Why God Could Not Have Created The Earth

April 23, 2009
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There is a heated debate, (or as some may say, conflict), between science and religion. Namely, Christianity takes the front of the religious arguments, as it is the most popular and widespread religion on Earth. A lot of these arguments centre around the creation of the Earth. It is a common philosophical debate “the Big Bang VS Creation”, but people should look at it from a logical prospective, before trying to argue for any cause.

In the Bible, in the very first words, Genesis states “in the beginning, there was nothing”. It is commonly said by priests and lay Christians, that before that, only God existed. If only God existed, then everything human didn't exist. Which also meant there was no concept of desire, or needs. So God could have had no reason to create the Earth, and life. He had no reason to create this world, where there is so much suffering, and contrast that makes the suffering seem worse.

However, that on it's own, is a weak argument. A devout Christian who was interviewed for this article, said “God's plan for us is beyond human understanding, so we cannot know why he created the Earth”. Contrary to her statement, it is possible to apply logic to God's existence. The Latin phrase “in imego deii” (in the image of God) is applied to humans. It is said in the Bible and the scriptures, that humans were made in the image of God. The human body, and image in itself, is subject to the laws of evolution. There are adaptations that make it possible to survive in a world of suffering. If we are made in God's image, should God's image in itself not be perfect, if he is an all-powerful being? This “weakness” of having a form that could need protection, shows that logic can be applied to God's existence, and that he can be subject to simple reasoning.

Returning to the original topic, God could not have had a reason to create the world. He also created many emotions that there was no point in creating. He could have had a world of suffering and happiness, without anger, rage, jealousy and envy. The Christian who I interviewed earlier, said that those emotions and concepts all come from Satan (the Christian devil). If God is more powerful than Satan, (God is omnipotent, whereas Satan is not), shouldn't God have been able to stop all these things from happening. Should God have created Satan at all, knowing what he would become. Should God have created Hitler, or Stalin, knowing what they would do? If God knows the path of our lives, he also knows the life-paths of the sinners who are going to Hell. He condemns them and makes them suffer, through no fault of their own, and for no reason.

Saying that God is above feeling emotions does not negate the argument, because reasoning goes far beyond emotional judgement. In fact, emotions can cloud the judgement, so God should know exactly what was going on. Other arguments, for instance, “God created the world so he could be happy”, is false, because if he was an all-powerful creator, he could have created the means of happiness for himself, without creating beings that would suffer. If he took the option of creating our world, then he cannot be benevolent.

Therefore, in conclusion, God must not have created the Earth, and something must have created God, since even God must have been submit to reasoning. If God created the Earth, then he is not a benevolent God, and if he did not create the world, or suffering, then he is not an all-powerful God. The Christian God possesses both of these qualities, so therefore the Christian belief that God created the world is wrong. Even though this does not prove the scientific theory of the Big Bang, research has fallen very much in favour of it. Science is the basic of reasoning, and so, even in union with a belief in God, it should be generally accepted that mere science was the cause of our existence.

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