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   I was asked a question that was so interesting it made me say hmmm. The question? Would you rather expect too much of yourself and never be satisfied, or always be satisfied, but never expect anything? I thought about it for a while. I'd be miserable if I didn't have expectations for myself. Yet, I'd be equally miserable if I never found satisfaction. Finally, I decided that it was impossible to choose one over the other.

If a person never sets any expectations for himself, then he'll never amount to anything. Because he's satisfied with the little he has, he would have no desire to better his life. On the other hand, by setting expectations, he is setting high standards for himself. He is looking to further himself in every way. Although he is successful, success does not mean satisfaction. Constant unfulfillment eventually leads to frustration which may be looked upon as failure. Having never felt the contentment of true achievement, a person might give up. In which case, he ends up in the same place: never expecting anything.

It is necessary to have expectations. How else will any goals be reached? Setting higher expectations after each success allows a person to aim for something higher and better. But a person must realize that not every venture ends with success and not every expectation is met with satisfaction. Once a person accepts that, then perhaps he will find happiness, instead of mere satisfaction. So, expect a lot of yourself, but don't expect to always be satisfied. n

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i love this so much!


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