Rokara's Destiny

November 29, 2011
By musicidraw PLATINUM, Manton, Michigan
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musicidraw PLATINUM, Manton, Michigan
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Author's note: In my creative writing class I was told we had to write short stories and this is mine.

Chapter 1

The hunt was almost over. The Gazelles were in reach,
grazing silently, their eyes softening with the taste of the morning dew
and sweet grass. Oblivious to their surroundings. It was time. Rokara
pounced, missing the gazelle as it barely escaped. She sped after it with
the rest of the lionesses on her heels. She was almost in reach of the kill,
but a river was coming up ahead. She knew there were alligators in it. It
was too dangerous, she couldn’t lead her pride into it. So she slowed the
hunt and came to a stop as the gazelles were crossing to the other side. A
few of the injured and weak were picked off, one by one, like flower
petals. Falling into the water as the alligators feasted.

Katie woke up, her mind buzzing with questions about her dreams
that she could never answer. This happened every night and as usual, She
pushed it away and went on with her everyday life. She woke up, took a
shower, brushed her teeth, and grabbed a piece of toast for breakfast;
seeing that she would be late to the bus again.

She dragged herself through her classes, being a straight A
student and finding most of her classes easy. And at lunch she sat with
her usual group of friends.”so is everyone coming to my house for the
party tomorrow night” her best friend Amanda asked? Everyone cheered
except for Katie. “I'm not feeling good, I think I'm just gonna chill at
home”. “But it's a Saturday night! You have to come. Hayden will be
lonely without you.” I told you! I don't care about Hayden!” Katie argued.
She distinctly remember telling Amanda this, it seems like a million
times. “well I'll see you later, I got to go.” Katie left, finished the rest of
her day with more boring classes and went home. She didn't know why
but she just wasn't in the mood for anything right now. Skipping dinner,
she went to bed, thinking to herself, “It's gonna be the same old dream
again. . . .”

Chapter 2

Rokara was roaming through the woods at night, confused,
separated from the hunt. “There were never any woods her before.
Where am I? she wondered? Then she heard something. . . . It sounded
like something. . . walking. She began to make a small noise, deep in her
throat, and it wasn't the soft sound of a purr. As the noise grew closer her
growl became louder. She began to crouch, ready to jump if anything
crossed her path. In this unknown territory, she was scared and she didn't
know what to expect. Then something black ran by and the growl rose out
of her throat. Then she was engulfed in darkness, growling and thrashing
in protest, clawing at whatever was covering her. But nothing was there. . . .

Katie woke up again, tears on her pillow from the past dream she
had. She wondered what it meant. She had never had a dream like that.
She looked outside and it was raining. She decided to skip breakfast, just
not in the mood and ran outside. She had missed the school bus so she
had to run the whole two miles to school. Her black hair soaked and
billowing behind her. Her green eyes, looking like they were shedding
tears with the wind on her face and the rain on her cheeks. She knew it
wouldn't be that hard, even though it was raining. In her fifteen years She had
run track since she was ten, been on the swim team since she was thirteen, and
had just joined the basketball team this past year. She always wondered
why her life was so easy and why she had time for everything. She finally
made it to school in less than fifteen minutes when she discovered it was
closed, because of a possible tornado. She sighed with slight frustration
and ran back home.

Of course no one was home when she got back. Dad was at
work,and Mom was shopping for groceries. She walked in, but she sensed
that something was different. That's when everything went black. She
was still awake but when she struggled, there was nothing to struggle
against. She thought of the dream, except when she turned, someone
whispered in her ear. She knew it was a womens voice by how soft and
delicate it sounded “Meet me at midnight, by the elementary ground.
Bring no one and read this letter.” She felt a piece of paper shoved into
her hand and once again she could see and move. Once again she was

Chapter 3
“Dark rises, many may fall,
Until the one of destiny is called.
In their spirit of power,liveslie,
Those who were weak, will rise.”

Katie read the letter over and over again. She couldn't understand
what it meant. She couldn't concentrate, and for once she didn't get her
homework done. She didn't eat much for supper, even though it was her
favorite meal. Mom's homemade stir-fry. She was thinking it had
something to do with her past, and possibly future. She always knew she
was adopted. Even though her parents never told her. It wasn't that hard
to tell. . . . It seemed dangerous to meet this stranger who had attacked
her, but she felt that she needed to. She didn't know why but she did.

Just as this stranger had said. She waited on the old swings she
used to play on when she was in grade school. She didn't know what
would happen when she arrived, but at least she would die in a happy
place if she had to die. “So you came?” the stranger said as she
approached. She was blond with ice white eyes. A sort of force engulfed
her. What was she, and what did she want. “ Who are you and what do
you want?” Katie demanded, holding up a baseball bat she had grabbed
before she left to meet this strange women. She laughed, “Those foolish
weapons will not work on me child. Put it away my dear.” Katie lowered
the bat and began to listen to the women. “I am Leona, I am your guide.”
she explained, “I have watched over you since you were an baby, child.
You have a destiny ahead of you and I must guide you and show you the
way. Now return home and grab your things. Your parents are asleep so
there is no need to wake them. I will be here, waiting for your return.”
Katie looked at her puzzled, and left. She grabbed her things, tears
running down her cheeks. She didn't know why but she felt like this was
the best choice. Deep inside she knew that she had to do this and that
it had something to do with her birth family. She wanted to wake them,
to say goodbye, but she just couldn't. If she did they wouldn't let her
leave. She had to do this with out them. She was now sobbing as she
opened the door. She turned around and said a small goodbye to her
home she had known for her whole life and wondered. . . would she ever
be back? She returned to the park. Leona was still there. She looked at
her with icy eyes and rose from the swing she was sitting on.
“Follow”, the figure said. And that was the last words she said all night.

Chapter 4

Katie woke up exhausted from traveling all night. She looked
around her. She was in a small room with light shining brightly through
the window. She was surprised when her eyes scanned the room that
almost everything was mad of wood. She saw the bread and jelly on the
table and her stomach growled. She didn't know where she was or why
she was here but she knew she was hungry. She quickly got dressed into
some jeans and a baggy T-shirt and began to eat. She didn't know what
was in it but almost instantly she was full. Then she heard a knock on the
door. “Come in!” she called. It was Leona. “ Good morning my dear.” She
cried cheerfully. “ Are you enjoying your bread,because you really should
eat something we must get on our way as soon as possible.”“Yes I have
eaten, thanks, and it was great. I think I'll just go down and take care of
it.” Katie said, trying to sound as polite as possible. “You do know we
have people for that my dear?” Leona insisted. “I know,” Katie responded'
“But I want to anyway”. Katie grabbed the try of food, and headed
downstairs. She stepped into the hall and was overwhelmed the walls
had the most beautiful carvings on them. Of animals, and people, and . .
. lions. She stopped to stare at the carvings. Lions chasing zebras and
gazelles, mother lionesses and cubs , and great male pride leaders. She
was so engulfed In the pictures that she didn't see him coming. The last
she knew she was lying on the ground with this complete stranger lying on
top of her. He looked up. She couldn't breathe. . . he had hazel brown
eyes. And brown hair the swayed whenever he moved his head. She had
never seen anyone so breathtakingly cute. It was like the world stopped
when he met her gaze. But then he spoke. He had the most amazing
voice. It was deep and melodious. “ Are you ok! I'm sooo sorry. I was just
in a hurry to this girls room to get her breakfast and...” he stopped. “ I
have this feeling that you're the girl I was looking for.” They both
laughed. “ My name is John” he said getting up, and shaking Katie's hand.
“ I'm Katie” she said, her cheeks burning, the color of pink roses. He
laughed shyly, smiling at her with a look of fondness in his eyes. “Well I
better go. I'll take your tray and hopefully I'll see you around some time
again.” “ Yah hopefully,” Katie said smiling to herself when he walked
past her. She decided it was a good day today, and no matter what,
nothing would ruin her mood. She just hoped she could see him
again. . . .

Chapter 5

“ So tell me. Why are you here and how do you know me? What is
my so called destiny? Tell me everything?” Katie asked all these questions
that afternoon, sitting under the tree that apparently she had slept in
last night. “ Well lets start from the beginning. Your real name is Rokara,
you were born in an African tribe called the Lion Shifters of the sub
Saharan. They believe that they originated from lions, and they worship
them. In their dreams they have their own lion self and tribe name that
they roam around in. In great legend there was prophesied that she would
be born of us but stolen away. It was said she would come again with the
help of her guide, because all those in the tribe were given a guide of
paths. And you. . . are her.” Katie didn't know what to say. It was like, the
world stopped, and she realized it all made sense. . . .

Chapter 6

After Leona told her her past, she asked when they were leaving.”
Well if you are ready, we can leave n. . .” But Katie left before she could
say anymore. She hadn't unpacked much so she grabbed her suitcase and
what she had unpacked and left. She stopped again to stare at the
carvings on the walls, and silently wished she could see John one more
time before she left. But there was no time.

Katie and Leona walked for hours and finally they stopped. They
were in the jungle surrounded by small huts made up of grass and what
looked like mud. She was amazed that this was her home, that she had
once lived here. “Breath taking isn't it?” Leona asked, walking up beside
Katie. Katie couldn't say anything and once again, felt like she couldn't
breathe. “ What now?” She asked Leona, scared but yet excited.
“Now. . .” Leona replied. “It is time to see the chief.

The Chief's hut was bigger then all the others. Made of not only
grass and mud, but sticks and large rocks as well. Katie took a deep
breath and followed Leona as she stepped inside. “Who is it?” the voice
asked in the darkness. “ It is I, Leona, with Rokara the prophesied one.
“Bring her forth.” He said. Katie stepped into the small ray of sun and
finally she could see him clearly. He was somewhat large. Sitting cross
legged on a hand weaved rug. Inscence was burning around him. He
looked like he was well concentrated. Meditating was her guess. Finally
he spoke again, opening his hazel nut eyes.” Finally she has come. At our
time of trials and war, she has come. Prophesied by our lion kings. I am
Nidawa. Chief of the lion shifters. You must save us, as it is prophesied by
the Okeenoshs. They have invaded are land in need of the blood of our
ancestors. Our true ancestors of the lion kings. They believe that we stole
their tribe and that none of us are the true blood of our ancestors. We
parted long ago, and you must prove them wrong. You must give your
blood. The ceremony will begin at sunset. You must come. Now you are
dismissed.” Once the chief finished, Katie didn't know what to say. Leona
gestured for hr to leave, but how could she. She had so much to ask. But
reluctantly she left.”Now” Leona said, “You must meet your parents.”
Katie's eye's lit up with joy almost crying at the thought of seeing her
parents. . .

Chapter 7

What would they think of her? What would they say. She was from
a different world. How could they except her? Leona took her to another
hut. It was small, and basically the same as most of the other huts in the
village. She walked in and was greeted by confused looks from several
people. Two of them, obviously a couple, then looked at Leona and began
to cry. They were speaking in some weird language she didn't know, as
they got up to greet her. “She's back papa, she's back our dear Rokara is
back” Katie's mother exclaimed. She couldn't stop crying, leaving tear
drops on Katie's shoulder. They embraced each other for awhile longer
and then sat down. They talked and Katie explained how there would be
a sacrifice and she would have to give her blood to save their tribe and
prove they are the true ancestors of the lion kings. “But how am I to
prove it, how can they tell it's ancestor blood?” Katie asked her parents.
She was scared and crying. She didn't want to die. Their was so much
more she hadn't done.” Well the prophesy for told that once the blood is
sacrificed into the great fire, the person who sacrificed the blood will
rise and turn into her lion self. Only those who are true ancestors of the
lion kings can transform into their lion self outside of their dream world.”
“ So you're saying it's been tested before?” Katie asked. “Yes it has my
dear, and many have died waiting for your return..” “ But what if I'm not
the one? Then I'll die too won't !?” Katie's mother began to cry. Her father
held her close. “I'm sorry mother but I didn't mean to upset you.” Katie
said, looking at her mother with her sorrowful green eyes. “ I know my
dear but it must be done. I will meet you at sunset and we will see.

Leona had stayed behind to talk to Katie's parents, while Katie
left. Droplets of tears falling under her footsteps. Then she was embraced
in a hug. She looked at the face. . . It was John.. “ What are you doing
here?” Katie exclaimed. She was over joyed. She never thought she'd see
him again. It made her day to see him, even though she might be dying at
sunset. “How did you find me?” she cried, holding his hands in hers.
“This is my tribe, but here I am known as Eko. I heard about tonight and I
just wanted to see you again and thank you for returning.” She
blushed. . . . “You're welcome.” “ Take my hand,” He said, “ I want to
show you something amazing. He clasped her hand in his and they took
off running towards the creek.

Chapter 8

Sitting on a rug while her mother prepared her for the ceremony,
she thought of that afternoon. She had talked to Eko, told him
everything, and he had kissed her. She had been kissed before but not by
someone like him. But what would happen if she survived this ceremony
and returned home. What would happen with them? She didn't have time
to think. Her mom had worked too hard for her to cry. Once the drums
banged at sunset she rose. . . walking slowly toward the fire,
concentrating on her thoughts, and pushing her feelings away. Whatever
would happen was meant to and that's the way it had to be. She had to
do this. She was born for this and for this tribe. Warriors were dancing
around the fire place, from both tribes. She approached and the drums
and dancing was silenced .” Now has come the time,” The chief
announced, “that we shall become strong again, and show that we Are
the True ancestors of the lion kings.” His voice rang out through the
woods, echoing alongside the crickets. He gestured for Rokara to come
forward and with place her hand over the fire. “Rokara, our long lost
prophesied has come to give her blood for us and prove that she is the
princess of the lion kings.” All was silent as the chief drew his knife from
his bag and cut a slice into Rokara's wrist. She held back a scream, tears
falling down her cheeks. The blood fell into the fire and sizzled. More
pain pulsed through her body and she looked over at Eko. He was crying,
falling to the ground in grief. They had not know each other long, but
she still loved him. If only they had time. . . . Rokara fell to the floor, not
moving, as darkness closed in around her.

Hazel eyes snapping open, Rokara woke. Rising to her what she
thought was her feet, she turned to the crowd, and everyone began to
dance and sing. She looked at her hands. But she had no hands, only
paws. She ran over to Eko and tackled him playful. She returned to her
human appearance and she kissed him. It had worked. . . .

Chapter 9

Rokara was packing her things. She had the choice to stay but
she had a life back home and she missed it. She would stay if she could
but she just felt she couldn't. She knew she'd have to leave Eko behind
but she swore to herself that she would communicate with him through
her dreams where she was truly herself and at home. She said goodbye to
her family and new made friends before she left with Leona. “So aren't
you glad I attacked you on that one day two weeks ago?” “Yes, yes I am”
Rokara smiled giving Eko one last kiss before she had to leave. She would
be back again. Here she may be Rokara, but she'll always be Katie. . . .

The End

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