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Justice for Julie

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Chapter 1

Screams filled the room and I struggled to stay in control. The gun shot still rang in my head and the blood filled my vision. I couldn't let him get away. He murdered my sister and now I would murder him.
"What did you see," The man that had been chosen as my "personal counselor" asked me. I didn't need a counselor. I needed a gun, A gun and the man who killed my sister.
"Mr. Walburg, it doesn't matter! What matters is finding the man that killed my sister Julie.
"Sighing, Mr. Walburg leaned back in his chair in pure frustration, "Kala, if you want the FBI to find him then you must give me every detail you can remember," Mr. Walburg said.
I was starting to get the feeling that this man was not really a counselor, or maybe he was but worked for the FBI as well, because why else would I be in a small room with two chairs and a table with a camera pointed at me and a two-way mirror stretched across the back wall? So it was then I realized I must give this FBI counselor all of my memories. I had to let him in. I was pretty good at letting people into my mind. Ryan's face flashed across my mind. I pushed him out of my mind and brought back the memories of Julie.
"I heard my name. Someone was yelling Kala. I recognized the voice but didn't respond because I was still in bed, sleeping. Only when I heard a gun fire and screams from our apartment neighbors did I realize what was going on. I ran downstairs to the lobby and there she was, lying in a pool of blood," I said a tear sliding down my cheek.
"Details," Mr. Walburg murmured.
Eyes burning, heart hurting, I plunged myself back into the painful memories.
"I looked up and saw a man running, Pistol in his hand. He had a hood on and I only got a glimpse of his backside but he was wearing all black with black converse. He looked about six feet tall and weighed around 200 pounds but I bet it was mostly muscle weight.," I stopped and started crying.
Mr. Walburg was jotting things down on a sorry looking notepad. He looked up and gestured for me to continue.
Crying, I tried to remember every detail. "He had a tattoo on his neck. I saw it when his hood fell down. It was small. I couldn't tell what it was but I think it was black or dark brown. He moved too fast for me to see, but i saw his hair and it looked dark brown or black, i don’t know. I ran outside to try to pursue him but he ran really fast and his hood was back up. He never saw me," I broke down into tears.
“Thank you for your time," Mr. Wallburg said, then led me out of the room.
My mom drove me back home. I could have driven since I'm 18 but we can't afford another car. I had planned on going to college nearby with my boyfriend of 2 years, Ryan, but that all changed. As soon as I got home I went to the bathroom to clean up. I had to talk to Ryan. I threw on some makeup and walked to Ryan's house.
I rang the doorbell and he opened it. How was I going to explain this? He knew I had a sister but he'd never met her. She was away at collage while we were dating and had just come home for a visit. It's sad really. Julie didn't even get to finish collage. Mom was the one that insisted she visit for the summer, so mom probably took Julie's death as her fault.
"Do you want to come in?" Ryan's sexy husky voice snapped me back to the present.
"I can't go to university with you!" I blurted. "What! Why not," Ran asked.
"Someone shot my sister," I croaked.
"That's horrible," Ryan exclaimed and took me into his arms. I fought back tears.
"You can't let this ruin your future," Ryan murmurs.
"I will go to college somewhere else. I don't want the killer to get me, "I admitted.
"He won't, I'll make sure of that," Ryan growled. "I can't stay," I whispered.
"What about your mom?" Ryan whispered.
Then it suddenly came to me that he was right. I can't just unroll from university. Plus, who would make sure my mom was all right? I had to stay, not just for Ryan or Mom but for Julie. I had to catch and kill and bring him to justice. I had to get justice for Julie.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 9 Next »

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