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I got up I don't know how long I was out but I sat up in my bed looking around my back aches and my head pounding. I can't recall much from yesterday just a blur I remember Daniel freaking out as I fainted and that’s about it. I look around my room vision slightly blurred I call out.

"Daniel" I call

"Yes?" Daniel comes in the room

"Just checking if you were here" I say smiling slightly

"Well I would never leave you after your first Transformation" He says sitting next to me

"Well I'm a big girl I can be alone even after my first Transformation" I say crossing my hands over my chest

"Sure ok if you’re so strong stand up" He says and I swing my leg over the bed side and get up

“Ha see I told....." I fall

"Yeah V you really told me" He says chuckling helping me back up into bed.

"You know what you didn't even wake up for three days let alone stand after your Transformation I woke up in a day and stood for a couple seconds so I must be stronger" I say proudly and he just smiles wickedly

"Well maybe tomorrow if you can stand we shall see who is stronger" He says

"Ok tomorrow it is but I shall be walking around by this afternoon no matter if it kills me" I say I try to stand up again but sadly fail and fall again Daniel catches me and puts me back in bed.

"Just stay and rest for a while gosh why must you try and wear yourself out" He says

"I want to get changed how can I get changed when I can't stand up" I growl

"V just rest you don't need to change your going to be in here all day no one is going to come over so don't worry" He says smiling

"Leave for a moment so I can try to get changed" I say I’m too stubborn not to try he rolls his blue eyes that seem darker today and leaves I get up slowly almost falling but regain my balance and take one step near my dresser that one step caused a lot of pain to shoot up my leg I fall again but get back up.

"Dang my stubbornness" I whisper and take step after step to my dresser very sore from the very small walk from bed to dresser I grab my hoodie and sweatpants and slip them on (falling when I put the sweatpants on) I finally get back to the bed and lay down put some music on. Daniel comes back in looking surprised at my change in clothes.

"Vivian you changed?" he says surprised

"Yes" I look proud

"How many times did you fall?" He ask

"Uh none" I say looking away

"Lies you and your stubbornness" he laughs I frown and stick my tongue out at him and he kisses me. I pull away when I hear a knock at the door.

"I think you better get that" I whisper putting my forehead on his

"Awe can't they wait a little longer" He pouts

"No go get it" I say smiling he gets up groaning and walks out I follow him to the door

"No Vivian back to bed with you" He says over his shoulder I sigh and walk back to the room. I hear the door open wondering who it is I get up and peak my head out the door.

"Hello Vivi" I hear a voice say I jump and turn around its Ivy

"Ivy oh my gosh you scared the heck out of me don't do that" I whisper so Daniel won't hear me

"Sorry Vivian but I just wanted to tell you sorry for me vanishing so suddenly throughout the past couple of days" She looks at me

"Oh that's fine" I say waving her off

"What are you doing?" she ask

"Uh Daniel wants me to stay back and rest since I had my first transformation but I wanted to see who was out the door" I explain still straining to see who was at the door.

"Ok hold on" She walks out the door and behind Daniel and peaks over his shoulder and comes back to me.

"It's Ash and some friends" She says worry comes in her eyes

"Oh shoot I can't fight right now it's taking all I have to stand up I couldn't pick up a sword" I say and then I hear Daniel raise his voice. I was shocked Daniel was usually a pretty calm person even around the worse of people I tip toed out of the room and tried to hear the conversation that was going on. I only hear a little bit but it's enough to make me run back to the room. When I heard Ash scream I ran back and saw Ash and Daniel fighting. I look at Ivy who is by my side she shakes her head and vanishes I sigh and watch for a minute before breaking it up. Daniel and Ash are still fighting

"Leave Vivi alone she loves me not you." Ash says

"Ash you’re a murderer she will never love you! You killed her parents for god sakes just give up" Daniel growls and my jaw drops at this argument I think they forgot I was here I ran out started to cry my eyes out but they didn’t see me.

"Hey where did Vivi go?"

"I don't know I’m going to go find her" Daniel says looking around for me I lock the bedroom door wiping away the tears.

"Vivian what's wrong" He calls through the door

"Go away I want to be alone" I call back curled up in bed listening to my music

"Vivianna you open this door at this instance" Ash says I roll my eyes

"Make me Ash come in and make me" I sass him I hear him groan

"See what you did Ash" Daniel says

"Me I didn't do anything you were the one to bring up the murder" Ash says

"Brought it up! You’re the one who did it!" Daniel yells Ash is silent I hear Daniel trying to control his breathing. I go to the door and pull Daniel in the room. He looks at me and frowns holding me close he strokes my hair.

"I'm sorry Vivi I am but I couldn't let him try and get you I’m just protecting you" He whispers I hear Ash lean against the door and slide to the floor.

"I know Daniel but " I sigh and try and think of what I need to say

"Vivian can you please let me in" Ash calls I start to think about what has come over him just a couple days ago he was trying to kill me now I find out he likes me. It doesn't make sense I may overthink this but better safe than under thinking and getting it all wrong.

"No Ash I don't want you in here its Daniel and I's room not Daniel Ash and Vivian's room" I say harshly trying to push him over the edge and maybe getting him to snap back into the normal Ash

"Fine I will just wait for you to come out" He says

"Ok but you may hear some things tonight that may not be fun for you" I say hoping he would leave Daniel just looks at me and I wink

"I don't care I have headphones" Ash says

"Ok you asked for it" I say and start jumping on the bed and the springs make a high pitched noise that he hates I laugh and stop waiting for him to get up.

"Wow, you must've gotten undressed pretty fast." Ash calls through the door chuckling.

"That's how Daniel and I roll" I say Daniel starts jumping on the bed with me both of us laughing.

I hear Ash groan and thump on the ground outside the door.

"I will stay here until you leave no matter what, understood?"

"Ok I understand" I fall back on the bed and take Daniel with me he kisses my neck and I forget Ash is at the door. Ash held to what he said he stayed all night probably not the best for him but for Daniel and me it was the best. I'm sure Ash put his music up on full blast last night. When I woke up that next morning Ash was sleeping on the door I would feel bad if he wasn't a murderer. I needed a shower but sadly Ash was blocking the path that is the shortest to the bathroom so I climb out the window and climb in the bathroom window and hop in the shower. When I’m done I pull my clothes on and climb back out the window and go back into my room. Daniel woke up.

"Morning babe" He smiles and kisses me

"Good morning" I say back

"Your hair is wet how did you do that?" He ask

"I got a shower" I say

"But Ash is blocking the door" He says

"I climbed out the window" I say

"Man nothing will come between you and your shower" He chuckles and kisses my cheek

"Well I didn't get one yesterday so I needed one today" I say

"Oh by the way let's see your wings it shouldn't hurt as much today" He says and I think about my wings and the spread out from my back taking up half the room a black blueish color with flecks of purple it feels good to have them out.

"Pretty cool huh?" I say pretty happy

"Beautiful Vivian" He stares for a moment. I hear Ash get up and knock on the door

"Vivian can I come in now" He pleads

"No this is Daniel and I's room not Daniel Ash and Vivian's room" I say harshly and glare at the door.

"Don't glare at me" Ash says

"I'm not glaring at you I’m glaring at the door” I snap

“Well I’m on the other side of the door so you are glaring at me” He says

“Maybe if you would leave then you wouldn’t be glared at” I say trying to drive him away

"Vivian I said I’m staying until you come out and I’m a man of my word" Ash says

"I did leave" I say smiling

"No you didn't I was here the whole time" He says

"I went through the window" I say smiling more

"What the...... how did you get out the window?" he sounds confused

"I think it’s kind of self-explanatory I climbed out this window and climbed into the bathroom window then vice versa" I say I hear him growl and hit the door. I open the door and peak through the small crack and I’m watching him almost laughing he is just sitting there sulking I close the door again.

"Wait so if I come out you will leave right?" I say

"Yes" He answers I open the door walk out and stare at him

"Ok I’m out now go away" I smile

"We need to talk" He says

"No we don't you said I come out you leave look I’m out now you leave" I say harshly

"I'm Sorry Vivian for everything" He says and rage flares in me I glare at him.

"Sorry! You think a sorry will fix what you did?!" I yell he looks down at the floor my face is red with anger I’m screaming at him holding back tears I’m not sure if they are tears of anger or tears of sadness and in all seriousness I don't care I’m too busy yelling at him to notice when the tears come down my cheeks.

"Vivian Please forgive me" He pleads I stare at him my green eyes livid

"Forgive you?! Forgive you?!" I repeat

"Vivian please" He pleads

"Ash you are a heartless killer" I say my face blank of emotion

"Vivian I’m not" He says

"You killed my parents" I fight to keep my voice steady

"Where is your proof?" He ask

"I watched it from behind the couch I saw you slaughter my parents" I say fighting to stay calm now Daniel is whispering through the door to me telling me to let him out but I’m not going to until I finish this. Ash looks at me we both know what happened and he knows just as well as me that he killed them. I stare at him for a moment and realize how vulnerable he looks at the moment. I shake it off and go back to being mad at him.

"Vivian I didn't want to kill your parents I was forced to," he says

"What are you talking about?!" I yell does he really think I’m that stupid

"I was forced to Vivian I always loved you I would never hurt you" Ash says and I just want to smack him which I do.

"Vivian Let me come out" Daniel yells from the other side of the door and I move out of the way he comes bursting out of the door seeming very angry. He grabs Ash by the collar of his shirt and presses him up against the wall

"Don't you ever talk to her" He screams at Ash but Ash seems unaffected by this I'm standing there wondering if Ash deserves this yes he is a totally killer but I got dibs on killing him not Daniel and Daniel is a pretty calm guy I don't understand why he is flipping out.

"Daniel stop!" I pull him away from Ash.

"Vivian go into the bedroom" He orders I still stand there

"No" I say

"Vivian" He says angrily

"No Daniel I had this under control" I say putting my foot down I'm not going to be the weak little girl waiting in the bedroom for someone else to fight her battles I'm strong probably stronger than Daniel. Ash looks at me impressed and I glare at him. I go into the living room and sit on the couch dragging Daniel with me.

"What has come over you?" I ask in a hushed tone

"Me what has come over you why would you defend him" He says

"I’m not defending him I need to finish up what he started" I say Daniel is looking at me and I frown

"Vivian Just let it go" He says and I can tell he regrets saying it after he sees the look I get

"Let it go! He killed my parents and you want me to let it go!" I say tears streaming down my cheeks and I turn around and run for the door Daniel grabs my wrist I twist out of his grip and run to the woods running further into the woods the parts that are dark and dangerous but I don't care I keep running until I get to the waterfall which is the end of our property. I look at the waterfall and watch the water crying letting my tear fall in the grass. I'm lying in the grass still crying hoping I could just die right here.

"Vivian!" I hear someone yell

"Who is it?" I ask I see Ivy appear from behind the waterfall and I smile at the sight of her I need a friend.

"Hey Vivi what’s wrong?" She says stroking my hair

"Nothing it's just so much stress I think I just broke under it all" I explain

"Vivi I was there I saw all of it don't lie" She says and I look down shamefully

"Ivy is this all really happening please tell me this is just a horrid nightmare and I will wake up and you will be alive and Ash will be back to the rude annoying himself and Daniel and I will be back to normal" I whisper curled up in Ivy's lap

"I wish I could tell u that Vivi but I sadly can't. This is all real" She says. I sit up and look at the water wishing I could go under and never come back up

"Ivy who killed you?" I ask in a voice I’m trying to keep steady

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you" She looks down

"After all that’s happened I think I would believe anything" I say

"Please forgive me Vivi my dearest friend but this was all....... my fault I made Ash kill me" She says and I stand up so quickly I almost fall back to my feet

"Ivy" My voice cracks and I’m shaking I try to go over to hug her but I fall right through her and she vanishes I drop to my knees and sob then hear footsteps sneaking up behind me I turn around quickly and stare at the person behind me.

"Vivian are you ok?" I hear the person say

"Go away" I say I turn back around

"Come on Vivian I’m sorry I didn't mean to seem rude I just didn't want Ash to try and you know hurt you" Daniel says

"I had it completely under control" I say

"Really? It seemed like he was listening real well" Daniel rolls his eyes

"I never said he was listening I said I had it under control that means he wasn't flipping out and being a complete jerk like normal" I explain

"V I was just trying to protect you" He says

"Well I don't need protecting I’m not a little girl anymore I can fight my own battles" I say probably a little too harshly Daniel frowns and kind of looks upset I know he was trying to help but I just want to be able to protect myself.

"I know Vivian but I just want to be able to sleep at night knowing I could protect you" He explains looking down and I almost feel a bit bad now with how I snapped at him Daniel was pretty sensitive and I should have been more careful with my words. Daniel may be 6 foot 3 inches and could rip a person to shreds if he wanted but he is sensitive I walk over to hug him and he rubs my back we stay like that for a while before we break away from each other and Ivy comes back and this time Daniel jumps I think he can see her.

"Vivian do you see her too?" He ask whispering

"Yes" I smile and Daniel looks at me wide eyed

"Hey Daniel" She says greeting him with a slight wave of her hand

"Ivy?" He looks at her still a bit amazed

"Yes it is me" She says

"How is this possible" He ask me and I just shrug I really wish I knew

"Well since we are Dark Angels are souls are immortal as you know so we can really die only our mortal forms can die or be destroyed once again you know this but your soul only becomes immortal after you have been matched but I was never matched so my soul was naturally immortal which only happened in certain cases which this has not happened for over a decade and right now I’m trying to figure out why this happened to me" She explains and Daniel is still in disbelief just staring at her

"So you were one of the Rares weren't you?" I ask

"That's what I’m guessing I won't know for a long while" She says looking down

"Hm a Rare very odd she didn't have any of the normal Rare symptoms" Daniel looks curious we both stare at her oddly until I notice her eye color change from dark blue to a purple color

"Whoa" I say staring more

"What?" Ivy ask

"Your eyes... they are...... purple" I say

"No that's impossible" She says

"Ivy it's not impossible Rares have eye changes" Daniel say Ivy runs over to the river the waterfall is crashing into and looks at her reflection

"Oh my goodness they are purple" She says in disbelief

"I guess you are a Rare then" I say still staring a lot of staring now a silence comes over us she looks down and I can tell she is upset

"That's why I never got matched isn't it? Only because Rares don't get matched they are warriors not lovers and when they found out I was a Rare they took my match away" She shudders. We never thought it was a good system but, love does cloud the mind and Rares don’t have time to think about anything else but training I pang of sadness comes over me to think of Ivy as a weapon. Poor innocent Ivy I think and she looks up at me knowing what I thought

"Who killed you?" I ask again out of the blue

"I did it" She answers and my jaw drops

"You killed yourself" I say fighting to keep my voice steady

"When I didn't I asked someone to do it for me" She keeps looking down

"Who?" I ask under my breath angrily

"Ash" She plays with the hem of her shorts

"Why" I ask I fall to my knees tears in my eyes wishing I could hug her without falling through her Daniel sits by me with an arm around my shoulders

"I didn't want to live anymore life just held no meaning that day I looked in the mirror and realized I lost myself I saw myself and the way I have been treating you both of you and I felt so bad I couldn't handle it" She explains seeming surprisingly calm

"Why didn't you just tell me this we could of fixed you" I say wanting my friend back and I realize it WAS all Ash's fault my face turns red with anger

"I'm sorry Vivi" She won't look at me then vanishes
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Freckles3 said...
Nov. 15, 2012 at 6:17 pm
Really good plot... But am I just imagining it... Or is the third chapter the same as the fourth? Am I going crazy?
Tbuggy replied...
Mar. 7, 2013 at 1:38 pm
this is a really late reply and im sorry but my orignal account got lost but yes the third and fourth got copied somehow
Freckles3 replied...
Mar. 7, 2013 at 8:39 pm
Haha, it's okay. I thought I had gone back in time or something! ;) Anyway, this is really great! I love the characters! Keep it up!
Surobhi_Moitrayee said...
Feb. 14, 2012 at 5:20 am
wow! nice...i'd be glad if you'd check my book too :)
readaholic This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 11, 2012 at 10:24 am
It's good, but the lack of punctuaion honestly gets a little distracting and makes the story hard to follow. Same goes for the grammar issues, I mean, this story feels like it was written almost in text-speak! The story somehow just feels...incomplete, like too much is happening without a breath or explaination. On the plus side, love the ideas and action! Makes me want more! KEEP WRITING! :)
Silver2black said...
Feb. 2, 2012 at 12:19 pm
Cool like Hidden said, Extreme Awesomeness, I loved your beautiful, I have lots of favorite parts, I like the way things are described 'A sun Gasping' Cleverly written, Honestly 5/5 !
Silver2black replied...
Feb. 3, 2012 at 4:47 am
Came back to reread, it is missing some things such as question marks in the questions, along with some tiny minor mistakes, But I got the decently written story, way to go, i like your style !
HiddenAngelInTheDark said...
Feb. 1, 2012 at 5:04 pm
Awesomeness ^_^
raeee replied...
Feb. 7, 2012 at 5:48 pm
I absolutely LOVED it. All of it. True, there are some puncuation errors and such, but fantastic nonetheless .

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