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Blood Will Spill

Chapter Two

Blood Will Spill

I wake up; it's 7:30 on Sunday morning. Everyone is sleeping and no one will be awake until at least 10:49AM. I get a shower and eat some toast, then walk back to Ivy's room. I walk back quiet enough not to wake her if she is still sleeping.
I walk into her room I peek my head around the door and there is Ivy lying in bed her flannel white pajamas stained with blood all I can do is sink to my knees staring at my best friend laying there in a pool of blood her own blood. A cut is going down her chest many more gashes on her arms and legs a silt throat and another gash on her forehead. I scream and Daniel comes running from our bedroom and sees what I keep crying at he holds me close to him while I’m sobbing kneeling by Ivy's bed whispering

"Wake up Ivy please come on Ivy just wake up don't die on me" I keep saying over and over between sobs, Daniel gets the phone and calls the police when they get here Daniel has dragged me out of the bedroom and made me sit on the couch. I sneak around back to Ivy's room to see what is taking so long and I see two police officers pick up Ivy's lifeless body and zip her up in a body bag. I start to cry again, realizing who had done this or at least I had a pretty good clue of who did.

"Ash is gonna pay for this I know this was his fault this has him written all over it!" I whisper Daniel is talking to the police explaining what happened once he is done he walks over to me and holds my hand tears roll down my cheeks as I look at the bed forever stained with my best friend's blood. Anger builds up in me this is all his fault and he will pay. I go to the car and drive to Ash's house with all of hell behind me. I get there and knock on the door.

"Hey Vivian where's Ivy?" Ash asks.

"You know damn well where Ivy is you murderer!!" I scream in his face.

"What the heck are you talking about?!" Ash looks confused but I see past it; he is fighting a smile.

"Ivy is dead and you're to blame! If I end up dying in the process I will kill you... Ash I swear you will die by my hand," I whisper but he gets the threat I can tell- his face turns dull, expressionless, I can tell what's going to happen. Ash lashes out and his hand almost gets me, but I step back and he falls on his face. I turn to get the swords he keeps on the wall of his bedroom and run for the bedroom. I open the door so quickly, not caring if it hits the wall, and makes a loud bang. I see the swords and grab them Ash is trying to fight me I just dodge the punches and laugh at his weak attempt I’m about ready to fight back when I hear an all to familiar voice calling to me.

"Vivian don't fight him, he's is to strong" it warns I can't find a body to connect the voice to, but I don't need to see a person to recognize my best friends voice.

"Ivy...." I say surprised and almost excited. I take a step toward where I heard her but Ash pins me down I kick him off then hold the sword to his chest above his heart I make a long gash down his torso; not deep enough to kill but enough to hurt and slow him down. I want him to suffer a bit before I kill him. I look around for my friend or her ghost

"I'm over here Vivi" she says I smile at my once hated nickname I look around and I can somewhat see Ivy but she's not the same

"Ivy, you're a.... um.... a...." I don't wanna say it.

"A ghost, yes, I'm sadly very much dead but it's not as bad as you think. It's actually kinda fun," she says and...... Floats over to me

"Why did you stop me Ivy, I could have taken him?" I frown.

"Because Ash didn't kill me," She says I stare at her my mouth hanging, my eyes widened

"Who killed you then?" I ask

"It was......" then she vanished I curse under my breath and run out the door leaving Ash not caring if he dies or not oh well he deserves it anyways.

"Come back you coward!!" Ash yells trying to get to his feet

"Come and get me!" I yell back stretching my arms out waiting for the hit ready to fight but I know he can't do anything I see the blood seeping through his clothes staining his shirt just how Ivy's blood forever stains her pajamas a tear rolls down my cheek. Once again I hear Ivy's voice.

"Keep running Vivi he's mad and just as ready to fight as you are. Go to the woods into the tree house we built not even Daniel knows where it is." she tells me and I make a beeline for the woods. I find our tree house easily I climb up the tree and push the door open. I smile at the sight of our tree house I sit in one of the many beanbags and pull out my laptop I keep hidden just in case I play games on it until I hear a voice that is so unfamiliar.

"Vivian where are you?" it calls so eerie it's a girls voice but I don't know who's

"Come out come out wherever you are" it calls eerily I wonder whose voice it is.

"Don't go down Vivian" Ivy warns

"Why not?" I ask

"Because that's Cassie remember Ash's older sister and not only is she crazy she hates your guts" Ivy explains she seems very calm of course she is dead so she doesn't have to worry about much or anything.

"Oh shoot Cassie is she armed?" I ask

"Yes she has a knife and a sword" Ivy explains once again very calm

"Once again shoot I guess I’m gonna be up here for a while" I say putting my laptop away

"Let's cross our fingers she doesn't find you" Ivy chews on her lip I hear another voice a more familiar one........ Daniel I can't let him down there with Cassie but I also can't let Cassie know where I am.

"Vivian where are you?!" Daniel shouts I face palm how he can not notice the psychopathic girl.

"Daniel I'm up here" I say and he looks up at me and smiles he climbs up the tree and opens the door.

"Vivian what are you doing when did this get here" he ask looking around

"Shhhhhhhhhh Daniel I will explain everything later right now I'm being followed by Ash and Cassie now is not the time to explain anything but I will tell you that this tree house has been up here for about 5 years" I say

"Well 9 years but close enough" Ivy giggles and I smile at her and Daniel just stares at me and I realize he can't see Ivy.

"You can't see her can you?" I ask

"See who?" he looks at me blankly

"Ivy she is right in front of you" I say

"Vivi darling Ivy is dead I know it hurts but she isn't coming back" he says very carefully

"But she is right....." trail off as I look over but she is gone I sigh and accept it she will be back she is my best friend she will always come back. Daniel just keeps staring at me.

"Never mind I must of been seeing things" I dismiss the thought he looks around for a while an awkward silence due to the fact I may be killed by Ash's crazy sister who is hovering below us Cassie is still clueless to where I am. I look at Daniel then up at the ceiling; I sigh and pull out my secret stash of weapons. Daniel looks at me surprised.

"Like you didn't know I could shoot a gun or use a sword" I roll my eyes and grab a gun and put a rapier in the hold I had made the word Vengeance on the leather in silver lettering. He raises an eyebrow I smile

"Where did you get that?" He ask

"My father gave it to me when I was twelve it's been up here for a while I’ve used it once" I look at it and smile thinking of my family who are now not here with me.

"Wait that's the sword you......"

Daniel is looking at me remembering the time I did use it he was the reason I had to use it. I look at the shining blade with a redish tint due to blood I never got to clean off now it stains the blade.

"Remember who I used it on" I say holding it seeing my reflection

"Yeah Ash didn't know it was coming" I smile at the memory. Out of the corner of my eye I see I see Ivy I look at her and shake my head.

"Vivianna no need to use that sword" She says I sigh at the use of my actual name only time I hear it is when she was serious.

"Fine" I whisper Daniel looks at me I shake my head he goes back to looking at my weapons

"I told you Ash didn't kill me no need to kill him" She says

"He killed my parents there is a need to kill him" I finally say Daniel didn't hear me

"Cassie helped kill me though" She says finally I look at her wide eyed

"What?!" I say a little louder than I should of

"What's wrong Vivi" Daniel looks at me worried he walks over and strokes my hair I strain to look at Ivy she shakes her head and vanishes I groan. Daniel holds me close I break away from him.

"Come on what is up Vivian I mean I know Ivy's death has been hard but if it's that hard on you if it's really taking this much of a toll on you I think you need to get help or at least tell me about how you are feelings it's been a week and you have been very distant" He says with a worried look his blue eyes look worn from staying up with me at night holding me when I have nightmares his smiles forced nothing is the same since Ivy died.

"I'm fine I swear" I smile to prove it

"I know your fake smile from your real smile V" He folds his arms over his chest I do the same his expression softens a bit he kisses my forehead and puts his hand on my lower back. I smile at him letting my hands lightly rest on his shoulders I stroke his collar bone with my thumb I stare into his eyes and smile softly.

"See that's your real smile" He says I lean in and kiss him he kisses me back very softly almost carefully. Once again I'm totally relaxed but ready in case of any slight movement of Cassie and Ash below until Daniel pulls away and kisses my neck he lightly trails his lips slowly up my neck along my jawline then kissing my lips again then I lose of the world around me life becomes a blur now I’m just living in the moment not waiting for life or thinking about what's next.

"What's that for?" I say pretty sure I’m blushing

"Because I love you" He smiles and I smile back then frown because I hear someone I look around I look out all three windows and see Ash with a blood stain on his shirt from where I cut him. Cassie is behind him my body tenses I go into protection mode I stare at Daniel and he stares back and sighs I know what he is thinking. I feel something dark come over me I know what's happening the Transformation.
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Freckles3 said...
Nov. 15, 2012 at 6:17 pm
Really good plot... But am I just imagining it... Or is the third chapter the same as the fourth? Am I going crazy?
Tbuggy replied...
Mar. 7, 2013 at 1:38 pm
this is a really late reply and im sorry but my orignal account got lost but yes the third and fourth got copied somehow
Freckles3 replied...
Mar. 7, 2013 at 8:39 pm
Haha, it's okay. I thought I had gone back in time or something! ;) Anyway, this is really great! I love the characters! Keep it up!
Surobhi_Moitrayee said...
Feb. 14, 2012 at 5:20 am
wow! nice...i'd be glad if you'd check my book too :)
readaholic This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 11, 2012 at 10:24 am
It's good, but the lack of punctuaion honestly gets a little distracting and makes the story hard to follow. Same goes for the grammar issues, I mean, this story feels like it was written almost in text-speak! The story somehow just feels...incomplete, like too much is happening without a breath or explaination. On the plus side, love the ideas and action! Makes me want more! KEEP WRITING! :)
Silver2black said...
Feb. 2, 2012 at 12:19 pm
Cool like Hidden said, Extreme Awesomeness, I loved your beautiful, I have lots of favorite parts, I like the way things are described 'A sun Gasping' Cleverly written, Honestly 5/5 !
Silver2black replied...
Feb. 3, 2012 at 4:47 am
Came back to reread, it is missing some things such as question marks in the questions, along with some tiny minor mistakes, But I got the decently written story, way to go, i like your style !
HiddenAngelInTheDark said...
Feb. 1, 2012 at 5:04 pm
Awesomeness ^_^
raeee replied...
Feb. 7, 2012 at 5:48 pm
I absolutely LOVED it. All of it. True, there are some puncuation errors and such, but fantastic nonetheless .

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