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Death Wish

Author's note: "What inspired me to write this story was that I wanted to make a point to young people about...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: "What inspired me to write this story was that I wanted to make a point to young people about being appreciative about what they have."  « Hide author's note
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The Fury of Him

In every story, there is a war. In every war there is one day a victory. So many victims killed by another’s sword, a sword covered in their own blood. War, bloodshed that is all my people know. That is all they go by, they think violence is always the solution. A sword covered in innocent people’s blood. My country like so many lost in its hell. Colorless blood so blackened with age.
The blood of an innocent man spilt upon the blade. He was taken from his wife Kieta, and his long missed daughter, Anna. He was accused of harming an innocent girl, an Aztec slave by blood not color.
My name is Anna; I was sold into slavery to a man. Though he was a drunk, he insisted on taking me in. And, knowing my father he would do almost anything for a quick buck. After all we were a struggling family just trying to get by on what little money he made. God knows he needs the money. He thought to give me a better life, instead of that of living in poverty. We had to drink piss tasting water, eat soggy bread and hand-wash our clothes.
One time we couldn’t pay rent, so we took to the streets. He, the one who found me, thought my life could be better than what was made of it. My life meant little to my father then it did when I lived in poverty. It meant little to him, or as he liked to call it a s*** bucket. My father used to have love in his heart, until he gave it all up for greed. He used to have it all but he lost it. He just let my mother slip through his grip and he let her go. She left him the first chance she got. It has since left him in a stupor. In my world, if you don’t fit the life you’re given, you get a new one. If you get a life you didn’t agree with, you hope that maybe something good will come from it.
Yeah, see no evil. Bullshit, no evil. We are told stories of love to keep us quiet, hopeful. Until one day we slowly and surely let go of all the hope we once possessed. I lost it, the day you first held me, the day you let her go. There was a whole lot of evil in his eyes; hidden away somewhere hoping it might never get out. Pretty, sparkling, and mean.
“Anna, don’t be afraid. You’re safe now.” The strange man said. What I didn’t know then was that I was walking arm in arm with what I would soon find out is a very dangerous man. Since the day he called me Anna, he hasn’t called me by that name again.
He said, “Don’t be afraid.” I wanted to pretend I was tough that I would have a nice life. “Don’t be afraid.” His thoughts whispered. But secretly though I tried to hide it, I was indeed afraid.
She visits her father in prison with scars across her face, arms, and back, which she covered with a black tee-shirt.
“Anna, he struggled to remember.
“Well, I’m surprised you have enough brain cells to remember, asshole!! My life is s*** compared to when I lived with you.”
“Anna, what the hell happened to you?”
“I was hit with a whip across the face. What does it look like? God, you must be blind, though I doubt you’d know if you were.” I removed my sweatshirt letting it fall away from the long hidden bruises on my battered body. You sold me to a drunk, Dad. During one of his drunk fits of rage, he threw a glass of wine at me. He got mad when I tried to cut him off from his beer for the night, so he reached for his whip.” I said.
Why had I even come here? I thought to myself.
“You’re miserable, he pointed out.
“No, really, I replied with some sarcasm in my voice.
That’s why mom left you, I whispered while still in earshot and pacing. I continued, because you’re so willing to do anything to get the next dollar. Or excuse me, did you mean to sell her into slavery too?”
“Excuse me?” he asked.
“You heard me, and you know I’m right.”
“No, no you got it all wrong, he said. Your mother wasn’t sold into slavery. Your mother was a witch, and vampires have a strong desire for witch blood.”
“What happened to her then? Did she run off with him, because you didn’t love her enough?” I asked laughing, which made him angry with me.
He sprung across the floor pinning me against the wall his hand held my throat his hold was unbreakable to any human. “You cut the s***, or I will drink every drop of blood from you. Do you understand?”
“Please don’t hurt me! He was still gripping my throat with anger, and even though I said I was sorry he wasn’t letting up. Until I blacked out, he didn’t let go, then all I remember is, him whispering how sorry he was. There was someone else in the room, ‘you’re weak’ I remember hearing the unknown stranger say. It was his creator I think, the one who forced him to create me for unknown reasons. Then the next thing I know something is cutting into my throat either a knife, or his teeth, all I remember feeling is as if my humanity was just slowly, slipping away. Oh, s***, was the last thing I thought.
I woke up with a human named Ally who told me she was a sixteen year old bleeder. I remember thinking, what the hell is a bleeder?
I can hear you he whispered from behind me, you are not very familiar with our world are you?” That was when I looked in the mirror and saw fiery eyes looking back at me.
“What the hell did you do to me!!? This can’t be real I remember thinking wake up, wake the f*** up! This isn’t real. Only I didn’t.
That was when I went for his throat. Screams of my own anger came from my unfamiliar body that would be destroyed if I didn’t feed soon, I knew. I woke up chained in a dungeon as I was soon classified as dangerous, to anyone and everyone. People here often called me a creation of Satan himself, and the said part is, that is all I think of myself now.
You created me dumb ass, I whispered back. An invisible hand went around my throat as I said this. The next thing I know he was right there.
“What did you just say?” He asked.
“Nothing, I choked around his hand. “You said something, now what was it?” he asked again, starting to lose his patience.
“Nothing”, I said again with the same face as before.
That was when he got tired of hearing it and grabbed my arm and held it tightly, I felt as if an invisible magick was being sucked out of my life filled body, the one I would have forever.
“You don’t talk to your creator like that.” The sixteen year old bleeder said.
“What the f***? What are you, his pet?” I spat at her.
“Michelle come here.” he said. I stand corrected he’s her pet. Shut up she yelled to me through her thoughts.
“No, I yelled back, wondering what she was going to do next.
What do you want me for? He walked away leaving me alone.
He whispered his idea to her. There was a silence. You want me to what? She said after a while. That was when he took out his blade, and put it to his wrists cutting a line, blood flowed from where he cut. “I want you to force her to drink my blood.”
“And if she doesn’t drink it?” Michelle asked.
“Hold her down and force it down her throat.” He said, as if that solved everything.
“That’s not very nice.” She said not liking what she was hearing.
Michelle, remember what happened to you, when you wouldn’t drink blood? He said.
Yes, indeed she did.
They had ripped her fangs out by the roots, because they thought she no longer needed or wanted them.
“That’s what’s going to happen to her, if she doesn’t get used to the fact of what she’s become and that she’s now one of the damned.”
“I am not one of the damned, I can’t be damned I haven’t done anything wrong to be damned I was brought here and that’s it. Don’t come in here if you do I will kill you, too all of you! I threatened the girl.
She walked away from him; they parted, and she returned to where I was.
I yelled at her, as soon as she walked in the room.
“No, no please don’t I’m sorry if I insulted you. Just please don’t you understand what it is like to be free from such things? Why, why are you so loyal to him?” I yelled. “Anna, he gave me a new life because he knew I would appreciate it greatly, I just wish I could say the same for you. I wish you could learn to appreciate life as much as I have especially when you have a life most would kill for. I was left in a Psychiatric Ward, by my Mother soon after she discovered I was a child of the damned. That is why I am so loyal to him; he treats me way better than my Mother ever did.” She finished. “Did he ever use a whip across your backside? Did he hit you? Did he throw broken glass, and make you kneel in it when he thought you did something you didn’t? I don’t think so, so your life wasn’t as bad as mine was when I was still human. My father abandoned me on the side of the road to fend for myself. I was found and taken here when I was shot with a stun gun, and I was too weak, too weak to fight back and he took me here where I am held practically against my will. I was confused and scared and I don’t remember how I came to be in this body.” That was a lie, I was attacked by a blood-thirsty stranger my angry father the one who had pretended he was human all those years. She cut me off. “Anna, you’re a part of our world now and you may never go back there to your human family if you do, you’ll kill them and you will then be destroyed.” She said.
“What other choice do I have?” I contemplated.
“Live as one of us. My mind whispered. I can’t, I won’t. “I won’t I yelled. And I ran from myself or I would run if they’d let me I’d run faraway even if it meant dying. If only I’d listened to my father and had not made him so mad, then I wouldn’t be in this mess in this body one I barely recognized myself in. Every Vampire takes pride in her own beauty that is eternal but most of them destroy themselves before your eyes before their journey begins. “I am not damned! Leave, now just leave me. I will bite you if you even touch me!” I promised her. She made her way toward me. Oh so that’s how it’s gonna be, that’s how you wanna play. Fine, so be it. I thought to myself. I lunged at her, and catching her arm in my teeth I bit down. But as soon as I tasted blood I let go, and began to spit but nothing came I had tasted blood, finally I had tasted blood and finally he’d won. She left her arm held firmly at her side.
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