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Fresh Blood

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Epilogue: The end to all ends. (Remmies POV)

I kept walking and I made sure to never look back because I knew if I did it would be the end of my sanity. I had been walking for only about a minute until I heard the gun shot that ended my best friend. She had to do it to save herself and I thank god she didn’t ask me to end her. I kept going forward about five more minutes until I finally noticed the tears streaming down my face, I looked around and deemed this place , a small hallway with sealed up doors, suitable to finally break down. The tears burned as they gushed out of my aching body. I fell to the ground and let the sadness finally ravish me till I was nothing but a sniffling lump.
All I could think about was my friends who were now dead. Sarah and her dark secrets, Nathan and his smart mouth, Erika who was just a cry baby, Jacob who I deem to be one of the greatest guys I ever knew. And finally Sam, her quick wits, obnoxious voice, the way she never seemed to trust (or like) anyone. The way she became my best friend in a world where I had lost everyone and was alone. We had kept each other alive and safe but in the end I couldn’t save her. Suddenly I remembered the envelope she placed in the bag. I crawled into a corner and got settled, I didn’t care much if any zombies came I didn’t really feel like living much longer anyway. I opened the bag and pulled out the smooth white parcel. I was careful to open in and to pull out the letter inside. I read the letter slowly:

Dear Remmie
If you’re reading this then unfortunately I am dead. But you’re alive so all is well. I know you where always curious of my back story. The one I refused to tell anyone. But I see you as a sister so I think you deserve to know.
It all started in Seattle Washington, where I was born into a seemly normal family. It was me and my parents and we were happy. Well, until my mother passed away from being hit by a train when I was 12. Things went downhill from there. My father began drinking and abusing me. I dealt with the abuse for two years until I finally ran away. I didn’t know where I was going but I didn’t care. I was forced to do unspeakable things for money. It was the only way to stay alive but inside I was already dead. But through it all I’m happy all this crap happened because in the end I found you.
Be safe

When I finished reading I kissed the letter and carefully folded and placed it in my pocket. I got up, whipped my eyes, and continued forward. I’m going to make it out of this for you Sam, I thought suddenly determined. With my gun loaded I went, found the front door, and busted out of it. I didn’t hesitate I just shot anything that looked even remotely hungry. I was on a rampage and it felt good. I had remained calm and subtle throughout this whole ordeal but not anymore. It’s time for some therapy.
Twenty minutes had passed and I had already killed two clips full of ammo. My breathing was becoming shallow and I was extremely exhausted. I stared at the mounds of all the dead things that lay with my bullet in their skulls. I double checked to see if they were really dead and when all things came back positive I sat down on the street.
The silence had been unnerving but there was a strange ringing in my ears. It was growing louder every second and it was giving me a head ache. That’s when I realized the wind was blowing hard and there were lights coming down from above. I looked up and saw a helicopter flying my way! I couldn’t believe my eyes, rescue had finally come. I started waving my arms and flailing about wildly and they must of noticed me because it started it descend down to the street.
I grabbed my pack and guns and ran forward with all my might, ignoring the dirt and debris flying around me. I was greeted by a grey haired man, which seemed off cause he only look about twenty-five, he boosted me onto the copter and indicated to take a seat on a bench. The bench’s where filled with survivors but as I skimmed across the faces I saw familiar eyes, dark eyes. With saggy hair to match! The eyes locked with mine and a smile grazed it’s lips. I dropped everything and lunged myself into the warm inviting arms. A soft kiss was shared.
“Seth…Oh my god Seth! I never thought I’d see you again baby!” I whispered into his ear softly.
“I’m here, shush now Rem I’m here.” He comforted, stroking my hair. We stayed like this, obvious to the people surrounding us. We rode for five minutes until we stopped and picked up and sickly looking man. The man sat next to us and I noticed how…odd he looked. He was biting his lip and clutching his arm, almost like he was trying to hide something.
Finally the man turned to me, growl and lunged forward I recognized the scenario. He tackled me to the ground and bit into my shoulder. The pain was unimaginable. I felt the man being torn from my as soft hands gripped mine. The life was draining and I knew they were preparing to off me as well but I could care less. Seth was holding on to my hands with dear life, whispering about how much he loved me. I closed my eyes and imagined Jacob and Sam smiling at me. The last thing I thought before the trigger was pulled was: I’m safe.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 8 9 10

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Freckles3 said...
Dec. 9, 2012 at 9:57 am
Ahhh! Chapter Eight is even BETTER!!
Freckles3 said...
Dec. 9, 2012 at 9:54 am
This... Was.... Amazing. Absolutely beautiful. I mean, right now I'm only on Chapter 7, but it's so good, I had to comment right now! Great work!! What a horror story!!

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