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The Only Witness

Author's note: Usually I write about love stories or off of a nightmare I have had, but I decided I wanted to...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Usually I write about love stories or off of a nightmare I have had, but I decided I wanted to challenge myself and write about a topic that was out of my realm of experience or knowledge along with a very difficult mental disorder.  « Hide author's note
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In the morning I went downstairs fully dressed in my uniform with my backpack and ate cereal. By the time I was finished and got outside, uncle Peter was sitting against the front of his car smoking. Truly Peter was not related to me in any way. He was actually the talent scout that found me directly after I was moved back to the states and started living with my grandparents. I worked with him for one year and then moved in with him in Kennewick after I lost my grandparents to old age. He adopted me so that his new and upcoming model would not become an orphan and so I moved into this large but empty house per his wishes. I quickly went to his car and got in the passenger’s seat. When he looked back to me he stomped out his cigarette and then got behind the wheel. He drove me to school but grabbed my arm when I tried to get out.
“There has been a change in plans for today. I will pick you up after your science class starts so be ready.” He said before letting go of me. When I got out I saw V, Chase, Colin, and Sami all by the entrance of the private high school but I had to ignore them. I quickly trudged my way into the building and told the front office lady that I am having pain in the tooth I had work done on yesterday so I must leave after my science class in order to have the work fixed. She gave me a slip for later and told me that she hoped I will feel better. I left the front office as the bell rang to go to class so I made my way to my history room. I had no friends in that class other than Chase, who I did not really consider as a friend. When he came into the room I was already seated and reading for English class. I was surprised that he came over and sat on my desk so I looked up from my book.
“Hey.” He said with a perfect smile.
I pushed my glasses up on my nose, “Hi.”
“So V told me you refuse to ever go out with Colin. To tell you the truth, I think she’s thinking a little too much when she says you will never go out with him. I mean you don’t know what will happen later so you may someday want to date him.”
My face tensed, “I’ll tell you what I told V, I’d prefer not to date a boy that thinks being high is ‘fun’ and makes life ‘exciting’.”
“That’s a harsh assumption for someone who barely knows the guy. Anyways he doesn’t do drugs. That’s just a rumor.”
I sat up straight in my chair, “Then why have I seen him on many occasions smoking weed outside the school boundaries? You can think what you want about Colin, I won’t judge you on your opinion, but even if he is not a full druggie, I do not want to date him. He only speaks about how popular he is and how he’s better than everyone else.”
“You don’t have to be jealous that he’s popular, Noel,” He hissed, “I swear, you are so rude towards anyone who is considered popular! You are mean, rude, and frankly I don’t see what’s so special about you that V and Sami want to hang with you.”
I leaned back in my chair and looked back to my book, “Thanks for your opinion, Chase,” I retorted and then the bell rang, “That’s the bell. You should go to your seat.” History, Math, and English were nothing beyond ordinary, but the whole time I could feel Chase watching me with anger in his eyes except for the only class I did not have with him, which was English. At lunch I went over to V’s locker but stopped when she gave me a glance of anger. I slowly made my way over to her and she slammed her locker shut.
“Do you have to be so mean to Chase, Noel? I mean I know you don’t like guys, but couldn’t you at least be nice to him? I mean he is your best friend’s boyfriend!” She hissed and my mind froze. I went into a state I could not easily get myself into or out of and was terrified of the result. My face became numb and so did my brain.
“Even if he’s your boyfriend, I’m not just going to stand there and let him yell at me. I told him I did not want to date Colin and he yelled at my reasoning, but I never yelled at him. I kept myself composed even when he yelled more and more.”
“Whatever, Noel.” She hissed and then stormed away. I watched as she walked over to Sami’s locker and talked. Sami’s face turned to anger as she looked to me and I felt the urge to walk away so I followed it. I stayed inside per request of Peter since I was not supposed to tan my perfect white skin so I spent my lunch in the library where I lost myself in books until Science started. I ignored the entire class as I tried to get out of this translucent state I had gotten into that made my expression never change but was relieved when the time came for me to leave. I handed my teacher my pass ten minutes before the class ended and made my way outside. Peter waited in his car which I quickly got into and felt safer.
“I was just given word that the famous male model ‘Ash’ has come into town. He wants to observe the abilities of the photographer who is shooting you today in order to see if he will work well with the photographer. Now, I need you to do your best work today to show this newbie what you’re made of and that the number 1 female model is not going to be easy for him to reach. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” I whispered and then we were quiet the rest of the trip. When we got to the studio of the photographer I was swept away to makeup and wardrobe where I was put into a dress that was a light blue with a white apron that had been torn up and ripped but had large, puffy sleeves, a pair of red and white stripped leggings, black flats, fake black nails, and a white bonnet that went over my teased pigtails but was put slanted. Black stitch-like lines were put up and down my arms, legs, and face as a makeup artist put large red circles on my cheeks that were already accented by other makeup to look thin, white lipstick was put on my lips, and black eyeliner and mascara were put around my eyes to make me look dead or haunted. I came to the set to see the famous ‘Ash’ had not arrived yet so I was positioned in a throne made to look like a large ‘raggedy Ann’ doll and the area around the throne was covered in piles of all sized ‘raggedy Ann’ dolls. The photographer came to me and smiled like we had known each other for a long time.
“Alright, Miss Lovette, what I want you to do is make yourself look like an almost broken doll in that chair.”
“Alright,” I whispered back, “Let’s start.” I added and the man quickly went over to his camera as I positioned myself in a broken looking manner that was draped over the chair as though it had been tossed there without care. This was the perfect look for me today since I felt as though I was a true doll that had been thrown without a care by the only people I called my friends. I slightly changed positions with every click of the camera but stopped when the photographer was interrupted by another manager walking into the room. I looked up to see the famous ‘Ash’ staring directly at me as I sat up from my broken position on the chair. I did not drop the gaze of ‘Ash’ till Peter called me.
“You are making your neck look long and unattractive, Lovette, try to fix that,” Peter said and I nodded without a word but watched as Peter went over to the other manager on the room and introduced himself but then proceeded to introduce himself to ‘Ash’. I was forced to look away as the photographer decided to take more shots. I placed myself almost upside down in the chair, but made it so my neck did not look odd.
“Marvelous, Lovette!” The photographer praised but when I suddenly sat up everyone stopped.
“Excuse me, Mr. Photographer,” I whispered in a quiet, dainty voice, “May I try a different pose?”
“Of course, Lovette! You are the professional here!” He said with a smile and I stood.
I took a long look at the scene created and then looked over to Peter, “Can you help me for a moment?” I asked and he quickly came to me, “When I get positioned, could you place some of the dolls around me on the chair?” I added and he nodded. I lay in a totally different position and Peter placed some of the dolls in the chair around me. The photographer was frantic to capture my photograph as I slowly changed the emotions shown through my face.
“That’s it!” The photographer called and then came over to me. He helped me out of the dolls and then shook my hand furiously, “You are a genius, Miss Lovette! Those last poses made it so you looked like a doll coming out from the others! It was inspirational!”
“Thank you, Mr. Photographer.” I said with a smile and then went over to Peter who handed me bottled water. I drank some of it but then turned when ‘Ash’ and his manager came over to us.
“Hello, Miss Lovette. I am Ash’s manager. I must say it was a growing experience for Ash here to see such a brilliant model that is his junior by one year.”
“Of course, Lovette’s pictures are never short of perfect.” Peter said as he smiled towards me.
“Well what else would you expect from the only child of the famous models Guillaume and Charae,” The other manager said and I felt myself freeze. I grabbed onto Peter who looked to me with concern.
“Are you alright, Lovette? You look pale.”
I nodded, “Yes,” I whispered to Peter but then turned to Ash, “it is nice to finally meet the famous Ash.”
“Oh? It is high praise for the perfect model Lovette to have heard of me. I am honored.” He said as I noticed his black hair matched the suit he was wearing and his blue eyes seemed to radiate with color.
“Well you must excuse us, Lovette has to get home.” Peter said and then quickly brought me to the dressing room. I was changed back into my normal girl look before I went to find Peter. I was shocked when I ran into Ash who smiled to me.
“You look much different with glasses on, Lovette.”
“I have been told so before.”
“Lovette!” Peter called and I jumped slightly.
“Sorry, please excuse me.” I said to Ash before running over to Peter. I was brought to Peter’s car and then driven home. When I went inside I went up to my room and took a shower. Afterwards I took a few sleeping pills Peter had given me before I left his car earlier. He knew I was affected by Ash’s manager’s comment about my parents and that I would not sleep easily tonight. I set up my movie like always and fell asleep to my parents singing happy birthday to me.

In the morning I forced myself to eat some toast before going to meet Peter outside to be driven to school. He looked to me as he turned on the car, “How did you sleep last night?”
“Better than I imagined. Thank you for your help.”
“Of course, now try to have some fun today. That will get you in a better mood,” He said but was quiet till we got to my school and he stopped, “I will pick you up here at the usual time.” He added as I got out and then watched him drive away. I was later than usual and had to hustle to class in order to make it before the late bell. I could not get myself to focus for any of my morning classes, went to the library for lunch, and did not focus for Physics. Sadly, I had to focus during gym even though anyone who was friends with V, Chase, Colin, or Sami (which was almost everyone at the school) either snubbed me with their words or stared me down. Today we were brought into the gym first which was odd but when I suddenly heard squealing coming from the girls closest to the hallway I knew only bad things could be coming. The man that was worse than any nightmare I had imagined to come through the door appeared and went over to Coach Daniel.
“Ash Williams will be joining our school’s junior class as of this afternoon. Please treat him kindly.” Coach Daniel said and I flinched when Ash’s gaze went directly to me. Ash was now in the boys gym uniform that was a pair of navy basketball shorts and a white t-shirt that showed off how toned his body was. I felt dizzy but tried to ignore it when we went out to the tennis courts, “Alright! Today you will be able to choose your partners!” He called and fear mixed with anxiety hit me. I watched as V and Sami joined the other girls of the class who flocked around Ash and nearly begged him to be their partner but everyone watched in shock as he declined all the offers and pushed his way through the mob of girls. What shocked me as much as the others was when Ash came over and gave me a perfect smile.
“Would you be my partner?” He asked and I quickly tried to act like I knew nothing.
“There are a million girls in this class that have already asked to be your partner. Why not let one of them be your partner?”
“I don’t want to be partners with them, I want you.” He said and I felt myself stop breathing for a moment.
“Okay.”I whispered back and then followed him to a court. I was given angry glares from every girl in the class and tried to ignore them for the second part of the class which was basketball where it was girls against guys and I barely moved. When the class was over, I changed as quickly as possible and went outside the locker room but was shocked when Sami and V came out to me.
“So what the hell’s up with you and Ash? Did you meet him before this?”
“No!” I argued, “I didn’t ask for him to notice me or pick me as his partner for tennis. I know you two are angry like the other girls and I am sorry, but I did not do this.”
“It is just like you to use your uncle’s connections to get something everyone else wants,” Another girl from my class named Kelly said as she came over to us, “You think you’re all important because your uncle’s a big shot, but you’re nothing more than a geek who doesn’t know her place. Stay away from Ash, you are not good enough for him.” The girl hissed and I felt anger boil in me. They were just like the others, telling me I wasn’t anything even though I was recognized by someone who was famous.
“You have no clue what you are talking about!” I hissed, “And who gave you the right to decide if I am good enough for Ash or not! Also, maybe he wanted to be my partner because I am the only girl who doesn’t want to be recognized by him just because he is famous! I don’t care about popularity like everyone else and a lot of people like that!”
“Stay away from Ash.” Kelly hissed but froze when the bell rang for school to end. I quickly got away from the other girls and went out to Peter’s car. We were quiet for the drive as I kept myself from crying, but it became harder to hold my tears in when I met up with a photographer that told me he wanted me to model with Ash. I accepted the offer and was allowed to leave early.
“I can drive you home.” Peter offered and I quickly accepted since I knew Ash would be showing up soon. I went home, took a fast shower, and immediately went to bed with the help of a few sleeping pills.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 15 Next »

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