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Fresh Blood

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Whip it out

An half an hour later, it was Jacobs turn to sleep while Remmie and I stood guard. I was tired, no scratch that, exhausted but I had to remain vigilant. This is a matter of life or death! Remmie was in the middle of a joke about a Jewish guy on Christmas when suddenly Jacobs jumps up out of his deep sleep.
“Whoa you okay there Jacob?” I asked
“Um yea” he replied, squirming. He looked utterly uncomfortable.
“Are you sure?” Remmie questioned.
“I’m fine! I just got to pee.” He retorted, getting up and heading for the door.
“Hey you can leave!” I yelled.
“I’ll be right back, ok. I’m just going to find a bathroom around here. 5 minutes I’ll be gone.”
“Why can’t you just…stick it out a window?” Remmie giggled.
Jacob glared at her, his face bright red.
“Whatever, just take a gun and be quick.” I said
“Can I take the shotgun?” He asked
“Hell no! This gun’s my baby!” I replied, offended. I stared at the old gun resting comfortably on my lab. This had been my main weapon, my savior. And this stranger thinks he can just take it?!
“Just let him take the flipping gun Sam. He won’t hurt it.” Rem said
They both stared expectantly at me. I sighed and threw Jacob the gun. He easily caught it and started admiring it closely. He thanked me and ran out of the door, his full bladder obviously bothering him.
“Five minutes!” I yelled to him, feeling vulnerable without my gun. Nothing I can now but wait.
Ten minutes had passed and I was starting to get pissed. How long does it take a guy to pee?! I got up and walked towards the door.
“Where are you going?” Remmie asked
“To get my gun back.” I replied, irritated. I grabbed the door handle just as two screams echoed through the building. It sounded like a young girl and…Jacob! My gun! I ripped open the door only to be greeted with a group of about five or six zombies. I slammed the door as they turned towards me and locked it.
“Crap, crap, crap!”I panicked.
“What, what, what?” Remmie asked, startled. I pushed past her and started gathering all our gear, including a flashlight I found in a toolbox, and pulled Remmie to her feet.
“It’s not safe here, we have to fight through those guys and head to a safer floor.” I whispered. She nods and on the count of three we ran out into the undead party waiting for us. Without my shotgun I was forced to use a pistol, a gun I truly despised, and Remmie was using her handy rifle. We continued shooting until all the zombies were no threat at all. I turned to find our safe room door completely totaled from us busting through. Worst of all I could hear undead upstairs. I reloaded my gun and pulled Remmie to the staircase.
“Down we go” I said with a smirk and then we start descending down the dark ominous staircase.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 10 Next »

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Freckles3 said...
Dec. 9, 2012 at 9:57 am
Ahhh! Chapter Eight is even BETTER!!
Freckles3 said...
Dec. 9, 2012 at 9:54 am
This... Was.... Amazing. Absolutely beautiful. I mean, right now I'm only on Chapter 7, but it's so good, I had to comment right now! Great work!! What a horror story!!

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