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Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

The Alternative: Chapters 1-5
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Sam Summerton is going to die. But he doesn't want to. He wishes he could take everything back, let go of the past, redeem himself. He does not want to die after living such a shameful life. Fortunately for him, there is an alternative... (more »)
A Cry For Help
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Jessica Suarez A Girl who loves to meet new people just might have a frighting meet with death. Is she going to Find help in time or will she end up meeting her worst nightmare? (more »)
The Radcliffe Gardens
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A young girl named Eva has her whole life stolen away from her and is suddenly thrown into the big wide ocean to adapt and learn about the wonderful underwater creations, especially the mermaid species. (more »)
Revenge is Funny That Way
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Jenna Burson has to solve her mother, father, and sister's murder while balancing the fact she's engaged. Read this and discover what she does. (more »)
The Fear Family
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A Wierd Family with a weird curse placed on them. From death and secrets to silence and lies. Will they be able to break the curse before another innocent life is taken? (more »)
The First Chrononaut
Eugene is a young scientist that has created the world's first time machine. However, during a trial run of his new invention, he learns that the near future is nothing like he expected. (more »)
9 Notes
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I've been noticing this man. This man is at the pool nearly every day I work. He stares at me with those large wet eyes that send chills down my back. It's actually really quite distracting and not to mention concerning. (more »)
Lurking Shadows (Completed edition)
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People say "Blood is thicker than water." however, the original saying is, "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb." and while my family wishes I was gone, the friends I've chosen are here to stay. Or at least I hope so. (more »)
Astria's Nightmare
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My hands and up to my elbows were coated in red my clothes had splotches of the red here and there and one giant splat on my stomach are of my shirt...No. They were looking at the red. They were looking at the blood. (more »)
The Kingdom of Kandolia
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Angel was born in one world and hears the grievances of her death from another.
There is no doubt that The Kingdom of Kandolia is a mystery, but it is also a spiritual combination of friendship and love; and the meaning behind the two. (more »)
Barely Breathing
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Murder, its illegal but it just feels so damn good just like revenge. I guess everyone is right hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn. (more »)
Adolescent Sorrow
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I can't say much because it will give away the story, but I can tell you one thing, it's thrilling and page turning (more »)
Harold and the Herald of Silence
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I’m the not richest or smartest, but what I do have is family: a father who hates me, a brother who mocks me, a mother who doesn't love me, a sister who doesn't get me. A break-in made me do the unthinkable, and now my house only heralds silence. (more »)
Hidden in San Francisco
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"I was nine years old when it happened." My parents were murdered when I was nine, with a note on the wall saying that someone will be back for me, and my two brothers. Now, 6 years later, our past comes back to haunt us. (more »)
Where Time Hides
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When the government collapses, the Johonoh family must do something about it. (more »)
Finding Gemma
By , Wilmette, IL
Her face is a memory, forgotten by all but one. But what could happen when he meets a familiar stranger? Grief, Pain, Lies (more »)

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