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The Mirage

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The Mirage

Marci, Liam, Mrs. Carter, Allan, Kenny, and a few others officers sat in a conference room. Allan was hyperventilating.
“Alright, Marci this is your last chance to prove yourself innocent.” Kenny said.
Marci and Liam arose. Marci clutched the journal while Liam laid down the pocketknife and the golden rose necklace (Allan’s gift to Marci) on the wooden table in front of them. Marci had said they were significant evidence in her plea for innocence.
“This,” Marci said holding up the journal. “, Is the present that Allan Carter got for Valerie. Do you deny it? Allan?”
“No,” Allan said bitterly.
Marci pinched the golden chain of her rose necklace dangling it for everyone to see. “This is the present Allan got for me. Do you deny it, Allan?”
“No,” he sneered.
Liam handed Marci the pocketknife. “This is the present Allan got Liam. Do you deny it? Allan?” she repeated for the third time smiling in a sourly sweet way.
“No, I mean yes!” Allan’s voice rose.
Marci showed the pocketknife to Liam. “Did Allan get this for you as a present?”
“Yes,” Liam said simply causing the police and Kenny to raise their eyebrows.
“I did not get that as a gift for Liam! They are lying!” Allan fumed.
Marci leaned forward so her face was an inch from his. “Then what did you get Liam for a present?”
Allan’s face was burning with rage. “I-I-I got him a-”
“That’s what I thought.” Marci said smugly. “He doesn’t know what to say. If he didn’t get Liam the pocketknife then he should have no struggle saying what he did get him.” Mrs. Carter’s mouth gaped.
“I have more evidence,” Marci said showing them the journal again. “I will read you the message I found in this journal that Allan said he got as Valerie’s present.” She flipped to the page with Valerie’s cursive. “Read Allan’s texts; you might uncover the truth. V.”
Kenny took the book reading the message. “It’s true.”
“That is clearly Valerie’s handwriting; you might even be able to find some of her fingerprints in it.” Marci was winning the battle. “Now, Allan can I read your texts?”
“No! That is an evasion of my privacy!” Allan stood up, slamming his fists down on the table.
“Actually we can do whatever we want. This is a case of murder.” Kenny mused. “Hand over your phone or we will take it ourselves.”
“It’s broke, in the trash at home.” Allan crossed his arms.
“No, it’s not. I saw you put it into your pocket before we entered this building today.” Marci grinned. Allan gave her a look that said; I am going to slaughter you.
Kenny proceeded to Allan but he pushed him aside making a break for the door. Quickly, another police officer tased him in the neck leaving an ugly mark. Allan yelped then slumped to the ground.
One of them ripped the cell phone out of his pocket and tossed it to Kenny. The screen lit up. Kenny immediately went to Allan’s text messages. After a few minutes of inspecting Kenny sighed, “He hasn’t sent a text message in the last month.”
Marci’s heart sank.
“Wait,” Liam said, “What if Valerie saw him on his phone and assumed he was texting but maybe he was writing notes. Go to the notes page!”
Kenny did so and what he found there was far from nothing. When he finished reading the three pages of notes he said, “This man is a psychopath! Marci, you were right, Allan did kill Valerie! He wrote about it in his notes! You are innocent!”
There was a thump and every one in the room turned to Mrs. Carter who was sprawled on the floor. Officer Young checked her pulse and said, “She must have feinted from shock.”
“Take the man away!” Kenny commanded. A couple policemen dragged Allan out of the room. Kenny turned to Marci and Liam. “I suppose you might want to read the notes. Allan had a smart plan but it wasn’t smart enough for you Marci.” Marci and Liam read the notes with horrified expressions forming upon their faces.
When Marci finished she spoke, “Allan put the blame on me to draw away from the truth! This whole thing was a mirage!”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 7 8 9 10 11 Next »

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Freckles3 said...
Nov. 15, 2012 at 5:48 pm
Really great story, but I think it should be made a little less obvious who did it. I knew the whole time. Still, I was captivated from Chapter One on!
Surobhi_Moitrayee said...
Feb. 14, 2012 at 5:39 am
Really nice please see my book too!
AddieLongo said...
Jan. 22, 2012 at 2:13 pm
This is very good. I'm curious to where it's going to go. And the Marci girl...Ugh. I want to hit her. If I had a sister like that...lol You should check out my story as well :)
AngelFire replied...
Jan. 23, 2012 at 10:25 am
thanks and yeah i'll check out ur story :)

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