A Single Tear

December 26, 2011
By s.richards BRONZE, Sherburne, New York
s.richards BRONZE, Sherburne, New York
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The rain fell against the windows in slow motion. It was almost as if time had stopped all together as I slowly backed my way into the kitchen and away from the intruder. By the way the person walked I knew it was a guy but I couldn't see his face behind the mask he wore. The only thing I knew for certain was his eyes were a charcoal almost deep black color. I walked backward slowly, trying to be very careful where I placed my feet so I wouldn't trip but i wasn't careful enough. I stumbled and looked down quickly to try to get my balance back. He was on me before I could move again and I felt the sharp edge of a cold knife slip across my throat before I could utter a single word. The scream I was about to let lose stuck in my throat as I slowly fell to my knees. My vision started to go black as I watched the guy step back in front of me. His mask was off now and I recognized him immediately. He smiled a grotesque smile and slowly sauntered out the front door. I didn't even hear the door close before I was passed out on the floor.

Samantha R.

A Single Tear

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