On Being Strange V MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Yes, this is the encore you have been waiting for. Yet, I would not call these other "Strange" people strange. I would rather call them different. I hate it when people make fun of other people who are different. We are all people, aren't we? We all need air to breathe and food to eat. I find that if people are different, they are more beautiful. They are being themselves. I think that more people should be different. Not only be it, but be proud of it.

I find that people who are different are isolated. Most people who are different have a talent, like Mike Colclough (who wrote last month) is interested in weather. Why should he be made fun of because of what he enjoys doing in his spare time?

I find being different to be an art form. You are modeling yourself from yourself and not trying to be the same as another person. So, stop being the stereotypical teen-ager, be different and be yourself. n

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i love this so much!


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