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The kidnapping of Samara- Book 2

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Chapter 1:

Samara fell back to sleep. Jimmy went over to the glass and cleaned it up. He scooped it into a pile. A piece of glass stuck out, and Jimmy didn’t see it. He put his knees down on the ground, and let out a piercing shriek as the glass dug into his knee. Blood gushed down his leg and on the ground. Tears poured down his face. Samara was woken right away and hurried over to him. She saw the blood, and the glass stuck in his knee. The door opened, and the man grabbed her, and brought her out of the room to the black van. Light poured into the warehouse. She could see everything around her this time. Loose boards lay on the ground, broken bottles, and a couch sat in the middle of the concrete floor of the warehouse.
He then said “Get into the car and buckle up. If you run, I will kill you.”
A woman walked into the warehouse. She had spiked black hair, tattoos on her neck, and some kind of designed tattoo on her upper left arm. She wore a black dress.
“I’m glad you got here when you did, Kristi. Jimmy needs to go to the hospital,” the man said.
“Ohhh, that boy needs to be more careful. Why do you keep him Jack?” she said in an angry, low pitched voice.
“Can you watch her, make sure she doesn’t move?” the man said, avoiding her question.
Samara thought to herself, so his name is Jack.
“Fine. Hurry up then. I’ll come with you.” Kristi said annoyed.
Samara got into the van, and put her seat belt on. She was scared. Was Jimmy going to be all right? Will “Jack” get rid of him? Questions roamed her head. Jack walked away, and a couple minutes later came back with Jimmy. Jack sat Jimmy down next to Samara.
“Be useful, and hold this on his cut. Don’t push to hard; it will push the glass in deeper,” Jack said.
Jack and Kristi got in the front. Jack put a brown wig on, and Kristi drove. They pulled out of the warehouse. Then drove for 20 minutes, and came to Lutheran Hospital.
When they pulled in, Kristi said, “You, little girl, stay with me.”
She got out of the car, and Samara scrambled out to stay next to Kristi. Jack grabbed Jimmy, and they all walked up to the front doors of the hospital. Jimmy was having a hard time breathing by now. He was scared. He took out an asthma inhaler from his pocket, and put it to his mouth, pushed down, and breathed in. Then he put it back in his pocket. Tears burned his eyes by now. A nurse hurried over with a wheel chair. Jack put Jimmy in the wheel chair, then followed the nurse to a room. They sat Jimmy on the bed that was in the room. He kept quiet. The nurse looked Chinese. She had very short dark hair and brown eyes.
“What happened here,” The nurse asked?
“He dropped down on his knees, and there was a broken piece of glass.” Kristi said.
“Ouch, we will get you all fixed up,” the nurse said.
The nurse cleaned the cut and got the glass out. They gave him something for the pain during the procedure. Once they were done, everyone left for a couple of minutes. Jack grabbed Jimmy, and Kristi and Samara followed. They ran down the hallway, around the corner, and out the front doors. People were yelling behind them. They hurried to the car and jumped in. Throwing Samara and Jimmy in the back, they sped away. Security and nurses came running out of the hospital.
Twenty minutes later, they came to a stop at a gas station. Kristi got gas, and Jack hurried into the gas station to get something to eat. Jack came running out and told Kristi to get in the car.
“Does it hurt?” Samara whispered to Jimmy.
He nodded his head. She didn’t say anything as Kristi jumped in the car, and hurried into the driver’s seat. They pulled away.
“What is going on?” Kristi asked
“They know I have Samara, and they are looking for me. They put my identity out, and explained what I look like on the news. We need to leave the city,” he said.
“I thought they gave up on Jimmy,” she asked?
“Apparently not. That’s what caused them to look for me. Now they know we were at the hospital with a boy and girl, all because of Jimmy,” he said angrily.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 8 Next »

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