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   Why would we vote for Mr. Bush? Has he done anything really significant for our country? Sure, there was the Gulf War, but what else? What about our country? The government hasn't really paid off all their debts. There aren't many things Mr. Bush has done for the world and for the United States that we have benefited from.

First of all, Mr. Bush is a true Republican; he wants the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer. Mr. Bush is just continuing the Reagan era. For example, take the capital gains tax. Mr. Bush says that he will lower this tax. However, this tax only affects those people holding stock - rich people. The average American does not own stock in a company. Therefore this cut will only affect the rich people and make them richer.

What about his famous words: "Read my lips"? Sure, we read them. But he lied, didn't he? We got new taxes, didn't we? Who wants a liar for a President? Not many people.

Now that many countries have finally left the iron hands of communism and are now suffering badly under economic depression, is Mr. Bush doing anything to help them? Not much, even though now is the time to show Russia that democracy does work to have a strong economy and government. Without help, these countries may go back to communism.

After the Gulf War, the Kurds were in need of a lot of help from countries like the United States. Did the government give them the help or money that they needed? No, Mr. Bush and the U.S. government helped a little, but a little is not enough.

Finally, what about the recession in the United States? Mr. Bush has done minimal work on helping the country get out of the recession. The little work that he has done is only helping the rich get richer.

The biggest problem is that Mr. Bush will probably get voted into office again, and the United States will be stuck with the same problems dealing with Mr. Bush.

Oh, and Mr. Bush, broccoli helps fight cancer. n

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