The kidnapping of Samara- Book 2

August 30, 2011
By sumer44 GOLD, arvada, Colorado
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sumer44 GOLD, Arvada, Colorado
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Samara fell back to sleep. Jimmy went over to the glass and cleaned it up. He scooped it into a pile. A piece of glass stuck out, and Jimmy didn’t see it. He put his knees down on the ground, and let out a piercing shriek as the glass dug into his knee. Blood gushed down his leg and on the ground. Tears poured down his face. Samara was woken right away and hurried over to him. She saw the blood, and the glass stuck in his knee. The door opened, and the man grabbed her, and brought her out of the room to the black van. Light poured into the warehouse. She could see everything around her this time. Loose boards lay on the ground, broken bottles, and a couch sat in the middle of the concrete floor of the warehouse.
He then said “Get into the car and buckle up. If you run, I will kill you.”
A woman walked into the warehouse. She had spiked black hair, tattoos on her neck, and some kind of designed tattoo on her upper left arm. She wore a black dress.
“I’m glad you got here when you did, Kristi. Jimmy needs to go to the hospital,” the man said.
“Ohhh, that boy needs to be more careful. Why do you keep him Jack?” she said in an angry, low pitched voice.
“Can you watch her, make sure she doesn’t move?” the man said, avoiding her question.
Samara thought to herself, so his name is Jack.
“Fine. Hurry up then. I’ll come with you.” Kristi said annoyed.
Samara got into the van, and put her seat belt on. She was scared. Was Jimmy going to be all right? Will “Jack” get rid of him? Questions roamed her head. Jack walked away, and a couple minutes later came back with Jimmy. Jack sat Jimmy down next to Samara.
“Be useful, and hold this on his cut. Don’t push to hard; it will push the glass in deeper,” Jack said.
Jack and Kristi got in the front. Jack put a brown wig on, and Kristi drove. They pulled out of the warehouse. Then drove for 20 minutes, and came to Lutheran Hospital.
When they pulled in, Kristi said, “You, little girl, stay with me.”
She got out of the car, and Samara scrambled out to stay next to Kristi. Jack grabbed Jimmy, and they all walked up to the front doors of the hospital. Jimmy was having a hard time breathing by now. He was scared. He took out an asthma inhaler from his pocket, and put it to his mouth, pushed down, and breathed in. Then he put it back in his pocket. Tears burned his eyes by now. A nurse hurried over with a wheel chair. Jack put Jimmy in the wheel chair, then followed the nurse to a room. They sat Jimmy on the bed that was in the room. He kept quiet. The nurse looked Chinese. She had very short dark hair and brown eyes.
“What happened here,” The nurse asked?
“He dropped down on his knees, and there was a broken piece of glass.” Kristi said.
“Ouch, we will get you all fixed up,” the nurse said.
The nurse cleaned the cut and got the glass out. They gave him something for the pain during the procedure. Once they were done, everyone left for a couple of minutes. Jack grabbed Jimmy, and Kristi and Samara followed. They ran down the hallway, around the corner, and out the front doors. People were yelling behind them. They hurried to the car and jumped in. Throwing Samara and Jimmy in the back, they sped away. Security and nurses came running out of the hospital.
Twenty minutes later, they came to a stop at a gas station. Kristi got gas, and Jack hurried into the gas station to get something to eat. Jack came running out and told Kristi to get in the car.
“Does it hurt?” Samara whispered to Jimmy.
He nodded his head. She didn’t say anything as Kristi jumped in the car, and hurried into the driver’s seat. They pulled away.
“What is going on?” Kristi asked
“They know I have Samara, and they are looking for me. They put my identity out, and explained what I look like on the news. We need to leave the city,” he said.
“I thought they gave up on Jimmy,” she asked?
“Apparently not. That’s what caused them to look for me. Now they know we were at the hospital with a boy and girl, all because of Jimmy,” he said angrily.

“When were they there,” Officer Greene asked the lady on the phone?
“About two hours ago. A boy had a chunk of glass in his knee, and a girl was with them. They ran out of the hospital and sped away,” the nurse on the other end said.
“Ok, I’ll be there in a couple minutes,” Officer Greene said, and then hung up.
Officer Greene then called Sarah.
“Hello Sarah, this is Officer Greene, I have some news to tell you. A man and a woman walked into the hospital today with a girl and a boy. The boy had a chunk of glass in his knee. Anyways, we believe that it was Samara, Jimmy, and the kidnapper. We don’t know who the woman was. Can you meet me at the hospital?”
“Actually, I’m here right now,” Sarah said.
“Ok, I’ll be there in five minutes,” Officer Greene said.
Sarah hung up the phone. Sarah couldn’t believe this; they’ve found her and then lost her. Once Officer Greene got to the hospital, he and Officer Harper showed Sarah the security video, from two and a half hours ago.
“That’s Samara,” Sarah said. “Can Becky come and see this?”
“Yes, I will have someone go get her for you,” Officer Harper replied, and then she grabbed her radio, and asked a man to go get Becky.
Betty sat there stunned at what she saw. Sarah was sitting next to her crying. Betty’s heart hammered.
“At least we know she is ok right now,” Officer Greene said.
“Yes, but we still don’t have her,” Betty snapped.
“We are doing what we can,” he said softly.
An hour later, Betty was back in her hospital bed, and Sarah was sitting next to her.
“It’s all my fault. I should have been awake and watching her,” Betty said quietly.
“No it’s not. It was mine, what kind of mother leaves there child home without making sure someone is awake to watch her,” Sarah said?
“One who thought there mother was awake. You are a wonderful mother. Samara loves you and I do too,” Betty answered.
“Thanks mother. I love you too,” Sarah said smiling.
Sarah stood up and hugged her mother.
“We will find her. I have faith,” Sarah added.

Kristi turned toward Jimmy and yelled, “You worthless child, look what you have done. Be more careful! Got it? If we get caught you will die.”
Samara was scared. She didn’t want them to kill Jimmy.
“Please don’t hurt him, he didn’t mean to. He’ll be more careful. He’s sorry, right Jimmy? Tell them you’re sorry,” Samara said in a panic.
“Yes, I’m sorry. Please don’t hurt me,” Jimmy agreed.
“Be quiet. No one wants to hear your filthy lies,” Jack snapped.
Samara and Jimmy flinched at that. They decided to stay quiet. Jack drove and drove and drove. It seemed like forever until they stopped. They were pulling on to a dirt road. The road led to a trailer. Thought’s begun to race through Samaras head. Was this the place Jimmy was talking about? Was this the same trailer he was talking about? It was almost as if Jimmy read her mind, because when she looked at him he gave a nod.
“Out of the car, and stand next to the door of the trailer,” Jack yelled at Samara and Jimmy. Samara got out and was helping Jack, when Kristi grabbed her by the back of her shirt and threw her toward the trailer door.
“He can get out himself. Do what your told,” Kristi snapped!
“I’m sorry,” she murmured, then hurried to the trailer door.
“Kristi don’t. She is mine,” Jack growled.
“What ever, she’s not your daughter, when will you understand that,” Kristi replied?
“That is none of your business. Take care of your self,” he said!
“No, you are going to get caught because of them. Talk to me, why do you want them,” she asked?
“Kristi…… Fine she reminds me of my daughter. He is here because he needs to pay back his dept for my daughter,” he shouted.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know,” Kristi said, with remorse in her voice.
“Maybe next time you’ll worry about your self,” Jack hollered while walking toward Samara and Jimmy.
He took out some keys and opened the trailer door. Jimmy knew what was going to happen. Jimmy started to the closet.
Jack said “Did I tell you to go there?”
“No, I just figured…” he started to say.
“Then don’t just figure,” Jack shouted.
“Go take a shower. Don’t get your leg wet, just use a wash cloth to clean that leg,” he said.
“Samara come with me. Kristi watch and make sure he doesn’t leave that bathroom,” he said, while pointing at Jimmy.
Jack brought Samara to a closet. He opened up the door. Then he grabbed the floor and picked it up. It went straight outside. The trailer was parked over a flat wooden door. He grabbed a rope and pulled. This opened the door. There was stairs that went down into a room. Samara walked in and went as far away from him as she could. She switched the light portable lantern on.
“If you make noise you’ll wish you hadn’t,” he told her.
He dropped the door, and then pounded a metal hook into the ground to hold the rope down so the door couldn’t open.
Right away Samara went searching around. This was a 14 by 14 foot room. The walls were dirt. There were two mattresses, and a bucket at the other end of the room. The room smelled musty, but mostly like dirt. There were a couple of cloths on the ground. There was also a lunch bag on both of the mattresses. She went over to one of the mattresses and sat down on it. It was dirty. She sat there wondering what her mother and grandmother was doing, and if they were looking for her. She opened the bag, and inside was a sandwich and an apple. At the bottom was a lollipop. She started to eat. She was starving. When she was done, she still felt hungry.
A half hour later, she heard someone opening the door. When she saw Jimmy, she felt a little better. He didn’t look hurt. He came down into the room, and sat on the other mattress, and Jack closed the door. He opened his bag and had the same things. He ate everything.
“Are you ok,” Samara asked?
“Yeah, my leg hurts though,” Jimmy answered.
“Where are we,” she asked?
“I don’t know. I think we’re in Colorado Springs,” he said. The added, “I think I saw a Dillard’s mall I went to, and it’s in Colorado Springs.”
“Well, we should get some sleep. One of us should stay awake and the other sleeps. We can take turns,” Samara said.
“Great idea, I’ll start first shift. You need the sleep more than I do,” Jimmy replied.
“Are you sure,” Samara asked?
“Yeah, go ahead,” Jimmy said.
Samara curled up in a ball, on the mattress. She shivered from the cold. It had been warmer at the ware house. Her stomach hurt. Maybe it was the food. When Samara finally fell asleep, Jimmy stood up and passed around the dirt room. He noticed holes in the door. He walked up the stairs and looked into one of the holes. He heard the van start, but he couldn’t see anything but the trailer. He wondered where they were going, and if they were leaving them to die.

“Are you sure you want to do this? You’re all over the TV,” Kristi said.
“Why are you questioning me,” Jack snapped?
“I’m just worried. What if we get caught or those kids get out,” Kristi replied?
“They’re fine. I just want to go get some things from the warehouse,” Jack said.
“Ok, we better hurry though. I have somewhere to be tonight,” she said happily.
“And I care why,” Jack asked?
“Because you need me. If you don’t play into my plans, I’ll leave,” Kristi answered.
“Fine, I’ll hurry,” he said.
Jack sped up a little. He got onto the highway. While driving, he realized what time it was. It was Saturday at 6:30pm. Samara had been missing for five days now. He spaced out, and started thinking about his daughter and how alike she was to Samara. He took out a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey from the side of the door.
“Jack……Jack……Jack…” Kristi yelled.
“What,” Jack said while shacking his head?
“Look,” she continued yelling!
Jack looked in his rear view mirror. A cop had pulled up behind him.
“Great,” he yelled.
He sped up and started swerving around cars. Both Kristi and Jack’s hearts were beating fast. Kristi was shaking.
“They’ve got us. What are we going to do,” Kristi panicked?
“Calm down. They don’t have us. We will get away,” Jack implied.
He looked back into his rear view mirror, and now there was two cop cars following.
“I thought you stopped drinking,” she asked?
“I did. But I started again,” he answered while taking a drink.
“What ever. It’s not my life,” she said!
“You’re right. It’s not,” he said.
“Hurry up,” Kristi yelled. Then added, “They’re gaining on us. There are more cops following now.”
“I know. I’m trying. We are getting off the high way at the next exit,” Jack said.
At the next exit, Jack got off the high way. He took a drink. He was coming up to an intersection. A truck pulled across the street, but it was too late. Jack hit the breaks. The van went straight into the truck.
They both went flying from there seats. Kristi went soaring through the windshield. She was lying on the concrete, and Jack was sitting in the van. Blood was everywhere. His bottle of whiskey flew from his hand and on to the floor when the van hit the truck. Cops were pulling around the accident. Jack could hear the sirens of an ambulance, and cop cars. A helicopter was over head flashing a light down on the accident. Jack passed out then.
The cops went toward the van. Guns loaded just in case. A couple of the cops hurried over to the guy in the truck. He was fine.
“You got a strong truck. You’re lucky. We’re going to check you out still, just in case. This Pedi medic is going to take you to the hospital, ok,” the officer asked?
“Ok,” the truck driver yelled over the noise.
The Pedi medics got to Kristi. One of them was a newbie. She checked Kristi’s pulse. She was having a hard time finding it.
“Here get out the way. I’ll do it. You obviously don’t know what you are doing,” the other Pedi medic snapped.
“Sorry,” she said.
He leaned over and put his two fingers own her neck.
“No pulse, she is gone,” he said.
Other Pedi medics were over trying to get to Jack. One of them checked his pulse.
“We have a pulse. He’s just knocked out from the crash,” she said quickly.
“He’s been drinking,” one of them said while picking the whiskey bottle up.
“Hey isn’t this the guy who that your looking for, Jackson I think,” a Pedi medic asked one of the police officers?
“Sure is, wow. Get him out of there. I’m going to go call Officer Greene.” The officer said.
The officer walked away and called Officer Greene. While he did that, they loaded Jack on a stretcher.
“Hello. This is Officer Greene from the Arvada police department,” Officer Greene said.
“Hello, this is Officer Randy, we have Jackson. Turn the news on,” he said
Officer Greene turned the news on. He watched what happened. Then he saw them loading Jackson up into the ambulance.
“What hospital are they taking him to,” Officer Greene asked?
“Penrose Saint Francis Health Center,” Officer Randy answered.
“Were the kids with them,” he asked?
“No,” Officer Randy said.
“Ok, thanks. I’m on my way to Penrose Saint Francis Health Center. Bye,” Officer Greene said than hung up the phone.
He grabbed his keys and walked out of his office.

While walking out, he told Officer Harper, “Jackson is at Penrose Saint Francis Health Center. Let’s go,”
On the way, he explained what he was told, and saw. Then he called Betty and Sarah and told them. We will let you come when we have found your child. When they arrived, they went straight over to Jack’s room. When they walked in Jack had just been informed that Kristi had died in the car accident. He was crying. They had handcuffed him to his bed. This was just precaution in case he decided to run again. He was lucky. He had a couple stitches and bruises. He also had broken his nose when he hit the steering wheel. He was going to prison tonight.
“Jackson Miller, where have you been? We have been looking for you,” Officer Greene said.
“I go by Jack, not Jackson,” Jack snapped.
“Ok Jack. So where are the kids,” Officer Harper asks?
“What kids,” he says?
“Samara and Jimmy,” Officer Greene answered.
“Oh. Right. They are at there new home,” he snickered.
“Where is that,” Officer Harper asked?
“Why should I tell you? What’s in it for me,” he asked?
“Twenty years in federal prison,” Officer Greene said.
“I’ll think about it,” he said.
“Fifteen years in federal prison. The deal is off if you lie to us. Take it or leave it,” Officer Greene said!
“Fine they are at a warehouse. On 2501 Cluster Street 50004,” he said.
Officer Harper left the room to call back up for when they went to get the children. Officer Greene looked at him. He was trying to get jello into his mouth. The handcuffs didn’t reach that far so he couldn’t make it to his mouth.
Officer Greene left with a, “Enjoy it while you can.”
They called Sarah and Betty. They were going to hurry over to the warehouse. When they got to the warehouse, they took out there guns. They moved slowly, not sure what to expect. They went into the warehouse. They went from room to room. Once every room was announced clear, they searched around for Samara and Jimmy.
“I think I found a hidden room,” an Officer yelled.
When they got the door opened they looked in. Officer Harper walked in and looked around the room. She wore a look of disgust on her face. Then she bent down at Samara’s things in the corner of the room.
“I think they were here at some point but there not now,” she said while showing some of Samaras things.
“He tricked us,” Officer Greene said.
Officer Harper grabbed Samaras things then walked out of the room. Once Sarah and Betty got there, they were devastated. They sat there holding her things.

“Samara, it’s your turn,” Jimmy said.
“Ok, I’m awake. Did anything happen,” Samara asked?
“Yeah, they left,” he said quietly.
“What? They wouldn’t leave us here. They will be back right,” she asked?
She had panic in her voice. She turned away, hoping she was right. She closed her eyes and a tear ran down her dirty cheek. She hunched over and started to cry. She was scared. Jimmy walked over and sat next to her. She leaned on him. He tried to stay brave.
“You are so brave Jimmy,” Samara said.
“You think. Thanks. You are too,” he replied.
“Not like you. Thanks,” she said.
“We need to get out of here,” Jimmy said.
“I know, but how do we get out,” she asked?
“I have an idea. Maybe if we slam into it, it will open,” he said.
They went to the top of the stairs and slammed and kicked and pushed until Samara let out a scream. Jimmy looked at her wondering why she was screaming. She grabbed her arm and cried then screamed some more.
“What’s wrong,” he asked quickly?
“My arm hurts badly,” she cried out!
“Let me look at it,” he said.
He looked at it. Her wrist and hand had swollen. The inside of her palm turned black.
“I think you broke your wrist,” he said.
“It hurts,” she screamed.
Jimmy looked around for a stick. Luckily there was a piece of wood by one of the mattresses. He grabbed it and a long cloth.
“Let me wrap it,” he said.
Samara was doubled over in pain. Jimmy grabbed her arm and put it on to the wood. Then he wrapped the long piece of cloth and wrapped around it. He tied it but made sure it wasn’t too tight. Samara continued to cry. The pain was excruciating with even the slightest movement. She sat on the mattress and cried. Jimmy went back to the door. He lay on his back and kicked and pushed with his legs on the door. It started to loosen up. He continued until the hook on the other side loosened. The door flew open, but was stopped because of the trailer. There was only enough room to look out. It was dark outside. The lantern flickered.
“I got the door open, but it isn’t wide enough to get out,” Jimmy said.
“Great,” Samara said sniffling.
“How does it feel,” he asked pointing to her hand?
“It hurts still. The wood helps it from bending so it doesn’t hurt as much,” she said. Then she added, “Thanks.”
“You’re welcome,” he replied.
“You should get some sleep,” she told him.
“Are you sure? What if they come back,” he asked?
“I’ll wake you up,” she insisted.
“No, I’m not that tired. You go to sleep if you’re tired,” he said.
“I can’t sleep. My hand hurts to bad,” she replied.
“Then I guess we’re not going to sleep,” he said.
They both sat on their mattresses. Samara thought about what would happen now. And Jimmy thought about his father. He looked at his watch. It was missing. He stood up as fast as bullet.
“Where did my watch go,” he yelled?
“I don’t know. Isn’t it on your wrist,” Samara asked?
“No, it’s gone,” he said. Then he remembered and said quietly, “Oh no….. I left it in the bathroom when I showered.”
Samara didn’t speak. She felt bad for him.

“We have to get it back,” he said.
“How are you going to do that,” she asked?
“I’m not sure,” he answered honestly!
“We will have to wait until someone finds us then,” Samara said.
Jimmy knew Samara was right. Whether he liked it or not, there was no way to get out of the room. The door wasn’t open wide enough for him to get out. He couldn’t believe himself. He sunk back to the mattress. His heart was broken.

Officer Greene and Officer Harper went straight back to the hospital. They went back into Jack’s room. When they entered, Jack started to laugh.
“They weren’t there. You’ll be in prison longer than 15 years now,” Officer Greene said.
“Do you think I care,” Jack asked?
“You should. I’ll give you another chance. 25 years in prison, if you tell us where they are. You will come with us and bring us to them,” Officer Harper loudly pronounced!
“Fine, I’ll take it,” jack announced.
They left the room for a second to call back up to follow them.
“Be aware that he will try to escape,” Officer Greene said.
Then they walked back in un cuffed him from the bed. Then they helped him stand up, and led him to the bathroom. He changed into some cloths, then they re cuffed his hands behind his back. They walked out of the hospital doors, ten minutes later. Or Officer Greene put him in the back of the police car than got into the front. Officer Harper got in two minutes later with some blankets for the kids. If Jack leads them to the actual place!
“They are at my trailer. It will take twenty five minutes to get there. What time is it,” Jack asked?
“Almost 8:30,” Officer Harper said. Then she added, “It shouldn’t take as much time because we have our sirens on. We are going faster.”
Jack didn’t say anything else. He was thinking about escaping. He didn’t care about the kids. They continued down the highway until they got off. They drove down to the dirt road. When they saw the trailer, they radioed the other police. They circled the trailer. Red and blue lights shone everywhere.
“I need someone to contact Sarah and Betty. Get them over to the hospital,” Officer Harper said into her radio.
They got out of the car and locked the car doors. Jack tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t open. There wasn’t any lock in the back to unlock it. He had no where to go. Police ran around the house. They had their guns raised. One of the police officers slammed the trailer door open. Three other police officers went in and searched.
Samara and Jimmy heard all the noise out side. They crawled up the dirt stairs. Samara was holding her hurt hand. Pain flew through her arm as she tried to open the door.
She started to cry immediately then screamed. “Ouch.”
“Are you ok? Let me open it up,” he said.
Samara just shook her head up and down, agreeing with him. Jimmy opened the door as far as it would go. When they saw the red and blue flashing lights they started screaming help.
“I hear them. Where are they,” an officer asked?
“Can you tell us where you are,” Officer Greene yelled?
Jimmy yelled, “Look under the trailer!”
Officer’s dropped to the ground. They saw a door cracked open.
“We’re going to get you out,” Officer Greene yelled back to them!
“The closet floor comes up in the trailer,” Jimmy yelled.
Officers were running back into the trailer. Two minutes later, they found the closet door and picked the floor up. Jimmy threw the door open. The officer grabbed the door before it came back down on him. An officer helped him up. Jimmy was taken into the trailer and out the front door. Samara came into view. The officer saw her hand and was very careful helping her into the trailer. Once inside, they brought her out the front. An ambulance had pulled near the trailer. Jimmy was holding his watch. They had let him grab it. Samara was taken to the ambulance with Jimmy. They were both taken to the hospital. Before the Pedi medics closed the doors, Jimmy saw Jack in the police car. Then the police car pulled away. He was off to prison.

They arrived at the hospital, and they brought Samara and Jimmy into the hospital.
Samara asked, “Can we be in the same room?”
“Sure,” a nurse said.
Samara and Jimmy were sat on beds, and cleaned them up. A nurse gave them both something to help with the pain. They cleaned Jimmy’s knee up and cased up Samara’s arm. She had broken her wrist.
“Where are you going to go? You said your father is dead, and your mother left,” Samara asked Jimmy.
“I don’t know. I was just thinking about that,” Jimmy answered.
A police officer was standing outside of their room. Thirty minutes later, Sarah and Betty came running into the room. Tears streamed out of Sarah and Betty’s eyes. Once Samara saw them she jumped out of the bed and ran to them. She jumped into Sarah’s arms. Sarah hugged her tight. Betty wrapped her arms around Sarah and Samara.
“I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry I left. I’ll never do it again. I promise you,” Samara cried.
“It’s ok honey. You’re here and that’s what matters. I love you so much. I was so scared,” Sarah said.
Betty just cried and cried. She could speak yet. She continued to softly say I love you. Sarah sat Samara down and looked across the room, still holding onto her. Jimmy sat there watching them.
“Are you Jimmy,” Sarah asked?
“Yes,” he said.
“I’m Sarah. I’m Samara’s mom. This is here grandmother, Betty. Where are your parents,” Sarah asked?
“Jack killed him two years ago. My mother left me when I was little,” he said while a tear ran down his cheek.
“Come over here. You could use a hug,” Becky choked out.
Jimmy smiled and jumped up. He ran over as if they were his family. He hugged Betty, and then Sarah and Samara jumped into the hug. Officer Greene walked into the room a minute later.
“Hello, Samara and Jimmy. I’m Officer Greene,” Officer Greene said.
“Hello,” they said at the same time.
“Jimmy, what do you know about your mother,” Officer Greene said?
“She left when I was a baby. I lived on the streets with my father. She never tried to contact us either,” he said.
“Ok. Well, let me tell you what I know. You were eight months old when your father found out your mother and father got into a fight. Your mother never left you. Your father took you and left. She tried to find him. You were three when she saw you and him. She walked over to him and asked him to come back. He said no, and you guys left. She has been looking for you since then,” Officer Greene said.
“Why did my father never tell me this,” he asked?
“He didn’t want you to know,” Officer Greene said.
“So do you know where she is,” he asked?
“Actually, she is here. She is waiting to see you. You are going to go live with her,” Officer Greene answered.
“Ok,” was all Jimmy could say.
“Teresa, you may come in now,” Officer Greene loudly said.
When she walked in she had the biggest smile on her face. She had long dark curly hair that went down her back. She had brown eyes and had the prettiest face Jimmy had ever seen. He started to cry and ran to her. She was glad he did, and hugged him.
“It’s time to go home,” Teresa said.
“Ok,” Jimmy said.
Sarah, Betty, and Samara followed Jimmy and his mother out. When they walked out of the hospital, Jimmy and Samara said goodbye. Samara gave him her phone number, and then they walked opposite directions. Samara was glad she was going home, and decided to never disobey her mother.

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