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Shades of Black

Author's note: I like to try to expand my writing by making myself try and write about different lifestyles. I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I like to try to expand my writing by making myself try and write about different lifestyles. I hope you enjoy this piece. It's not done yet.  « Hide author's note
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Blade Silver

“Aria, have you seen the new boy?” Lana asked, as she stared longingly in the mirror. Smearing on bright red lipstick, she pressed her lips together and listened to the pop.

“Which one?”

“Jake, of course. The senior.” Giggling, Lana fluffed her hair with her fingers. Her outfit was scandalous, and very nearly broke all the rules in the dress code. A thin halter-top exposed an eyeful of cleavage as well as her midriff, and her tiny jean shorts left barely anything to the imagination.

“Um, I don’t think so, but is he the one everybody is talking about?”

“Of course. He is like, so, hot,” Lana mused.


Usually he was brought up in a whisper and a fit of giggles would ensue, sometimes from naïve freshman girls who said that he was gorgeous; that he could be a rock star, an actor, or a model, but more often than not he was also the subject of the senior girls’ conversations who knew that if anyone had a chance with him, it was one of them since he was a senior too.

“Don’t sound so dull Aria; a new boyfriend is just what you need.”

Sighing, Aria wrinkled her nose and lit up a joint.

“You are so going to get busted one of these times,” Lana warned.

“You sound just like my mother.”

“I’m just trying to help; I know that losing Tommy was really hard…”

“Just shut up, will you? You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“…But he’s dead Aria. You need to accept that, and smoking your disgusting weed is not going to help…”


“Just trying to help.”

“Well then, stop trying to help. I am absolutely fine by myself, thank you, geez!” The door slammed behind Lana as she exited the bathroom, and Aria sighed, and tried to lose herself to the freedom that smoking brought her. She had been having the nightmares again. The ones in which Tommy was still alive…the one before he had gone off and committed suicide…she should have known he had a problem, but he had been so good at hiding things from her. Or maybe, she had just been really good at not noticing that things were wrong. She blinked back tears, and turned on the water faucet.

Sometimes Lana was so annoying. And what did she know anyways? How dare she bring up Tommy? After the funeral, Aria had gone crazy. Instead of staying indoors and dressing in black like a usual mourner, she would find herself revisiting all of their usual haunts. She couldn’t seem to stop wandering to the places where they had hung out at: the narrow path between the trees killed by too much salt by the beach; the meadow where they had first kissed; the local bar, “Alosange” and of course the cove.

The water was on high now, and the drain filled and overflowed over the narrow, porcelain sink. Water gushed onto Aria’s shirt, completely soaking her as she daydreamed.

How could she have missed the signs? But Tommy had never been depressed, he didn’t even smoke, and he barely ever drank. He said he didn’t need too…said he could have just as much fun without being wasted, and for some reason, he always managed to make drugs and alcohol seem stupid to her.

Not anymore.

After she had found out he was dead, the first thing she had done was opened her mothers liquor cabinet and downed a bottle. Later, she had thrown up everywhere. Heaving out her stomach contents onto the rug, she had spewed the bathroom with her vomit. The liquor hadn’t tasted good, but she was hooked on its effect: Absolute bliss for a second. Every time she drank, she could forget who she was. It was like she was invisible for a while.

“Aria, are you okay?” It was Lana’s voice again.

“I thought you had left.”

“I had, but the teacher wanted me to come find you…. you’ve been in here for 15 minutes.”


Lana turned off the water faucet and looked into Aria’s eyes. “Are you sure everything is okay? I mean, we can talk about it…”

“Everything is fine Lana, just get out of my face for a while.”

Hurt crowded across Lana’s face for a second before she pretended that she didn’t care. “Fine. I just was worried.”
“I told you. I’m a big girl. Tell Strickler, I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Whatever.” The door slammed again, and Aria absently ran a hand through her hair. For a while after Tommy had died she had contemplated committing suicide too. Apparently the school had thought she might commit suicide as well, because they had an intervention meeting, and told her that they would be watching her.

Somebody always seemed to be watching her.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 8 Next »

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