Ode To My Country MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Under your wings my mind

and body rested,

not coated yet with feathers

of understanding.

The nest you lovingly

furnished with finest dawn

and cradled my hopes, my naive sense

of myself.

You kept me well.

Unyielding beak you turned

to my foe every time;

keen, golden eyes had marked

on every step I made,

and laughed with amusement

when innocently

I stomped on your ground.

You taught me well, too.

for now I know

and tell

since I have learned to speak

but not in your language ...

though the life I lead is from you

and it speaks of your grandeur

as I speak

but not in your language ...

Now my feathers glisten in the sun,

and I could also

fly the mountain's peaks with love.

compassion, certainty,

patience -

that you have caressed

into the rivers of my soul.

I had to leave.

Years have passed

and different land I step on


with every step of mine envisioning

your golden eyes.

I crave to touch your ground

with hurting toes,

to spread my longing


inside the wind and sea!

It took another

land for me to grow

and see your snowy heights -

- White Eagle!

I will return!!

I hope that you will still

remember me ...

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i love this so much!


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