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Alice. That's all I'm permitted to say.

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Chapter 6.

The next day I awoke to my clock glowing 5:45 AM and saw my diary lying open on the floor. I lunged to grab it, quickly flipping through its pages, looking for signs of someone going through it. “It’s nothing,” I told myself, through gritted teeth. “All my secrets are safe. “ But I had this empty feeling at the pit of my stomach and I decided to try and focus on something else in stead. “Okay, how about some tea to settle the nerves? That sounds like a good idea.”
I didn’t realize until I had poured myself a cup of Jasmine that I had been talking to myself. And answering myself. This is really bad. I looked at the kitchen clock.
It was 6:03 in the morning. I still had a lot of time before school even opened.
I had no homework to do because I had finished last night promptly at 5:30, then ate dinner, read for an hour, and went to bed.
This was the reason I rarely wrote in my diary. If I wrote every day it would go something like this-

Dear Diary,
I finished my AP English essay in less than an hour!
Now I have to go to bed because it’s almost seven o’clock, oh my!
Not very exciting right? So I only write whenever something different or unlike my usual day-to-day life happens. And yes, going to the dentist was the highlight of last week’s entries. Don’t judge, it only brings bad Karma.

The bus pulled to the stop, two minutes late, as usual. I waited for everyone else to get on first, leaving me with the front seat. I didn’t mind. Alice wouldn’t get on for a few minutes and Alice always got us nice seats. People always got up for her and gave us their seats, of course Alice was probably the most despised person in all of Crestwood Academy (-eeehhhh gonna change that name later) she had earned everyone’s respect in the first week of school. Of course me being me, I was in the bathroom when it happened and whenever I ask Alice what happened she’d just say, “I don’t want to talk about it right now.”
One day finally, I overheard two girls gossiping in the bathroom. “Min, did you hear about that Alice girl?” They were each in a stall and I was in the middle stall, between them. I flushed slowly, and closed the stall, giving myself as much time as possible to hear what they had to say. By the time I had finished washing my hands, I had given up on any pretense of not listening. If they knew, they didn’t seem to mind. “Yeah! First week of school, Billy Cunnings does his usual routine, and then he walks up to that girl, whispers something vulgar into her ear and then starts laughing. –“
Someone flushed. I have to know what happened! I dove into another stall just as the first girl that spoke began to wash her hands.
“He probably said something disgusting and mean!” The girl named Min said.
“Hah yeah! It was so great to see her punch him straight in the jaw.” They were both laughing now. “And then he was too embarrassed to go to the nurses’, so he just left school.” I didn’t need to know anymore. I left my hiding spot and walked out the door, realizing that Min probably thought I had just went to the bathroom without washing my hands…
But it was worth it. I was pretty impressed with Alice, punching a kid, and managing to not even get a detention. It was classic Alice. In return for ridding the school of Billy D., all the students always handed over the best bus seats to Alice and the only other person who would sit with her-me.’
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 Next »

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Jonesychic said...
May 25, 2012 at 8:32 pm
this is amazing! I can't wait to read more! Mind checking out my work though?
Surobhi_Moitrayee said...
Jan. 9, 2012 at 2:36 am
impressive you are an awesome author keep writing...!!

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