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If I kissed you...

Author's note: Writing is my passion. If I don't write daily, I feel like my day is incomplete. I wrote this to...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Writing is my passion. If I don't write daily, I feel like my day is incomplete. I wrote this to showcase where I am currently at, regarding talent in writing. Currently I have at least five other books I've started on which have the same amount of dedication and talent. When I manage to get a publisher I'll publish them as well when they are finished. This is the first big piece I've put out there that I feel truly shows where I am at in my writing. If you like it, keep in mind this is only part 1, and part 2 is in the works. Any good and constructive feedback is more than welcome. The more feedback I get, the more I will consider there being a part three.  « Hide author's note
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Left for Dead

Remembering that he left the keys in the ignition last I checked and since I hadn't seen any others in the coat I ran to the car and checked it seeing that he was indeed getting cockier and had left them there yet again. I couldn't believe my luck, grinning ear to ear I ran to John.
He was bleeding even more from the struggling he put up to try and get loose, and I started sobbing in relief when he opened his eyes.
He made to talk and stopped himself, looking at the motor-home.
“It's okay, I knocked him over the head with an alarm clock and handcuffed him to the bed.” I explained.
“Oh thank God,” he moaned. “Baby, you need to get the shears in the shed-”
I scanned how he was wrapped up on the wood stakes and cringed; there were rows of barbed wire around his stomach, his thighs, his shoulders and arms-it was everywhere.
I ran to the old shed and tried opening it.
It wouldn't budge. “Argh!” I yelled and slapped it, looking around in the dark shadows of the desert floor for something to pry it open-that's when I realized-the windows! I ran around it and kicked at the window until it shattered and I unhooked the latch from the inside.
Sliding through it easily, I opened the drawer where I had found the keys before-they weren't there.
“No-no-no...” I murmured, going through all the drawers and coming up with nothing.
I glanced at a hammer on top of the dresser and quickly registered it was useless to me. He must have hid them elsewhere.
My eyes drifted to the darkness underneath the bed, beckoning me to look.
Slowly I crouched down and lowered myself onto my stomach, peering into the darkness. I saw something rusty and silver hanging from a piece of twine in the middle of the frame. I snatched at it fast, and jerked it from it's hiding spot just as I caught a bundle of something furry moving in the far corner.
Hastily I got up and practically fell out the window running to the shed.
“Kim!” John's hoarse voice yelled to me, in a panic. “Hurry!”
“What do you think I'm doing?!” I screamed back as I ran to the shed.
This time I identified the key faster and slipped it in, shoving the splintery door out of my way. I dropped the keys, knowing I wouldn't need them anymore after we got the hell out of here, and ran along the walls looking for the heavy shears. I spotted them next to a police baton and pulled them off their hook. Stopping in my sudden running spurt at the entrance, I looked back-maybe having a weapon just in case wouldn't be such a bad idea. I jerked a machete off the wall and ran back across the desert to John.
“Okay-I need you to start at the top first, okay baby?”
“This is really going to hurt John.”
“I know. But not as much as staying this way, go on.”
I got the shears positioned and cut the layers off one by one, starting with his wrists and working to his shoulders and down.
As I got the last shoulder done with however he started screaming.
“Oh God-my stomach-GET IT OFF-GET IT OFF!”
Because he was loose of the other wire bunches all his weight was now being supported by his stomach, thighs and ankles. I had to work fast, I slipped the shears under the layers of wire around his stomach and cut as hard and fast as possible.
“My legs-oh sh*t-AH!” he wailed.
Suddenly I heard noise from the inside of the trailer-this loud ramming.
“He's awake-he's coming, hurry!” John wailed again in agony as I finished one thigh and went for the other fast as I could. When I'd cut through the other he screamed louder than ever, trying to pull himself up on the pole to keep all his weight from shredding his ankles. Thankfully they weren't as thick and I got them done faster as he collapsed to the ground, panting and moaning. I heard a giant thunderous ripping sound from the motor-home.
Dropping the shears I dragged him upwards, “Come on John-we've got to get to the car before he get's loose!”
He got up with energy I couldn't believe he had, and I picked up the machete, running around the motor-home to the car-just as the trailer door smacked open. I skidded to a halt, landing on my butt and scrambled up just as lightening fast when I saw his tall body jump to the cracked sand below.

“RUN!” bellowed John, scratching at my jacket, jerking me forward with him away into the desert.
“I dropped it!” I turned my head back to see if Raiden had the machete-and a stab of terror and adrenaline fueled me onward even more when I saw he was running at us, trying to overtake us on foot.
“Got it.” John breathed. I glanced over to see he had the machete firmly in his grasp as he ran with me.
Relief wouldn't even help me now though, the adrenaline and exhaustion were taking sporadic turns as we ran further than we ever had before into a different part of the desert with Raiden following suit.
We must have ran full speed for six minutes until we heard a distant yell of pain behind us. Raking my neck around to see what had happened, I saw Raiden hunched over in pain with his hand cradling his bloody head.
We kept running a weak sort of jog even though he had stopped, John let out some relieved, hysterical laughter when he saw Raiden had halted in his pain.
After getting at least a fourth of a mile further away, John started choking and stopped, dry heaving at the ground. I fell to my knees and breathed scathing breaths of air as it felt as though my lungs were tearing open. Turning back to where Raiden had been again, I saw that he had his back to us, jogging back to the trailer.
Eerily he stopped, slowly he turned his head around to me, looking at me as though he knew I was watching him. I continued to stare in shocked disbelief at him until he grinned more evil than I'd ever seen and turned back on his path to the car.
“He's going back to the car,” I managed to pant out.
John nodded, still unable to talk. He lifted up a shaking, blood-spattered arm and pointed forward.

I strained my eyes, looking for what he saw in a hill in the distance.
“What are those? Caves?” I guessed.
“I-think-so.” he panted.
I nodded. “Okay, let's...try...walking,” I panted out again.
He nodded and we walked, dragging our feet for a while across the little cacti on the ground and the brush until some energy returned to us.
“Kim,” John grabbed my arm, concerned. “Did he hurt you?”
I couldn't believe he was even asking me that after what he'd gone through.
I shook my head. “...no, actually he didn't.”
John frowned quickly in skepticism. “He never even touched you?”
“Well, yeah he threw me around and elbowed me in the forehead once, but he never got around to raping me, thank God. It's not nearly what you've been through.” I admitted, touching a part of his arm that wasn't wounded, in support.
“He told me-he said things-things he'd done to you...”
We both looked at each other in confusion.
“I don't know what he said to you John, but I'll be okay-really, it's you I'm concerned about.” I looked him up and down, covered in blood to prove my point.
“So he really didn't rape you?” he asked, afraid to feel relieved too fast.
I shook my head, “No.”
He grinned, “At least you're okay. He said all these things Kim-” John bit his lip as we both walked, and looked at the verge of crying. His eyes were rimmed red.
“He must have been trying to break you-he lied John,” I stopped and hugged him carefully, unable to resist anymore. He hugged me back tight, despite his cuts. “I was so worried-every single day John-I'm so sorry I didn't get you out of there when I had the chance-I'm so sorry-”
“It wasn't your fault-you were right, we would've ended up where we are now only worse-he could have shown up when I was trying to hot-wire the car-and for God's sake I don't even know how to hot-wire a damn car.”
John put his face in my hair, “We're together now-that's all that matters.”
I sobbed. “Why does that sound like a goodbye?”
“No-NO!” he dropped the machete and placed his hands on both sides of my face, looking at me sternly. “This is not a goodbye. We will make it out of here.” I cried in a hopeless relief. He pressed his lips roughly to my forehead and hugged me again. “We WILL get out of here. We'll have a family together-that house you always wanted in the country-it's your's baby...”
He smiled at me and I half-laughed, half-cried. “I love you so much.” he said to me.
“I love you too.” I admitted to him for the first time-the very first time I had been brave enough to say it to any man in my life-to admit I loved him and wasn't afraid of getting hurt or being rejected.
The smile that spread across his face was like the sun rising. He held me to him, and I acknowledged, for the first time in my entire life that this was the man I never had to be afraid of hurting me.

“Did you hear that?” he asked in a small voice.
I looked around with doe-eyes and saw it-Raiden's car rumbling closer, inching it's way towards us.
“Come on!” he snatched up the machete and grabbed my hand as we ran to the caves.

We got to the rocks and climbed over them and up into the rocky opening, into complete darkness as it swallowed us up.
Our hands were clammy together with sweat and blood. I couldn't see my own hand in front of my face, but we pressed onward into the blackness. I heard the car engine stop outside.
“Sh...” he muted me, tugging at my hand another way as I followed him.
There was a shadowy, reflective light in the distance, then we turned a rigid corner and it was everywhere across a cavern with an opening at the top.
Little rocks cascaded downwards, in a cacophony of knocks and plops to the hard floor behind us.

John pointed to a boulder, and we ran to it, hiding behind it's shadow. John made sure he was at the corner of the boulder and held the machete, ready to attack whoever encroached on our hiding place.
I heard what sounded like a misplaced footstep and rocks fell to the ground because of it. The breath went out of me as I realized that Raiden knew we were here and that little flicker of hope I had that he was searching around the caves went out. I swallowed a lump in my throat so loud I was surprised John didn't hear it and jump.
My hear stilled as I finally heard Raiden's footsteps intrude into the quiet of the little cavern we were in. Every little breath I took in sounded like a crash from the waves of an ocean. I felt his footsteps with every nauseous flip my stomach did, as well as heard their padding on the stone below.
He was getting closer. Every few seconds his steps would stop and I felt his eyes scanning the rocks.
Slowly, I turned my head to John, sweat was beading down his forehead as he looked with pure concentration to where Raiden would have to turn his head to investigate. His knuckles clamped the handle of the machete, poised upwards to hack at Raiden.
The footsteps drew closer, he must have been feet away from the boulder, though it were as if Raiden was right next to my body. John drew the machete further up-the footsteps stopped.
Why would he stop-my heart dropped through my stomach as I looked down in question-and saw John's shadow reflected onto the floor, in full-view for Raiden.
I nudged John and jerked my head to his shadow. John's eyes grew big in realization and then we heard the 'shing!' noise of a blade being unsheathed.
In a sudden whoosh of air, a long blade whipped towards John's face, just as he met his machete with it in time and they clashed violently together, as Raiden came into view.
John held the blade where it was and they both struggled against each other trying to force their clashed blades further towards the other in a test of strength. John let out a roar and rammed himself and the blade into Raiden's, forcing him further into the middle of the cavern and away from me. He gave out another roar as he stretched his muscles to the limits and pushed a much bigger Raiden into the wall away from the entrance we'd came through, pinning him there.
“Get out of here Kim!” John bellowed.
I ran around to the back of John, still a distance away from the blades. I ran to the entrance, but couldn't leave as my heart tugged away towards John.
“No-John I'm not going anywhere without you!” my heart spoke for me.
“Kim-leave-get out of here!” he yelled back, desperate.
“No!” my voice shook with emotion.
Enraged, Raiden's strength returned and he pushed John off him. In seconds Raiden was swiftly swiping and shoving his blade at John as he would duck and dodge his ambush. Then, thinking with more concentration than I'd ever seen John muster, the next blow Raiden dealt, John whipped around it and sliced open Raiden's hand, causing him to drop the blade.
Now it was John's turn-I watched with both triumph and anticipation as John swept his machete at Raiden and he swerved and dodged in circles around the room. Then Raiden side glanced the machete barely missing his torso and wrapped his arm around John's hold on the blade and head-butted him. The blade clanged to the ground as they both stumbled back, but Raiden was more winded because of the previous head wound I'd given him.
John scrambled up, grabbed the other machete Raiden had been disarmed of, and ran towards me as we went back through the blackness of the cave's tunnel together.
“We need to get to the car,” I murmured.
There was cracking of rocks falling the ground and heavy footsteps running after ours.
The light was in the distance and we both panted in relief as we ran out into the bare sunlight, burning our eyes. John grabbed me as we caught sight of the car and we ran down the rocks towards it. I tried the door.
“It's locked!” I saw the glint of something silver under the seat.
John saw it as well and smashed at the window with the hilt of his machete, cracking it, then it shattered with a final blow.
Raiden ran out into the sunlight, squinting at us as though he were puzzled by what we were doing. He stood there with his hands at his side, without a blade. This strange grin spread across his face and looking directly at me he took out a set of keys from his back pocket, dangling them from his fingertip.
I shook my head in disbelief and looked down at the shiny set of keys, glinting under the seat.
“He's bluffing!” John said, not wanting to believe it.
He unlocked the car door and I ran around it to the passenger side as John grabbed the keys-Raiden sauntered down the rocks towards us.
“Hurry John!”
He tried one of them-it wouldn't even fit, I looked under my seat and got a hold of something-the old rusty razor that had been in the bathroom; I looked at it, disbelieving. John tried the other as Raiden got to the hood of the car-it wouldn't turn. John looked at me, panicked.
“He wasn't bluffing...” I stated in a small voice.
Raiden's long, hairy arm shot through the window grabbing John to jerk him out of the car and John slashed his machete at him just in time-I dropped the razor when the machete barely missed my hand in his haste. As Raiden recoiled away I opened my door and jumped out of it as John crawled across the seat and out of mine.
Suddenly we were at a standstill, with Raiden glaring reproachfully at John and I from across the car, and John waiving his machete at him, pushing me back.
“Don't come any closer assh*le!” John shouted to him.
Raiden grinned, testing him as he walked casually around the car and stared him down with eyes that looked as though they could kill on their own.
“DON'T COME ANY FURTHER!” John bellowed.
Raiden turned his head to look at me, “Don't,” I said softly, shaking my head.
He looked away from me into the sun, but it were as though he were lavishing in my attention, and as though he were enjoying every moment of my terrified expressions.
Turning his head back to John and I, he settled his eyes on John as he started towards him, this sadistic grin pinned on his face.
“John!” I screamed as he pushed me back and began twirling the blade at Raiden, who swerved and lunged out of every blow.
Raiden chuckled as he dodged another swipe of John's blade and it was clear John was getting out of breath, “No wonder she cried for you so much...you're so pathetic.” Raiden's lips wrapped themselves around the word pathetic as though it were a final nail in John's coffin.
Suddenly John yelled and rammed the machete at Raiden who was taken by surprise, as he barely got out of the way in time, and a loud screech of metal punctured my eardrums.
John had hacked the machete into the car hood.
Angered at being startled, Raiden immediately pounced on his chance and grabbing John's hand, kicked him in the stomach and back away from the blade.
I ran to him as he got up, stumbling back and away from Raiden and the machete stuck in the car. Raiden looked at it momentarily, and then decided to ignore it, walking slowly towards John and I.
“John-let's run-let's go!” I urged.
“No.” John shook his head. “Let's finish this.”
“John!” I screeched as he ran to meet Raiden, throwing a punch at him which Raiden caught in one hand.
“Ah!” John yelled as Raiden crushed away at his enclosed fist. Clamping together his left hand with the missing finger, John punched and punched at Raiden's side until he got a hold of John's other arm and head-butted him again. This time Raiden didn't recoil from it and it was John who was thrown back.
Frantically I darted around, looking for a rock to hit Raiden over the head with, and when I found one, I crouched behind a nearby boulder, waiting for my chance.
John ran at Raiden and Raiden threw him to the ground where they wrestled on the dirt and sand. John managed to get a momentous punch to Raiden's face, bloodying his nose when Raiden threw back a punch of his own and got a hold of John who was still dazed, picked him up, punching him with all his might into his stomach, and then threw him to the ground. Raiden looked around for any signs of me and seeing nothing, he looked overjoyed as he looked back down on John.

“Where's your Kim now? Isn't she supposed to be protecting her weak little boyfriend?” Raiden mocked.
He crouched down, staring daggers into John's eyes.
“I thought she was supposed to love you...I've got news for you...she doesn't.” Raiden starting laughing.
John looked up at me, poised to knocked Raiden over the head with my rock.

“I've got news for you too,” I growled, slamming it into the same place where I'd hit him before.
For the first time I heard Raiden yell in shock and pain as his body convulsed from the impact and he was thrown to the ground away from John.
John was still on the ground, dazed. I dropped the rock and ran to him, trying to pull him up.
“Come on baby, we gotta go-we've GOT to go-come on-!”
I shrieked as the roots of my hair felt as though they had been light on fire and I was thrown back into the car so hard I bounced back to the ground.
“Uhh!” I scrambled half-way up and was pushed back into the car, as my head rammed backwards into the door. Still dazed I managed to get up when I saw Raiden's enraged face, covered in blood. He drew back his hand and slapped my face sending me hurtling to the ground.
“Ki-” John began, but was interrupted by hacking coughs. I opened my eyes, seeing the world whirling around me and I heard footsteps walking around the car, and the trunk opening. Hands enclosed below my shoulders forcing me up and when I struggled against him forcing my hands together, he twisted one back so far I felt a crack and screamed. His grip loosened some at my pain, but Raiden still brought my other hand around my back to meet it and I felt rough, fuzzy rope being wrapped tightly around my wrists as I tried to steady my vision enough to make the world stop twirling.
Raiden jerked me back to the rear view mirror on the side of the car and after giving me a great shove against the car disorienting me more, he tied me to it.
My vision grew steadier and I felt his bloodied head against mine as he whispered in my ear, “I guess you'll get to see the show after all...”
Anger boiled over inside me and I brought up my knee to his crotch, hard.
“Argh!” he fell to the ground, coiled in pain.
John staggered up, and I smiled in relief.
While Raiden was down, John started pounding him; over and over, punching into his stomach-his side-his face, as Raiden just took it, so incapacitated he could barely move.
This time John was the one who jerked him back up and threw him to the ground of the desert. Raiden's still body lay, face down in the sand on the cracked desert floor.
John stood there, unbelieving he had actually done it, that he had actually felled this giant of a man.
“John!” I yelled to him. He looked back at me, seeing I was tied up and started my way.
“John-watch out!” I screamed again, seeing Raiden's body get up. John turned slowly back around as Raiden balanced himself on one knee and steadily raised himself upwards. He spat out blood on the ground, and faced John once more as we both stared, unbelieving, at him.
Maybe he was weaker now-but so was John. I couldn't lose him-
“John! Run! Get help-I'll be fine!” I yelled at him.
He shook his head, “I won't leave without you.”
I stared at him, horrified, “John you have to-just go!” I wailed at him.
He shook his head at me, “No.” he said, resolute.
John looked into Raiden's scowling face, matching it. “He'll die first.”
He ran at Raiden and was about to throw a punch when suddenly Raiden moved faster than he had put on-he had been acting, playing it out as soon as he had decided to get up, I realized in frozen despair as he landed two giant punches to John's stomach.
“No-o!” I choked out, feeling as though I were the one who had been punched.
I screamed as Raiden landed his elbow with immense brute force into the back of John's spine. I struggled over and over, furtively at the rope holding me to the car.
“Heh!” Raiden exclaimed, looking down at John, struggling to get back up.
Then something caught Raiden's eye, he looked down at something slithering in the brush as though he couldn't believe his luck.
Suddenly the world froze as I heard rattling, and realized what Raiden was about to do.
“No! I'LL DO ANYTHING!” I screamed as he lifted John up and threw him at the snake.
I heard it strike, and the world was destroyed before my very eyes. I stood in shock, everything drained out of me as I realized it was over.
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WingWizard13 said...
Apr. 17, 2015 at 1:14 pm
Wow. I read this book in a few days. And it's amazing! You're a great writer! Keep it up. Let me know if you've written any others or are planning to. Again, great job.
dolphingirl67 said...
Mar. 6, 2015 at 9:44 am
I luv this book I couldn't put it down I don't usually read thriller books but this one was different it was action packed I couldn't put it down you really are a great writer
Samantha_Lynn_Burke said...
Mar. 5, 2014 at 10:49 am
So I'm only on page 10 and so far, I can't put my laptop down! This is great so far!!!!  
Avril said...
Jan. 4, 2014 at 1:48 pm
This book is like one of mine. Somewhat different. very Good though its awesome. I like the way you worded it.
OliveTreeLover said...
May 1, 2013 at 2:27 pm
Great Book!!!!!!!!!!!
KateLA replied...
May 9, 2013 at 1:11 am
Thank you so much!
Amina157 said...
Apr. 29, 2013 at 5:13 am
Your story is amazing, i only post poems on teenink but may post some of my novels in future, I would love to be as good as you, your so talented and personally this is the best thriller I've read!!! Xx
KateLA replied...
Apr. 29, 2013 at 9:55 pm
Thanky you very much, let me know if you would like me to return the favor and comment on some of your articles, and whether there are any spesific poems you might want me to take a look at :-)
. said...
Apr. 3, 2013 at 8:01 pm
This was absoulutly amazing!! I couldn't put it down! It was awesome. My heart was beating the entire time! My stomach was making the little flip-flops!! I loved it!! Keep writing!
KateLA replied...
Apr. 5, 2013 at 3:28 am
Thank you so much! Let me know if you would like me to return the favor and comment on one of your articles, just leave your screen name and the article you would like me to comment on :-)
Nimra Shaikh said...
Mar. 29, 2013 at 3:12 pm
That would be so sweet!!! Thank you :D
KateLA replied...
Apr. 2, 2013 at 9:28 pm
Sure, I'd love to return the favor :-)
Nimra said...
Mar. 27, 2013 at 5:10 pm
This story is so frightening and catching that I coudln't put it down, Katherine!!! You'll turn out to be a very good writer very soon!!! :D Best of Luck!!!
KateLA replied...
Mar. 29, 2013 at 1:26 am
Thank you! If you would like me to return the favor and comment on one of your stories just let me know which one you would prefer, I'd be happy to.
sweetangel4life said...
Mar. 18, 2013 at 10:48 am
this is incredible and astonishing. i was terrified for the life of the characters, the whole time feeling appreciation for your writing skills. i was captivated by the thrill. u are waaaayy talented. keep writing :)
KateLA replied...
Mar. 29, 2013 at 1:22 am
Thank you very much, if there's any specific article you want me to comment on just let me know which one :-)
sweetangel4life replied...
Apr. 2, 2013 at 11:54 am
you're welcome. if you could read my story "falling in love..." yeah lol ik i hate the title but i couldnt think of anything when i posted it. thanks :) keep writing:)
KateLA replied...
Apr. 2, 2013 at 8:56 pm
Don't worry about your title :-), mine's the one that sounds really weird, lol. I'll leave a comment!
sweetangel4life replied...
Apr. 3, 2013 at 7:29 pm
lol thanks. i just replied to your comment. well keep writing :)
MJLoverNerd said...
Mar. 3, 2013 at 10:22 am
Wow this story was amazing! Please tell me you're getting published or better yet this is turning into a movie! This story was just perfect beyond words, and had me to the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading it. The only thing I would want is John alive :( lol you just want him to live but how the story came to you noneoftheless was perfect anyways. Very good job you're an exceptionally talented writer.

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