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From the Darkness

Author's note: My main inspiration for this story was the Slenderman mythology. I took the legend and concept...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My main inspiration for this story was the Slenderman mythology. I took the legend and concept and put it into an original story. Stephen King is my main inspiration for writing horror.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Thick, white snow plastered the trees around him. His boots slowly crushed the snow leaving deep footprints. It was quite. There was an absence of birds, and wind. Everything was still. It was peaceful and it was the first time he ever felt relaxed. He was there but he wasn’t. A tree branch swayed back and fourth yet it made no sound. Flutters of snow slowly drifted to the ground accumulating to the rest. He simply waited. Waited for something to happen, knowing that something
The first chapter. It picks up more as the story goes along. Please give feedback and if you like it I'll post more.
would happen. And it was than that he felt the presence of something behind him
“Don’t look,” said a whispering voice. It was in his head but at the same time echoing throughout the trees and the sky “I see but you don’t. You never see,” he knew he couldn’t turn around. He knew something was right behind him but something was preventing him from turning his back. He felt eyes staring into the back of his head. Burning into his mind “Soon you will see. Soon,” suddenly he felt cold and afraid. He tried to call for help but nothing came out of his open mouth “Your alone. All alone,” than he felt himself rising slowly. He went above the snow-covered ground, over the bare white trees. Than the world began to turn, and he slowly fell into blackness
“Michael,” a voice called “Michael,” he slowly opened his eyes to stare right at Sarah who was calling his name. Michael adjusted his vision to see dark trees racing by him out the window. He stared directly at the headlights in front of him illuminating the dark road “Michael can you take the wheel?” Sarah asked him “I’m starting to feel drowsy,”
“Yeah. How long was I asleep,”
“Dunno. You passed out almost the moment you got into the car,” Michael yawned deeply
“God I don’t even remember,”
“It was a long day,” Sarah said pulling up at the gas station “You know I can stay on the wheel if you’re still-“
“No it’s fine. I think I’ve rested enough,” Michael got out of the car into the cold night staring at the moon above him “I could use some aspirin though,”
“I’ll get it,” Sarah said “You feeling Ok?”
“It’s just a migraine,” Michael replied. Sarah went into the gas station while Michael went to the drivers seat. His legs were shaking and he slowly lowered himself behind the wheel. He sat in the darkness trying to remember his dream. He remembered the forest, the cold, and the silence. And the voice behind him. Michael suddenly felt a chill running down his spine. As if he were being gripped by cold, icy hand. The voice. What was the voice? But the more he thought about it the more it slipped away. It was as if he were trying to water in-between his fingers. More and more slowly seeped away. Michael opened the car’s mirror and peered into it. A face with messy brown hair and deep baggy eyes peered out. It was no wonder Sarah had thought something was wrong. He looked worn out, and overused. A wave of sleepiness suddenly hit him and he sat back down in his seat letting his mind wonder. Michael appeared as if he had been to hell and back. Suddenly Sarah opened the door and broke into his chain of thought. He jumped
“Are you Ok?” she asked him
“Yeah fine,” he said. Sarah handed him the Aspirin
“Just take one,” she said “Are you sure you wanna drive?”
“I’m sure,”

“Were almost there,” Sarah said. Michael was being unusually quite. Rain was now pouring down on the car. Lighting would illuminate the dark road ever so often
“Good,” Michael said. He mind was only on the dream he had just had. They had just passed a large green sign that stated, “Welcome to Truro,”
“Feels great to be on the Cape again,” she remarked. This was one of her many unsuccessful attempts at making conversation with him. He simply grunted in agreement “Michael are you sure everything’s ok?”
“Look Sarah I’m sorry if I seem a little distant. I’m just tired,”
“Yeah me too. Your mind just seems occupied,”
“Well it’s the holiday season,” he said faking a smile “I have to figure out who to get gifts for, what to pack, how much money to spend,” Sarah who had bitten the hook smiled
“Yes I know what you mean,” the holiday season however, was the least of Michaels thoughts. They passed a house after house littered with Christmas lights and decorations. Sarah gave up on trying to talk to Michael and rested her head against the window. Suddenly a flash of lightning illuminated a tale figure standing in the middle of the road
“Oh my god,” Michael slammed his foot on the break skidding the car to a halt. Sarah screamed and went flying forward. The car turned sideways and Michael just stopped if going off the road. For a while the two of them sat in silence, breathing heavily leaving only the sound of the pounding rain
“Michael what the hell was that?” Sarah shouted her voice shaking
“There- there was man on the road,” he panted
“What?” she said, “I didn’t see anyone,”
“There was a man standing right in front of us,” Michael said his voice quivering “Oh god what if I hit him,” he swung open the car door and went out into the rain
“Michael!” Sarah shouted, “Michael there was nobody there!” Michael ignored her
“Get me a flashlight!” he shouted over the rain, which was now drenching him. She didn’t move “Now!” Shannon ran into the front seat and dug out a flashlight. She tossed it to him. He immediately flicked it on and began searching the road. Shannon came up next to him
“There’s nobody here Michael,” she pleaded, “Just get back in the car,”
“No I saw him,” Michael said “I swear to god he was standing right there,” Michael kept searching with the light. The road was deserted
“I didn’t see anyone,” she yelled “Come your gonna get run over!” Michael looked around one last time and than began to head back
“I could have sworn I-“ he began
“Honey your just tired. Come on I’ll drive,” Michael reluctantly got into the passengers seat. Sarah started the engine and backed up into the center of the road. Than she sped forward
“I saw something,” Michael said
“No you thought you did,” Sarah said “We’re almost at the house. You need some sleep,” Michael kept a close eye out the window not being able to get the image of the man on the road out of his head. Or the lone snowy woods, with the voice speaking behind him.

The car pulled into the driveway and Michael slowly got out. It felt as if his eyelids were being glued together. He struggled to stay awake as Sarah’s father came out to greet them. Before greeting him Michael stared out at the deep black woods surrounded their backyard
“Honey it’s great to see you,” Gerry said outstretching his arms. Sarah went and hugged him
“Hi dad,” she said
“How was the drive?”
“Long and tiresome. But it’s great to be here,” Gerry turned to Michael
“Hello Michael,” he said putting his hand out. Michael took it and felt his fingers being crushed by his strong grip. He was in his fifty’s but still very strong and fit
“Gerry. Great to see you,” he said taking his hand away
“So how have you been?”
“Good,” Michael lied. In reality he had been stressed from work and the holiday season
“Works going well?”
“Yes. Tough but steadily,” Michael worked as a film editor for the local pictures. Movies had been pilling him up lately so he had gone with Sarah to Cape Cod for Christmas
“Well it’s always great to see you Michael,” Gerry boomed, “Come inside,” Michael and Sarah struggled with their suitcases “Let me grab one of those,” Gerry said grabbing the heaviest one. He swung it over his back and effortlessly carried it over to the house. Michael and Sarah grinned at each other and began to carry suitcases up to the large white house. Gerry held the door for them where they saw Sarah’s Aunt and Uncle, sitting around the table. They exchanged greeting while Michael sat awkwardly in the corner. He had never gotten along with Sarah’s uncle and he felt constantly disapproved by him
“Where’s your sister?” her Uncle Martin asked
“Coming in two days,”
“And she’s bringing the kids?”
“Yes don’t worry,” Aunt Mary gave Michael a brief wave while Martin did not even acknowledge him
“So why don’t you sit down and have some dinner,” Gerry offered
“Um me and Michael are a little tired,” Sarah said meeting Michael’s pleading stare
“You sure? You don’t want a beer or something?”
“No thanks dad. I think we’re just gonna hit the sack,”
“Well see you tomorrow than,” Michael walked out of the kitchen with Sarah grateful she had not brought up the incident on the road
“Thanks’ for that Sarah,” Michael said
“Well I thought you’d be comfortable to talk to my dad on your own,”
“It’s not him. It’s Martin. I don’t think he likes me,” Sarah playfully elbowed Michael
“He likes you fine. He just protective of me that’s all,”
“Yeah I guess. Also don’t mention that incident on the road will you?”
“I wasn’t even considering it,” Sarah said. The two of them slipped out of their day clothes and crawled into bed
“Goodnight Michael,” but Michael was already fast asleep.
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Surobhi_Moitrayee said...
Feb. 29, 2012 at 3:56 am
i really liked it!! i'd be glad if you'd read my book too...
Macman11231 replied...
Feb. 29, 2012 at 8:42 am
sure thing. ill check it out

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