you wouldn’t want to ask a squeamish girl, or if you wanted to see a love story you wouldn’t ask your parents. To save time when you are in a rush to catch a movie or indecisive on which one to buy or rent think about which of the following categories you fall into, thus picking the right movie for you.

Next we have the Emmy worthy movies. These are the movies that show you the harsh realities of the world. Emmy worthy movies come out when something big has happened, for example 911. Students watch Emmy worthy movies during certain classes to analyze why a certain group acted or to show how something came about, so the time frame is as long as people care and remember. Emmy worthy movies are good but be sure to have Kleenex on hand because they are also tear jerker’s!

If you are trying to keep your parents pleased try an old school movie. This is a fairly large category being that each category has a different date range that it is good. To me, old school movies are form 1990 and before. To determine whether or not a movie is an old school movie check the date and actors. Also if you pass by it on the TV guide check the quality of the color. Themes in old school movies don’t have robots or planes also. Old school movie time frames are infinite to the people who grew up in that time frame, and old to everyone else.

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