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House on Hawthorne Hill

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Chapter One

May 15, 1995
The teen, girl slowly walked down the dimly lit hallway. The young child’s laughter filled her ears, making her heart race out of her chest. She needed to get Bruce before his parents got home from their date. The wooden floor creaked under her sneakers, the laughter growing louder as she neared the farthest door.
“Come out, Brucy!” she called down the hallway. When she made it to the door the laughing started transforming into something more unnatural than that of a child. She reached for the handle when it abruptly opened, slamming her onto the floor. She called out as her back collided with the floor. The shadows on the wall grew darker and larger.
“Help!” she screamed. She turned to run when she felt something grab her sneaker and begin to drag her towards the door. She clawed at the floor with her fingernails. When she reached the door frame she grabbed on, trying to pull away. The thing kept pulling. The wood chipped off the door, pulling her into the darkness forever.

May 15, 2012
Cole Williams sighed as he turned the lock on his locker. He couldn’t wait until the day was over. He knew his friends would be pestering him about today. It was the anniversary of the Murder on Hawthorne Hill. His friends teased him that he was cursed since his eighteenth birthday was the day after. Cole spotted his friend, Alex out of the corner of his eye. Hoping she wouldn’t notice him, he pretended to search for something in the very bottom.
“Hey!” she said, a smile stretching from ear to ear spread across her face. Her blonde hair was pulled up into a ponytail and she barely wore any make-up. He could tell she had gotten back from gym and he wrinkled his nose. Why was she always so giddy after forty-five minutes of running?
“Hi,” he mumbled. He continued to search his locker, not sure what he was looking for.
“Guess what today is!”
“Don’t remind me.”
“A few of us are going up there tonight to spend the anniversary with the house. We do it every year and, since you’ve never done it before, you should come! People say you can still hear the screams coming from that room.” Alex widened her sea-blue eyes as she spoke. Cole never did understand what her fascination with the murder was.
“Why don’t you just all jump off a bridge or something? It would be better than getting tortured by that murderer.” Cole realized he was still searching for nothing and sadly gave up. He turned toward his friend, her mouth turning in a slight smile. She abruptly began to burst out laughing, kids staring as they walked by.
“You don’t actually believe that stuff, do you?”
“I don’t know. Maybe?”
“Come on, Cole. It was just some psycho guy playing a trick that went wrong. You heard the news.”
Cole scoffed. “Alex, there is no way that was a prank. They never found her. The thing probably kidnapped-” Cole was cut off by a nearby teacher watching them. “Just forget it,” he said.
“Come on, it’ll be fun,” Alex poked.
“I’d rather be alive for my eighteenth birthday, thank you very much,” Cole said sarcastically.
“No.” Cole slammed his locker shut and headed down the closest hallway. He would be lucky to even make it on time. Alex slowly tagged behind, trying to keep up with his fast pace.
“So what, you’re so mad you won’t even walk to class with me? What did I do wrong?” Alex called behind him. Cole suddenly stopped and turned towards her.
“You’re being stupid, that’s what!”
“Excuse me? I’m what?”
“I’m not going to talk about this now. We need to get to class before someone catches us in the halls after the-” Before Cole could finish his sentence the bell rang throughout the halls. He sighed, knowing it would be another detention tacked on to the others for having three tardies in a row that week. “We better get to class,” Cole sighed.
“Fine. This discussion is NOT over, Cole Williams!” Alex yelled after him, smirking the whole time.
“That’s what you think,” he mumbled.
Mr. Smith was standing in front of the class, scribbling some math terms on the board as usual. His plump face was growing red as a few kids argued in the back. Cole and Alex slipped through the door, Mr. Smith’s eyes locking on them.
“Mr. Williams, Miss Baker, so glad you could join us. Now, everyone, open your books to page two-twenty and do numbers one through thirty. As for you two, you can go all the way to fifty. And figure out how to do it yourselves.” Mr. Smith turned toward his desk and grabbed two sheets of paper, He scribbled something onto them, peered up at Cole and Alex then back at the paper. Cole knew they were in trouble. He could tell by the look on Mr. Smith’s face.
Sighing once again, Cole opened his book. Mr. Smith had already erased the board and he had no clue what to do. Giving up, he closed the book and stared at the clock until the bell rang.
The last two periods of the day went by slowly. Cole was anxious to get home before his friends stopped to pester him more about the house. When the final bell of the day rang, Cole sprinted to his locker, hoping to get to it before Alex. He was too late. Alex was already crowding it along with his best friend, Trevor. Cole stopped running and shuffled his feet the rest of the way.
“So that’s all we need? Just a sleeping bag and a flashlight?” Alex asked Trevor. Cole already knew what they were speaking of.
“And an extra pair of pants. I heard it’s pretty scary,” Trevor smirked. “Hey, Cole, what time should I pick you up tonight?”
“Didn’t Alex tell you? I’m not going.” Cole turned the lock, hoping to get his stuff and make a break for it. He would hide in his house until Saturday so his friends couldn’t find him and he wouldn’t have to go tonight. He couldn’t figure out what made him so nervous about it but he kept getting a bad feeling about it.
“What?” Trevor screamed.
“I have better things to do.” Trevor glared his hazel eyes, burning a hole through Cole. “Would you stop that? I hate when you do that,” Cole said. He turned away and began shoving textbooks into his backpack.
“Say you’ll go and I will.”
“Come on, Cole!”Alex begged.
“What could you possibly be doing tonight without Alex or I around? Nothing. So, come on, ole buddy, ole pal!” Cole hated when Trevor used that reference.
“Will you two let me leave if I say I’ll go?”
“Possibly,” Alex smirked.
“Then fine, I’ll go.”
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Aug. 5, 2013 at 8:33 am
You need to finish this book/story. So many authors on here seem to write 1-6 chapters and then ...poof gone...done....unfnished.    

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