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Shades of Black

Author's note: I like to try to expand my writing by making myself try and write about different lifestyles. I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I like to try to expand my writing by making myself try and write about different lifestyles. I hope you enjoy this piece. It's not done yet.  « Hide author's note
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Coal Black

There is something always reassuring about a seashore walk. Perhaps it is the way the frothy waves displace the golden sand, or the way the seashells glisten. Whatever it is, Aria loved it. Although, the shore was close to home which was anything but desirable, it was at the shore where she could think and get away from everything. It was at the shore where Tommy would always meet her.

She hadn’t cried when they told her he had committed suicide. It wasn’t out of lack of respect that she didn’t cry but lack of feelings. It was like every single emotion she had ever had was suddenly shut out. Like, she had always been living in full color and somebody had finally told her the world was actually just different shades of black. Tommy had always been the color.

The first time he had held her hand she had been crying in the cove. The girls at school had been particularly harsh that day and her parents had been fighting, so she had escaped. Tommy had found her and sat down quietly beside her. A perfect statue. Instead of trying to fix her myriad of problems he had unclasped her hands and slowly tucked her small hand into his and squeezed it until she could feel his pulse.

His pulse.

Growing up, she had always prided herself on not being a crier. She had always been able to endure more pain than anyone else without flinching, and she had been proud of that. Her father had always cautioned her to, “never let her guard down” and she had always listened to that. She wasn’t listening now. She hadn’t meant to cry, hadn’t meant to allow the stares to get to her today, but they had, and all she could think was that she was entirely alone.

“Aria.” The husky voice pulled her from her daydreaming and into an instant state of concern. He hadn’t been supposed to find her here: He was supposed to be at the house with her mother having a “conversation.” Although, she knew that not very much conversation was ever exchanged.

“Your mother owes me some money.”

His voice was closer to her now, and she turned to glare at him while her hands hung lifelessly at her side. “How much?” She didn’t doubt that her mother owed him money. Her mother seemed to owe everybody money.

“Three grand.” He sneered. He was a scrawny, snake of a man and patches of black streaky hair barely covered his shiny pate.

Aria hid a gasp at the sum. She didn’t know they owed that much.
“I will get you the money,” she promised. “I just need some time.”

“Some time?” His voice was icy now and he slowly reached out to touch her arm. His fingers slid up and down her arm to her shoulder and then to her face. “I think you’ve had enough time, don’t you? Instead, your momma decided that you are going to work for me until her debt is paid off.” The pads of his fingers caressed her face and he leaned in and sniffed her hair. “Delectable. You better be careful when you work at the bar my little beauty. Not all the guys are as self-controlled as I am.”

Kissing her forehead, he slowly tipped her face towards his and slowly grabbed her throat. “And if you ever think of running or calling the cops, I, my beauty, will personally kill you.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 Next »

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