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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   "Can you believe what John wore to school today?"

"Have you seen those new sneakers Mike has on?"

Statements like these are made every day by teens in our public schools. Everyone is more concerned with what kind of sneakers Mike is wearing and how bad John was dressed than who John and Mike really are. Mike could be a jerk and John the most pleasant person in the world. Then why should Mike have more friends than John? The sad fact is that Mike will have more friends. Why? Because of his wardrobe.

Teens are into their clothes, not because they like to dress up, but because they feel they have to. Why should a young teenager own a $150 pair of sneakers when a $50 dollar pair is just as good? It is not because they like the expensive pair more but because their "friends" like them more. I myself have purchased over-priced sneakers just because that's what everyone wants.

If I were coming to school dressed less fashionably than others, I would be made fun of. I've seen people (my friends included) make jokes about the clothing some kid is wearing. This is the main reason why, when I wake up in the morning, I dress the best I can. I don't want to be their next victim.

With boys, they make comments in a funny joking way (not that that's OK), but I have seen girls who are cruel. Amy makes fun of Julie's red dress. She knows that Julie can hear her and is hurt, but she doesn't stop. She will continue until Julie is almost ready to cry. When Julie gets home, she will probably discard her red dress forever.

Instances like this should never happen, but they do. Just because the brand is wrong, the clothing should not be worn? Should one person have more friends than another just because of his or her wardrobe? American teens seem to think so. Is a dress code the answer? I have heard my friends say, "I would never go to that private school because of the uniforms." My friends believe this is a bad point of these schools. I disagree. Maybe this is one of the good points. Maybe there is no discrimination against people because of their clothes since everyone is dressed alike. There shouldn't be a need for a dress code, but if teenagers continue to act so immaturely, there will be. n

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