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Author's note: I was inspired to write this story because being in high school, I have a front row seat to all...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write this story because being in high school, I have a front row seat to all of the cliques (and all the drama they create). I believe that the entire high school food chain of populars vs. unpopulars and all the sub-levels that go into those two categories are a mind set that takes up residence because we let it continue. I hope that Lexi's story, and all the editing that I can't help myself from doing in free time, sends the message that popularity and following the crowd can be a really stupid thing to do. Individuality is something to be treasured.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter Five

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010.
The day the avalanche started.

I got to school and slipped a note in Maci’s locker. It read this:
Dear Maci,
If you do not support my relationship probabilities with Blake, my term as president is over. So is our friendship. Without me, the group falls apart and you lose all your power and friends.
Here is a deal. If you support me and Blake and stop spreading rumors about him, I will stay president as well as your friend. I can also hook you up with this guy I met.
Ok, so I have to admit, it was kinda mean. but I wanted her on my side 100 percent with Blake. I wasn’t used to anything else. I certainly wasn’t going to settle for anything less now.
Next, I stood outside the classroom door of my first period, waiting for Blake. Different daydreams ran through my head. Us at the beach, us at a bowling alley, us at a park. . .
No. No. No. Maci was wrong. Blake was harmless! I would prove it.
He came two minutes before the bell, wearing a different black jacket and a different black shirt. I smiled and hoped my perfume smelled ok. He put his arms around my waist and I asked if this was for real.
“What do you mean?”
“Are we going out now?” I asked timidly.
“Yeah, of course.” Before I could stop it, an excited scream escaped from my mouth. Blake looked shocked and darted inside the classroom before anyone could stare at us. I understood completely.

At lunch, Blake and I sat alone at his table. I talked about life here and he talked about skateboarding, paintball, and homeschool. I couldn’t believe how lucky I got. He was so cool.
“So, if we’re dating, when’s our first date?” I asked as I toyed with a chicken nugget.
“Tonight?” He said it more of a guess on a game show than a suggestion.
“Oh, ok. Do you want to go out somewhere?”
“How about your house? I can bring a movie. Seven o’ clock?” Warning bells went off in my head but I ignored them.
“Sounds good. I’ll make the dessert.” And just like that, the snowball got bigger. The cliff was coming.

I had the house cleaned and smelling good by seven. Brownies and chocolate chip cookies were laid out on the coffee table, the DVD player wad ready and waiting, and I was in a low cut, v-neck summer dress. Mom had left an hour ago for a work meeting, and Dad - well, he lived in Nebraska. He hadn’t called Mom in years, but we talked every weekend. He had no idea about Blake. No one did, except for Maci.
The doorbell rang and I smoothed my hair. I was ready enough. I opened the door for Blake and he stepped in precariously.
“It’s ok, I don’t bite,” I giggled. He walked into the living room and sat down on the couch without saying hi.
“I brought The Exorcist III: Legion,” he tossed the DVD at me.
“A good pick,” I said, even though I knew I’d have nightmares for weeks. Maybe if I just looked at the ground or focused on happy thoughts, everything would be fine. I didn’t want to seem like a chicken, although truly I was. If it took getting through a stupid scary movie to keep Blake’s heart, then I would do it.
I put it in the player and hit the play button. Blake stared at the TV for the whole movie. I could have sworn he never blinked. I didn’t watch the screen, but nothing could block out the sounds. This was so not worth it.
After the movie, I brought the un-touched brownies and cookies into the kitchen, glancing over my shoulder every now and then for a serial killer, then came and sat on the far end of the couch.
“What’s the matter?” Blake asked.
“We haven’t talked this whole time. You didn’t touch the food I made, didn’t ask how I felt about the movie, and not even once did you try to kiss me!”
“Can we try again?”
I didn’t answer. I crossed my arms and looked away from him. The couch bounced as he scooted next to me. His fingers traced my hair. “Hello, I’m Blake DeMendo, and I am in love with Lexi Catrombe.” His breath tickled my ear. “If I could tell her one thing, it’d be ‘I’m sorry.’”
I turned my face towards his as my hormones reacted to his body heat. He was moving in for the kiss.
“And that I’d do anything for her to be mine again.”
“I already am.” Our noses brushed. The centimeters between our lips were closing in, but they were never demolished. The sound of my garage opening made me jump.
“You have to go.”
“My mom doesn’t know you’re here. I’ll be killed!” I ran into the kitchen and shoved the sweets into the bread garage. Blake got up and took his DVD from the mantel.
“See you tomorrow, Blondie.”
And with that, my prince slipped out the front door.
“Honey, I’m home!” Mom’s stilettos clicked into the room.
“Hey, Mom.” I sat casually on the couch even though my heart was racing.
“Whatchya been doing?”
“Oh, nothing.” That was always my answer about Blake. Nothing. How could we be doing nothing when it felt like we had gone so far?
“Do you want to do something with me? Play a game or watch a movie?”
“Not tonight, I’m really tired.”
“Ok. Goodnight.” Mom kissed me on the head and clicked into her bedroom.
I sighed as I walked into my room. So much of the mystery was yet to be unraveled. But I would solve it. Even if it took the rest of my life.
. . . . .

The next morning I put on makeup. Not just any normal makeup. Big heavy makeup that brought out my eyes. Today was the day; I could feel it. The day we would kiss without any interruptions, and Blake would see that I was his true love. Nothing would stand in my way.
On the bus, I put on cotton candy lip gloss. Maci sat in the back, alone with her iPod. Strangely, I could have cared less. At the time where I thought she mattered the most, I was more comfortable being alone. Maybe I was changing. For better or for worse?

My first class came and went. Blake never showed up.
At lunch I sat at our private table. Again, a no-show. The snickers coming from Maci’s table haunted me.
On the bus on the way home, Blake appeared out of no where and sat next to me.
“Hey, Kid,” he said.
“Where have you been?” I asked impatiently.
“The bus missed my house this morning.” His arms slipped around my waist but I shook them off.
“No, it didn’t. I was on it. I saw your house this morning. We stopped and waited.”
“My alarm clock was off, I guess. I didn’t see the bus come by.” He looked away. Was he lying to me? How would I be able to tell? I decided to accept his answer, since there was no way to find out otherwise.
“Oh, yeah!” His face brightened. “My mom said she’d love to meet you tomorrow. Can you come over for dinner?”
“I don’t know. . .”
“We’re having pot roast.” He grinned boyishly, like that was going to be the highlight of his night. If only he knew.
“Ok, for the pot roast,” I teased.
The bus ride didn’t last long, and Blake hugged me goodbye before I got off. Afterwards, I ran inside and called Mom.
“Lilyanna Catrombe speaking, who may I say is calling?”
“Mom, it’s me.”
“Hey, Lexi! What do you need?”
“I got asked out today by this super great guy, but he wants me to meet his parents over dinner tomorrow. Is that ok?” A little lie never hurt anyone. At least, that’s what I thought.
“Sure, go ahead. I’ll be working late tomorrow so you can stay for a while but I expect you home by eight-thirty.”
“Be careful,” she warned.
“I will.”
“Love you.”
“Love you too. Bye.” I hung up and ran to my room. Time to pick out my outfit.
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Freckles3 said...
Nov. 17, 2012 at 9:52 pm
This was a really captivating story! At chapter 10, my internet stopped working, and you should have seen me, hitting the computer and throwing a fit because I couldn't finish the story! Great work!
Jonesychic said...
Jun. 4, 2012 at 3:37 pm
I really liked it ^_^

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