The Most powerful motivator

April 20, 2009
By Brittany richards BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Brittany richards BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Many people are superficial and have a hold on materialistic things and the desire for fame. Although this is the case, we see how many individuals have sacrificed their own welfare for a cause or a principle that they have regarded as more important than their own lives. Conscience is a more powerful motivator than money, fame, or power. This has been proven valid throughout history. The earnest sacrifices that people have made which changed the world and made it a better place for generations today is evident. Three historical figures who have demonstrated this sense of conscience are Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King jr, and Rosa Parks.

Conscience for many has been proven to outweigh money, fame and the desire to rule. During slavery, a key figure was Harriet Tubman who designed a secret passage way to help the slaves escape to freedom from a perilous life. Although she knew that if she was caught her fate would have been death her determination and persistence proves that conscience is the most powerful motivate a person can have. Another historical figure who chose to sacrifice their own welfare for a cause or principle is Martin Luther King jr, a well known civil rights activist. He proved that he wasn’t a selfish individual by sacrificing his own life for the rights of African-Americans to be equal in white America. Rosa Parks another person of great dignity fought for the rights of African-Americans also, by doing so she stood her grounds and didn’t let up proving that she put conscience over her own personal welfare especially during those times where she could have been killed or hanged.

There are also people we meet everyday that work for non-profit organizations in order to help those less fortunate then thensleves. This is a classic and prime example which demonstrates that having a heart and a concsience is a far more powerful motivator then the drive for money or power. Many organizations are up and running due to people who have giving back to those who unfortunately can't help themselves. The list goes on when counting people who have layed down their lives for the betterment and safety for others, that generosity is why we have a national army today. People willing to die for the safety of their country and the lives of people they don't know and will never know.

In closing we see how many individuals have sacrificed their own welfare for a cause or a principle that they have regarded as more important than their own lives. Three key historical figures; Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Harriet Tubman exemplify that conscience is a far more greater motivator than materialistic things of this world. It is evident from day to day when you see that white collared business man give a homeless man a dollar without the expectation of something in return. In the school system we see that teacher who works earnestly to help her students succeed in the future when even if she doesn't make an effort to teach her students she will get payed. Therefore it has been proven throughout history and in everyday life that the most powerful motivator is our conscience.

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