why do people write to the editor

March 9, 2009
By kayla frank BRONZE, East Palestine, Ohio
kayla frank BRONZE, East Palestine, Ohio
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Come on people grow up and be a man or women. I dont care how old you are you could be 5 or you could be 3,000. Lets grow up and instead of writting to the paper lets tell them our selfs. Unstead of beging scared and makeq it anonymouse. Be like this is Kayla Frank and i am tell all of you people out there who are a frade of the people and write to the paper grow up grow some... I mean come on i am only 13 and i well to you if i like you or not but there are these 30 year olds who are sissy and write to the paper. If you dont like them tell the straight up. If you think there ugly tell them you are freaking ugly. I hate reading these things in the paper about peoplee i know. Come on tell them to there fases. I really dont care who likes me and doesnt. If you are reading this please take my addvice and DO NOT WRITE TO THE EDITORER!!! =]

Thank you,

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