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The Only Witness

Author's note: Usually I write about love stories or off of a nightmare I have had, but I decided I wanted to...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Usually I write about love stories or off of a nightmare I have had, but I decided I wanted to challenge myself and write about a topic that was out of my realm of experience or knowledge along with a very difficult mental disorder.  « Hide author's note
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I woke up with Noah curled up next to me on my right and Colin embracing me to my left. I slowly got out of bed and quietly went to the kitchen. I made coffee before taking it with me to the living room and turning on the T.V. News came on to show the third time Rider and Ash’s interview aired. Then it went back to the news desk where the reporter who had interviewed Ash and Rider the day before sat next to the two main anchors of the station. “So, Marsha, why don’t you tell our viewers what
This chapter is not finished.
will be airing tonight as your special?” The main woman anchor asked.
“Well, Ashlee, tonight will be the first time the famous model Noel Lovette Morel has given an interview in ten years. I am going to be interviewing Miss Lovette in order to put so many questions to rest about what happened two weeks ago at the trial that convicted her own uncle as the killer of her fiancée and parents. I’m also going to ask her about what happened to her when she suddenly disappeared for years and what her future plans are.”
“Well we all look forward to an amazing interview, Marsha, which will be premiering tonight at eight.”
I turned off the T.V. and sighed before standing up. I made a lunch for Grace and Noah before making both of their favorite breakfasts. Once they were done and on the table I went to my room and gently shook Noah awake before going to do the same to Grace. Once I helped Grace get dressed we both came down to see Noah already eating.
“Good morning, Noah!” Grace cheered.
“Morning,” He mumbled through his toast as Grace joined him at the table. Once they were done eating I helped them both get ready to leave before walking them to Miss Rocco’s car. Once they were off I came back inside and made breakfast for Rider, Ash, and Peter since Chris went home last night and Dr. Alice had left to fly home the afternoon before. When I was done with breakfast I sat down and watched the morning news until I heard someone come into the room.
Peter smiled happily towards me, “Did Grace and Noah get off to school alright?”
I nodded as I watched him sit beside me on the couch, “They were very tired though.”
Peter nodded with understanding, “So your big interview is in a few hours, are you ready?”
I looked to the floor before looking to Peter again, “I’m not sure.”
He kissed my forehead, “I wish I could be here with you, but I know you will do great.”
“Thanks,” I replied, “I should get Colin in here to eat. If not, Ash and Rider will eat it all before he can touch it.” I joked and Peter laughed before I went back to my room. I sat on the edge of the bed next to Colin and kissed his forehead, “Time to wake up.”
He took my hand that was closest to him in his before opening his eyes, “It was weird to wake up to find you and Noah both gone.”
“He had to go to school.”
“Right.” Colin replied in a yawn.
“Let’s get you some food,” I suggested before helping him out of bed and into the kitchen to see Rider and Ash watching their interview on T.V. along with Peter. I sat Colin at the table before grabbing him two waffles and syrup. I then sat across from him with my coffee, “Eat up.”
He started eating but looked up when Ash came over and sat next to me, “Your interview is in two hours right?”
I nodded, “Yea, Marsha said it would be around noon.”
He smiled before brushing some hair out of my face, “I wish we could be here to support you.”
I smiled back, “You are still acting like an adoring fan, Ash.”
He laughed, “What can I say, old habits die hard,” Ash looked across the table, “Colin, have you ever seen Noel’s modeling pictures?”
Colin set down his fork, “Austin showed me one picture a long time ago, but other than that, no.”
Ash got up and grabbed my photo albums. He brought them to Colin, “She was an amazing model. I actually became a model because I wanted to meet Noel since I was a huge fan.”
Colin flipped through the pictures with amazement, “I can’t believe you were in so many photo shoots,” He smiled as he stopped at a page, “Is this you with Ash and Rider?” He asked as he turned it towards us to show the picture taken for the cologne ad where Rider was a nerdish man I was hanging all over as Ash watched in jealousy, “Who would’ve guessed Rider could look so mature at such a young age!”
Rider hurried over and laughed at the picture, “I can’t believe you kept that, Noel!”
I smiled, “It was one of my favorite photo shoots.”
Peter stood, “Rider, Ash we need to get going.” He called and both of them unhappily got up and went to the front door, “See you two later.”
“Good luck with your interview, Noel!” All three yelled at the same time before shutting the door behind them.
“I should go get ready for the interview,” I said before standing, “Call me when you’re done eating and I will help you back to my room.”

When the doorbell rang I hurried to answer it to see a very happy looking woman, “Miss Noel! Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview!”
I smiled, “It is my pleasure. Please, come in,” I shut the door once the reporter and videographer came inside, “You’ll have to forgive me, my house is not very clean. It has just been very hectic lately.”
“It’s alright,” Marsha replied before going into my living room, “Will it be alright if we do the interview here?”
I nodded, “Sure.”
Marsha sat and gestured for me to sit across from her on another couch. The videographer started setting up, “So how this is going to work is, I’m going to ask you questions and all you have to do is answer to the best of your ability.”
I smiled, “I will do my best.”
The videographer held a thumb up to Marsha and she cleared her throat, “Thank you so much for having us in your home, Noel.”
“It is my pleasure, Marsha.”
She became very serious, “Just a re-cap for our viewers, and please correct me if I’m wrong, you were living with your adoptive father and manager Peter when you went missing two different times and an amber alert was sent out the second time. Then about a week later you went missing and pretty much disappeared. But suddenly you reappeared, after seven years, in the court case where your uncle was being prosecuted for murder and was convicted of killing your fiancée and parents. Could you please fill in the blanks for us?”
I nodded, “Where would you like me to start?”
“Could you explain what happened before you disappeared?”
I sighed and looked to the ground before looking back to Marsha, “Both times I went missing I was taken away by my uncle and he threatened to kill Peter if I did not follow his orders.”
“There were reports that you were abused both times?”
I nodded, “Yes, the first time my uncle gave me a few bruises and cuts along with cutting off all of my hair.”
“And the second time?”
I paused, “The second time he forced me to dye my hair, get piercings, and abused me more than the first time. He wanted to make it so I couldn’t model anymore.”
“So it is safe to assume your uncle used the same threat to get you to leave with him and disappear for seven years?”
I cleared my throat, “Well he also threatened to kill Rider Stevens and Ash Williams along with Peter.”
She nodded, “Now tell me, Noel, what happened in those seven years you were missing?”
“My uncle moved me to Pennsylvania where I lived with him for a few days before we moved into a house a few miles from here. I then started my senior year at the local school before being accepted into Harvard. My uncle bought me this house so that I was close to school but wouldn’t live with other people, and during my first year is when I met Austin.”
“I’ve been told you were also given tattoos during this time, could you please show us?”
I nodded before brushing my cover up off from over my stars under my eye, “There was first this one, then,” I lifted my shirt to show my hip, “this one, and then,” I lifted my ankle for her to see, “this one. A year later I was given a set of wings on my back, but they cannot be seen with the shirt I am wearing.”
“Thank you,” Marsha said, “How long was your relationship with Austin?”
“We dated for about eight months and then were engaged for about four months before he was killed.”
“I heard that you were also left a child by Austin.”
I nodded, “Yes, he was the legal guardian of his younger sister, Grace. She is now my adoptive daughter.”
“So you are now a parent?”
I smiled, “Yes, and I am the luckiest woman in the world. Grace is the sweetest child I have ever met and we get along better than anyone else.”
“Noel,” She stated very seriously, “Why did you wait so long to testify to the murder of your fiancée?”
I looked away from her but looked back as tears rimmed my eyes, “Because that was what Austin wanted,” I took a deep breath, “During our entire relationship he only wanted one thing from me; he wanted me to stand up and tell the world what my uncle had done to me. He wanted my uncle put away so that he could not hurt me anymore.”
“And what are your plans for the near future? Will you go back into modeling?”
I nodded, “I actually have my first photo shoot tomorrow. People magazine wants to do a spread on my modeling with Ash and Rider along with a few pictures of me with Grace.”
“Well thank you so much, Noel, and I hope to be able to meet with you soon!”
“Thank you for the opportunity, Marsha.” I replied happily before the videographer stopped recording and after a few minutes they both left.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 13 14 15

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