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   There are milestones in life that everyone seems to remember. Reaching voting age is one of them. At 18, we are given a Constitution-al right that involves us in something much bigger than ourselves. The right to vote makes us responsible to society as a whole. Viewed this way, reaching 18 becomes much more than just a personal milestone: it becomes a responsibility. Our right to vote must always be respected and handled with maturity. When I turn 18, I will be given a right and power that people in many countries do not have; but, with that right will come a new set of responsibilities. If I am to accept one, then I must also accept the other.

My vote should mean that I have exercised my duty to become an "educated consumer." It should not mean that I have participated in a "popularity" contest, but rather that I have educated myself about the issues and how the candidates stand on them. It also means that I have looked into issues that may not affect me singularly, but may affect the general public. It should mean that I explore issues dealing with the future of my country, and maybe the world - about the environment, our economy, the military and foreign involvements. I will have to stay informed about new issues that may arise, and even small town issues that may affect where I live. It will be my responsibility to follow my local government and the actions of my congressmen. It will be my responsibility to safeguard the confidentiality of the voting booth and the right of the candidates to express their opinions. It will be my responsibility to make up my own mind about the candidates and not be influenced by my family, friends, or others "endorsing" candidates. I must be educated in propaganda techniques and question media coverage of an election. And finally, after I have done this, I must always exercise, and be prepared to defend, my right to vote. n

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i love this so much!

tonisha said...
on Oct. 2 2013 at 4:07 pm
i think it needs more information about what my vot means to me]  


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