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The Case of Double

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Caution Correct/Captured

The next day, after mid-morning tea, the major insisted that Jack accompany him for a walk round the garden, so he went along.
“I say, what a remarkably fresh and exhilarating morning,” Jack remarked enthusiastically.
“Yes... yes, indeed. Most agreeable.”
The two rounded a corner behind a grove of beech trees. There were a few large birds overhead, and Jack and the major were looking up and talking about them in passing. But Jack's part of the conversation was rudely curtailed when a large, course hand clamped over his mouth. That and the major still talking about one of the birds were the last things Jack remembered.

He woke up in a dirty, dusty room, gagged with his hands bound behind him. In a far corner, three men were talking; but they immediately stopped when they noticed Jack was awake. One rather large fellow walked over, a cruel and vaguely familiar smile upon his face.
“How's it feel, Mason? Huh?” said the large man walking nearer. “How's it feel to be tied up and left in a corner? Don't think you're so big now, do ya? Huh? Huh!” He struck Jack across the face, slamming his head against the wall. The man went off chuckling darkly to himself. Jack then remembered the man’s name: Latch. Looking over at the others, he recognized one, whose name he remembered to be Mitch. Him and Latch were two criminal partners Jack had helped imprison about four years before. The third man was the major.
Jack’s captors didn’t stop him from standing up and stretching his legs, which he was thankful for. When they weren’t looking, Jack would snatch glances through the cracks in the boarded windows. He was able to ascertain that he was in a rather run-down looking neighborhood. It appeared to be abandoned, save for him and his captors.
The place he was held in was a dirty, musty place. It had trash lying about, most everything covered in dust. Jack wondered how anyone could possibly live in such an environment.

The pain from the blow that had sent him unconscious back at the estate took a few days to subside enough for him to think clearly. It was then that he tried to start devising his plan of escape. Such an endeavor would be a rather difficult one, he knew; he would have to catch them careless.
Day after day, hour after hour, Jack waited for his signal; the unintentional one given by his captors, that would tell him when to make his move. He was generally a man of great patience, but this was terrible. Good thing, he thought to himself, there wasn't a clock in the room to tick away the seconds.
What the Latch and the others did throughout this time were things like: talk among themselves, sleep, eat, talk to someone on the phone- probably a colleague- and wait around. What are they waiting for? Jack thought. Someone they’re working for? He didn’t know why they were waiting, but he was, in a way, thankful: at least they hadn’t killed him already.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next »

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