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Just The Beginning

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Only The Beginning

Clark sped down the streets to reach the Swanson residence. The door was half open, and as he walked through, he put his hand over his mouth. Arthur Swanson’s body was lying on the ground, in a pool of blood, but his head wasn’t attached to the body, as Clark opened the door fully, a line of string attached to the doorknob pulled something from the balcony above tumbling down. Just as Clark looked up, he saw it was the head of Arthur Swanson. It hit him square in the face and tumbled away. It was still warm with life and the blood spilling out of the neck got all over Clark. He then heard the sound of splashing water coming from behind a door. As Clark approached the door, the splashing sound stopped. He opened the door and saw it led to the garage. He saw Jeremy on the ground, half alive, with legs that were bent inhumanly. His chest was soaked with water. Suddenly, Clark couldn’t breathe. He reached behind him and felt the knife in his back. He fell to the ground. Paul came into view, holding a red gas can. It wasn’t water that soaked Jeremy’s chest, it was gasoline. And now Paul finished it off on Clark.
“Well well, Clark, look how smart you turned out to be. I must say though I’m a little disappointed. I mean you leave the guy alone with me, even though your guess is that I’m the killer. That was the stupidest thing to possibly do, and leave it to you to do it!” Paul pulled out a cigar and a lighter. He stuck the cigar in his mouth and lit it. “You know Jeremy,” he puffed out the first few circles of smoke and walked towards Jeremy, moaning on the floor. “You really shouldn’t smoke. What do we always say down at the office, Clark?” He looked at Clark. The happiest look was on Paul’s look. He was enjoying murdering an innocent person. “Smoking kills.” With that, he tossed the cigar onto Jeremy’s chest.
“NO!” Clark yelled as the cigar instantly caught the fuel and Jeremy screamed as his body burst into flames.
“I’LL KILL YOU! YOU GAVE YOUR LIFE TO PEACE AND HONOR AND LOOK WHAT YOU’RE DOING!” Clark screamed as loud as he could with the knife in his back.
“You think I’m doing this ‘just because’? See, the world is falling apart with war and fighting. We need peace; we need to build a new empire.” Paul started pacing the room, and Clark tried to reach his gun, tucked in between his belt and jeans. “But in order for a new empire, we must first rid ourselves of the old and corrupt one. So yes, Clark, I did give my life to peace and honor by doing this. I will kill everyone on this godforsaken community, and then the world will hear of me. A nameless fear. And with that fear, I will gain followers. Anyway, it will be nice to watch you burn, Clark. Listen to Jeremy scream, its music to my ears!” He started laughing. His insane laugh that echoed throughout the garage and Clark’s head. “Goodbye, Clark!” He pulled out his lighter and ignited it, as he did so; Clark pulled out his gun and shot Paul Johnston in the chest. The lighter fell in a puddle of gas which led to Clark. He quickly got up and ran to the fire extinguisher. But the fire had caught his leg already and was spreading to the rest of his body. He sprayed the white foam on his leg and the puddle. Lastly, he hosed down Jeremy, who had stopped screaming, and stopped breathing. Clark couldn’t stand on his leg, it was badly burned. He called the police to come get him and the bodies.

“Well Clark, looks like you’ll be in a wheel chair until the burn heals. And honestly, it doesn’t look like that’s going to be anytime soon.”
“Thank you, doctor.” Clark was put into an ambulance.
“Well that psychopath is dead, looks like this whole thing’s over.” The man in the ambulance said reassuringly.
As Clark was drifting off to sleep from the medicine, he jumped. He looked down at his toes and saw a big hairy spider about the size of his open hand.
“Whoa!” The man opened the back doors and swatted the spider out of the car. “I hate those things.”
Clark drifted off to sleep, and he didn’t have any dreams, but he did remember hearing a faint voice…

“This isn’t the end, Clark, ITS ONLY THE BEGINNING!” Followed by insane, maniacal laughter.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6

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