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Erin's Nightmare

July 21, 2011
By ErinJ BRONZE, Dorchester, New Jersey
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ErinJ BRONZE, Dorchester, New Jersey
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Author's note: As I wrote this story I loved it, but the twist ending just ties the whole thing together.

Sweat running down my face as I flung up in my bed, I dreamt of dad again. Always the same dream, dad and I in the car laughing and singing along to our favorite song. I look at his blue eyes and short brown hair, he's wearing a grey shirt and his normal jeans and work boots. He was handsome, no movie star but he wasn't ugly. Suddenly a little girl in a red dotted dress runs in front of the car, "Look out!" I scream and dad swerves narrowly avoid the girl. We crash into a tree and I look over at dad and his head is bleeding "Erin," he barely manages to say "I love you baby girl." And then he dies every time no matter how hard I try to save him. I get out of the car to check on the little girl, she looks fine "Are you okay sweetie?" I ask just as I did when it really happened. She shook her head yes, "What's your name? Where do you live?" She looked up at me with big brown eyes and says "My name's Holly" Then I wake up sweaty and scared, feeling alone.
I laid in bed and cried until finally the sun came up, and my alarm clock went off. Pull it together, I told myself, your fifteen for Christ sake, it's almost time for school. So I got up and got dressed, brushed my teeth and hair, ate some cereal. Then got on the bus and sat in the last seat and then a few minutes later my boyfriend Seamus Marshall got on the bus and sat next to me. He put his arm around my waist and kissed my cheek and as always I blushed, we've been dating a year now and I still blush. I looked over at his beautiful grey-blue eyes partially covered by his straight shiny black hair. The bus stopped soon after and as we got off Seamus moved my black choppy layered hair from my face and kissed me. We walked off together and he walked me to homeroom and then went to class. Mrs. Johnson took attendance and then we started Math. After I went to my next class, AP Biology and English, Lunch, History, and then Gym.
The day went normally, I was walking back to my bus and Ashlynn stopped in front of me. "What do you want?" I asked. She flipped her blond hair and winked at George McCreedy as he walked by looking at her breast. She glared at me and said, "Look Erin, I know you don't like me" I laughed, "And your just figuring this out? Wow, your stupider than I thought." She smirked, "Well Erin, I just wanted you to know that I think Seamus is pretty hot, I think I'll steal him." I looked seriously at her "I suggest that you don't even try. It'll be useless and painful on your part and not mentally." She opened her mouth to say something but I just pushed her out of my way and got on my bus.
When I got on the bus Seamus wasn't on so I sat alone and listened to my Ipod until I got home. I walked up to my room to be alone and when I sat down to do my biology homework when my phone went off, it was my "friend" Mia. She can be nice sometimes but she's a b**** lately to frank. She said Heyyy wanna hang out later??? I sighed, I don't have anything better to do so I answered Sure ill come over at 4. I finished my biology homework and ran down stair and said to my mom "Going to Mia's!" and ran out the door before she could say no. I hopped on my bike and went down to Mia's.
I knocked and walked in, I've been here so many times I was like family and I still am to her parents. Mia has changed, to be honest she's been a b**** lately but I guess it'll only be for a little while, maybe some thing's wrong. I went into her room and she was sitting on her bed, her beautiful brown curls laying on her shoulders and her big brown eyes looked up at me as she said "Hi Erin!" She was beautiful I have to admit, "Hey Mia, what's up?" I asked. She grinned, "Nick Welson, that's what's up." I looked at her questioningly, "Isn't he dating someone?" She looked happily at me with a crooked grin "Not for long". I didn't even want to know, so I didn't ask. The rest of the night we talked like all teenage girls do. She went over to her closet and pulled out a shirt from her closet "Look what I got!" I looked at the shirt that looked identical to the one I have had in my closet for years but hated "I have that same shirt" I said. She looked at me and then the shirt and said "Oh, I don't think I like it anymore..." I looked angrily at her and said "Excuse me?" She looked at me and said "Well Erin, you don't exactly dress in style. Your more like goth or emo." "And there's something wrong with that?" She just stood there for a moment and said "I think you should leave if your gonna be a b**** about things." I just walked out and pedalled home. The worst part is that tomorrow she'll act like nothing happened and I'll just go with it.

I went through the door and ran up into my room and laid down on my bed and plugged my ear phones into my Ipod and played some music while I fell asleep slowly. When I woke up the next morning it was seven so I had plenty of time. I lounged around, had some cereal, and got dressed. Brushed my teeth and hair and got my school work together and walked out the door and waited for the bus. I got on and Seamus wasn't there again so I did what I always do, put my earphones in and got off the bus to go to class. I went through my day normally and Ashlynn didn't bother me. I decided to walk home today, it was nice out.

"Hey Erin, wait up!" Mia yelled after me as I began to walk home. So I stopped and waited hoping I wouldn't have to hear about some story about Nick Welson again. She ran up with her brown eyes wider then I've ever seen them as her curly brown hair bounced up and down. "Oh my God, guess what?!" she practically screamed at me. Well, there goes all hope of that, I wish I took the bus. So I sighed and replied "What?", as if I cared. She jumped up and down and spun while telling me about how Nick had been "totally flirting". I wish I was home, or anywhere but here. "I'm happy for you, did he ask you out?" I asked. She frowned then quickly made herself smile and said "Well no, but I think he's going to." I once again sighed and said "Good for you". She looked pissed, "God Erin, what's your problem. I realize your probably jealous but there's no need to be a b**** about it!" she hissed at me. I was angry now, "I am far from jealous and it's obvious he's not into you and even if he is it's because your a major whore!" I saw the hurt in her eyes but she wouldn't let it show anywhere else as she screamed inches from my face "Well If you going to be rude then I guess we aren't friends anymore!" I shoved her as I yelled "Get the hell out of my face!"She got closer knowing it would piss me off, I had had enough. I drew my fist back and hit her so hard I swear I broke her jaw. She fell to the ground crying but I didn't care, I walked home as if all I did was say good-bye.

I walked in the door and my mom screamed "Why are you so late?". I wasn't going to lie to her, I knew she would find out when either the police or Mia's mom came to my house. So with yet another sigh I replied, "I think I broke Mia's jaw." I expected her to freak out and scream but instead she smiled and said "'Bout time" That caught me by surprise, for the first time since dad died instead of being cruel and rude to me my mother was nice, for something bad. I walked up to my room and started on my biology homework. I hated taking advanced classes, I got all A's anyway but it was so much work. I heard sirens in the distance and figured they were for me. But as I looked out the window they passed right by my house.

I ran downstairs and yelled as I ran out the door "I'm going to see what's going on!" I hopped on my bike and followed the noise of the sirens. When I finally got there I saw an ambulance and knew it wasn't good.I looked into the open door of the house I knew was Brian Sipons, it wasn't until I saw the blood splattered on the walls and the puddle of blood that I realized what was going on. The police were bring out a stretcher with Brian on it, coughing up blood. He was mutilated, his stomach was torn open and I could see his organs. The fact that he was still alive was a mystery, he grabbed me and said to me "Erin, why...."and that was it, I fell to my knees and cried as they put him in the ambulance. It was no use, they could shock him or give him mouth to mouth all they wanted but that wasn't going to change anything.

My mom pulled up in the car and asked what was going on but all I did was cry, that's all I could do. "You should have seen his body.... should've seen it...." I layed in the back seat as she drove me home. By the time we got there I was calm again, so I explained to my mom what happened when my step dad George, walked through the door. "I just saw Mia's mom. What the hell did you do?!" I knew this was coming, I timidly answered "I hit her". He came up to me and slapped me across the face just a he had done a million times before except this time it was harder, much harder. I could taste the blood in my mouth. I felt tears welling in my eyes but refused to let him see me cry so I ran up the stairs into my room. Just hours ago I had wanted to be home but now I just wish I was gone. I layed my head down on my pillow and let myself drift off into a world of dreams, or should I say nightmares. All I could see was Brian's face just before he died.

I awoke to the beeping of my alarm clock and I lazily hit off and got out of bed. I put on my favorite Asking Alexandria t-shirt and my jeans with my normal high-tops. Then I went downstairs to eat my cereal and just after I put my bowl in the sink the bus pulled up. I got on and didn't see Mia anywhere. I sat in the empty seat in the back and started listening to my I-pod. Seamus got on the bus and sat next to me and said "Hey babe, what's up?" I lied and said "Nothing, I told you, I hate it when you call me babe." He looked at me sheepishly and said "Sorry" We held hands on the way to school but when the bus stopped I quickly got off trying to avoid people questioning me about punching Mia or anything involving Brian Sipons. I got my books out of my locker and hurried to homeroom. Everyone came in and Mrs. Johnson took attendance. Then an announcement to turn on the T.Vs came over the loud speaker so Stacy Fisher turned it on and our principle looked as if she had been crying as she began to speak, "I have some awful news," now tears began to run down her cheeks "Brian Sipons, your fellow classmate has died. They believe he was murdered. Because of this tragic news all after school activities have been canceled. The police have asked that if you know anything about who could have, or would have done something like this to Brian." She lost her control and burst into tears and loudly let out a cry. Mr. Feeni, our disciplinary teacher took over, "That is all, if anyone has trouble getting through the day or need to talk about it can come see me. Anyone in the school would be happy to help." I could tell Robert Turner didn't know because he immediately started crying and ran out of the room. Although I had seen his dead body I still took it better than most. As I walked through the halls almost every time I saw someone crying and people trying there best to console them even though it was all they could do not to burst into tears themselves. Brian was a popular guy, alot of people knew him and were friends with him. Hell, even I thought he was a good guy, and I don't usually like people.

The end of the day finally came and I got on the bus and sat in the back seat as usual, but this time when I got on the bus it was different. People weren't laughing, or even talking. They just sat with their heads down, some crying, some trying hard not to. In a small town like Bricksburrow a murder is a big thing,there hasn't been a murder since 1958. I found it odd that I didn't cry or even feel that sad through the day, after all I had seen his body, seen him die. Casey Michaels, Brian's girlfriend, sat next to me with tears running down her cheeks "I heard you were there when he died." she said in a low husky voice. I was hoping to avoid this but I wasn't going to lie, "Yeah..." I said. She looked me in the eyes and said "Please, please tell me he didn't suffer." I didn't want to tell her the truth, she was so sad already. So I decided for her sake I shouldn't tell her about the awful way his body was mutilated. The sickening image was still clear in my mind as I replied, "He didn't, who ever did it was at least quick about it. I'm sorry for your loss." She got up and said "Thank you" as she moved to the front of the bus next to Brenda Griever, her best friend.

Then Seamus got on the bus and said "I can't believe he's dead" for the rest of the bus ride we were silent. The bus finally reached my house and I got off to see George in the doorway. "Mia's inside, her mom said they wouldn't press charges against you if you apologize." I looked him dead in the eye and said "You'll have to kill me before I apologize to her for anything." His face grew red as his grabbed me by the hair and screamed "You will apologize!" and dragged me into our living room. Even as the tears blurred my vision I could see Mia's smug grin at the sight of my pain and the sadness in Mia's mother's eyes. George pulled my hair higher almost ripping it out of my head and said "Now, apologize!" I looked at Mia and said "I'm sorry Mia, sorry your a b**** who for once in her life got what she deserved!" George pulled me back by my hair and punched me in the chest. I fell to my knees and couldn't breathe as I wheezed and gasped for breath. When I could finally manage to catch my breath I got up and said "I'm sorry" in a voice so low and husk that I could barely recognize it as my own. "That's better" Mia and her mother stood up from the couch and Mia looked at me and said "I knew you'd apologize" as she chuckled to herself. I went up to her and said "Don't make the same mistake twice, f*** with me and I'll break your nose too." Her eyes got big and her jaw dropped as she cried out. "What's the matter, honey?" Her mother asked. "My jaw" is all Mia could say as her mom put her in the car and drove away.

My mom walked in the door and immediately asked "What did her mom say?" George sighed and said "She said that if Erin apologize that the wouldn't press charges. Of course Erin had to be difficult and it took alot of "encouraging" for her to say she was sorry." I shot him a dirty look and all my mom could say is "That sounds like Erin"

I hate that she never stands up for me, even when she thought Mia deserved it. So without anything else to do I went up to the bathroom and took a shower then did my homework. Although it was only ten I was really tired and didn't really feel like dealing with whatever else might have come up that day.

When I woke up I realized I only had fifteen minutes because my alarm clock never went off. I quickly threw on some clothes and brushed my hair and teeth. When I walked down the stairs the bus was pulling up so I ran out the door and just barley made it. I took my seat in the back and other than a few people crying or being sad today everything as pretty normal. I spent the night in my room and once again went to bed early. When I went to school the next day except for a few people everyone was back to normal. I guess everyone figured that it wasn't going to happen again and that everything would stay normal. I knew better, I knew this wouldn't be the end of it, it would happen again. I don't know why but for some reason I didn't believe this was the end.

When I got back from school I went up to my room to do homework, as usual. I got almost all of it done in the two hours I was up there. Then I heard them, the sirens. I knew it wasn't over, so I threw my jacket on and told my mom I'd be back later that I was taking my phone. I ran out the door and hopped on my bike before she could object and pedaled once again to the noise of the sirens. I was already regretting going but knew I had to. I got off my bike and walked towards a house I'd been to a million times before, Mia's. She was being wheeled out and she looked like Brian did, mutilated and horrific. But unlike Brian as much as I wanted to, even after seeing her bleeding out and dieing as tears rolled down her cheeks, I didn't feel sorry for her. Even after she looked at me crying "I'm sorry Erin" I just couldn't bring myself to feel bad.

John Meyers, the chief or police, came up to me and said "Hello, your Erin Webber right?" I said "Yes" and he got a serious look on his face, "Can I have a word with you?" I didn't do anything but hit her, and I cleared that up. So, I couldn't help but wonder, what did he want to know. I didn't know anymore then he did, I probably knew less but of course I said "Yes". "We heard that you and Mia Chaplin got into some what of a fight. Where were you about an hour ago?" I couldn't believe he thought I did it, I didn't like her but I didn't kill her so I answered "I was home doing my homework, you can ask my mother. I hope you don't think I could do something like this." he took a deep breath and said "Well Miss Webber you were there when Brian Sipons died and your here now. Also, you did have a history of being violent towards Mia. We have to suspect everyone". I couldn't believe it, did he seriously think that I did this? I calmed myself down and said "I can understand that you must suspect everyone but I can assure you that I didn't do that". He looked at me and said "I'm sure you didn't but just in case could you call your mother and have her come down here to verify that you were home." and so, I called my mom and she said she'd come down.

She drove up in the car and John had walked up, shook her hand and said "Why don't you have Erin wait in the car" so I got in the car and waited for about twenty minutes before she finally got in the car. She looked mad "I can't believe that guy wasted my time over something stupid like this. And you, if you had just minded your own business I wouldn't have to deal with crap like this. What is your father going to say?" Did she really just call him that? "He isn't my father" I said. She just drove and we rode home in silence. Once again George was waiting in the doorway and he hit me the second I walked up to the door. I'm used to it by now so I said "Really, you can't even wait 'til the neighbors can't see?" That pissed him off he hit me really hard, I spit out the blood on the ground and walked calmly up to my room. Then I drifted into darkness and slept.

I woke up and luckily my alarm clock went off so I got up and took a shower and got ready for the day. I got on the bus and I expected people to be sad or crying but instead they were all looking at me, some suspicious, some scared, and some angry. Did people actually think I killed Mia. Did they think I killed Brian too? I sat in my normal back seat and the girl who sat across from me instantly got up and moved. When Seamus got on the bus he even avoided me. Even when I got into school all the students and even some of teacher were scared of me, I can't believe this! I waited for Seamus and when he came up I said "Are you avoiding me?" He looked away and said "No, but I think you should be careful of what you do. Alot of people are saying you were there." Once again, when I got on the bus and everyone got up and moved away from me. I had it I got up and yelled "What is the matter with you people?! Why is it that I punched a girl then she shows up dead but me with no other history of violence must have done it?! I honestly don't get it!" Everyone just got more scared, one girl even started to cry, I can't believe this is happening.

I got home and like always, did my homework. It was a normal night that night, homework, dinner, sleep. When I woke up the next morning all I could think was "Thank God it's Friday". When I got on the bus the girl who sat in the seat across from me actually stayed in her seat. Seamus wasn't here today or at least not on the bus. I decided to say "Hi" because I figured I would have to make friends with someone who wasn't scared of me. "Hi", she replied "I'm sorry I don't know your name." I was just happy she wasn't scared of me so I said "My name is Erin Webber, nice to meet you. What's your name?" She smiled and said "My name's Holly McMillin, it's nice to meet you too." The bus stopped and we got off together, she said to me "Well I'll see you on the bus maybe we can hangout later." I smiled and said to her "Yeah, I'd like that." So I went on with my day filled with people who are scared of me. then the highlight of my day, I got back on the bus. I sat down and minutes later Holly got on and sat next to me and said "Hey Erin, do you mind if I come to your house, my parents said I can't have anyone over but I can go there." I knew I'd have to ask so I said "I'll ask and text you what's your number?"

She got out a piece of paper and wrote down her number and gave it to me. "Thanks" I said as I walked off the bus. I walked in the door and asked my mom "Can my new friend Holly come over?" Surprisingly she said, "Yeah sure, maybe she'll be a good influence and if you hear sirens you'll mind your own business and not follow then for once." I text her, "She said yes do we need to pick you up?". Seconds later my phone went off and she replied saying "No I'll get dropped off and they said they can pick me up. Is it ok if I come now?" I said "Yeah it's fine, see u soon! :)" I gave her directions and she was on her way.

Her car pulled up and she got out of the car. I went up to her and said "Hey, lets go up to my room". We walked up the stairs and the more we talked the more I got to like her, the more I trusted her. I got up the courage to tell her about my step dad. I never planned on doing anything about it, I'm used to it by now, I just wanted to be able to tell someone. So, I said "Can you keep a secret?" she nodded her head yes and said "Of course". I took a deep breath and said "I've never had anyone I could talk to about this but I think I can trust you. My real dad died in a car accident three years ago and six months after my mom married George. Stay away from him by all means possible, he hits me, alot." She threw her arms around me and said "I'm sorry" I had never had anyone hug me with such warmth and caring since my real dad was still alive, it felt good.

We stayed up there talking about normal teenage girl things, you know who's cute, who isn't, stuff like that. Until at eight her mom pulled up and she went down stair and walked out the door. Then I walked sadly up to my room, with Holly gone and nothing else to do I decided to get ahead on my homework. My mom yelled up the steps "Where's that girl you had over?" I yelled back to her "She left a little while ago!" She didn't say anything back for a moment then said "I like her I didn't see her come or go or when she was here, I don't have to deal with her!" Then I continued on my homework, I was finished so I got in the shower and went to bed. I closed my eyes and saw Mia, she was crying. She was crying blood, as the blood tears ran down her cheeks the stained her face red. She said to me "Why aren't you sad? Why don't you care that I'm dead?" then before I could answer she drifted away and Brian Sipons appeared. He wasn't crying blood but he looked serious and said "Please Erin, you can't let this happen again" and he too drifted away.After that it was all black.

When I woke up that morning I did the normal morning stuff. When I got on the bus Holly was sitting in the back seat and I sat next to her. "How was the rest of your night?" I asked and she frowned and said "It wasn't bad but it was pretty boring. What about your night?" I sighed "Pretty much like yours". The bus stopped and we got off and walked to class together. Until I was alone in the class I never noticed that everyone was staring at me. I don't see why they acted like I was a different person. My math teacher avoided me like I had the plague and I sat at a table alone because no one dared come near me. I was really getting tired of this. The day finally ended but when I got on the bus Holly wasn't on and she wasn't on as the bus pulled away from the school. So, I decided to text her "Hey, why aren't you on the bus" a few minutes later she text back saying "I'm in the doctors office which is why I left, can't talk byeee".

I got off the bus and cop cars whizzed by my house, followed by an ambulance. It was happening again, I knew I shouldn't have followed them but I couldn't help it. I ran, I didn't want people to know I was there so I didn't want to risk taking my bike. I finally reached the house and I hid behind a bush so I could see but so that I wouldn't be noticed. The house belonged to Mary Southerland, a girl who was part of Ashlynn Kindles b**** group. I never got to see her body I got there just as they were wheeling her in the ambulance. I overheard the police saying she was attacked only minutes ago. I just hope I don't get blamed for this too.

I ran back home so no one would suspect I was there. I quietly closed the door and went up into my room so my mom would think I'd been up there all along. Like always I started on my homework for the night and took my shower and other than that I pretty much just sat there. I went into the bathroom to brush my hair and when I looked in the mirror my eyes seemed sad and my hair dull. I must just be tired, then I got a text message from Seamus, it said "Hey, I don't think we should see each other anymore" I was pissed so I replied "Are you seriously breaking up with me over text message. It's because of Brian and Mia and Mary, right?" His reply was "Mary? Is she dead? How would you know?" S***, that probably sounded like I knew something only a cop or the person who did it would know. So I answer "I saw cop cars at her house, I could be wrong." He didn't answer, great, now people are going to think I killed her too.

I decided I needed sleep so I laid down and let my eyes close and my body shut down. When I got on the bus the next morning Holly wasn't there but I saw Ashlynn crying and for once in my life felt sorry for her at least I did until I saw her in the hallway. She walked up and rudely said to me "Why did you do it?" I answered as if I had no idea what she was talking about. I didn't kill Mary but it would be best if she thought I didn't even know she died so I innocently answered "What do you mean?" She sneered at me and screamed at me "You killed Mary, admit it!" She flung herself at me scratching my face as her friends Renee and Nancy held her back. I kept my cool, if she was going to die I didn't want to get blamed for it.

I went into class casually, I didn't want to make a big deal of it. The rest of the day went on normally and I road home in silence on the bus. When I got home I went upstairs as usual and listened to music for a while.Then took a shower and layed in bed, trying to figure out who had murdered those people. Was it George? No, at least I didn't think so, he was mean and even abusive but he wasn't a murderer. Plus, if he wanted me dead he probably would have done it by now. Maybe it was Seamus, he wasn't at school all the days people were murdered and it obviously happened during school hours. I didn't know anyone else who would have done it, maybe it was him.

While thinking I fell asleep and when I woke up it was eleven o'clock Saturday. It was getting warm outside so I grabbed my Ipod and a book and walked to the empty field near my house. There was a huge tree there I always sit under when it gets warm. The tree was twisted and tall, and the branches were bear and tangled together. I sat in the shade and started reading, it was a good book but I just couldn't focus on it. All I could think about the way Brian and Mia's stomachs were cut up, the way they wouldn't stop bleeding. The thing that bothered me the most was the look in Brian's eyes just before he died. It was like he had given up hope, like he wanted to die.

I flipped open my phone and what had seemed like minutes was three hours. So, I decided to walk back home, when I got there the door was open. My mom's car was gone so I figured she just forgot to close the door but I was wrong. When I walked through the door I saw George lying in a puddle of blood on the floor, he reached to me and said "Please, help me." before I could realize what I was doing I dialed 911 on my cell. A woman answered "911 what is your emergency?" I quickly replied "I live at 23 Bird Street, there's been a murder." She yelled something then she said "A ambulance and police will be there soon, until then I'll stay on the line with you." I cried and sat down next to George, I didn't touch him and I didn't talk to him I just sat and looked at his blood spilling out onto the floor.

When the police got there he was already dead, so they wheeled them out. John Meyers came up to me but I wasn't crying anymore. He said "You don't look to sad about this" I looked at him and said "It's hard to be sad about someone dieing if they hit you everyday of your life." He got very serious and said "That sounds like a good motive for murder." I felt anger well up within me "I didn't kill anyone!" John was about to say something when my mom pulled up in the car. When she saw George on the stretcher she ran up to me and yelled "Did you do this?" I was shocked "Are you serious? I wasn't even home!" She fell to her knees and began to cry, I almost felt bad that he had died but I just couldn't. John took us to the police station for questioning. When I walked in people were walking around and he took me into a room. It was small and grey with four chairs and a table, it was cold and I shivered when we stepped in.

John came in with another cop by the name of Jacob Smithson walked in, "I'm sorry to hear of your loss, but you are still a suspect." I sighed, "Look, I didn't kill anyone. Everyone keeps saying I did but god damn it! I can't take it anymore!" John looked at me suspiciously and I saw fear in his eyes, freaking out probably wasn't smart. I glanced over at Jacob who was doing nothing to hide his fear. John asked me calmly "Where were you at the time of your father's murder?" I looked up at him and said "He is not my father, and I was reading under the tree in the big field." He looked at me seriously and said "Do you have an alibi proving that that's where you where?" I looked at him, sighed and said "No I don't..." He gave me a suspicious look and said "Well Erin you seem to be perfect suspect, don't you?" I looked at him and said, about to burst into tears "I didn't do anything and you don't have enough evidence to keep me here, now if you'll excuse me I need to go comfort my widowed for the second time mother." I got up and walked out the room.

My mother and I drove home in silence until she finally said "D-Did you do it?" I looked at her, tears welling in my eyes and said "No I didn't, I swear and if I did, I sure as hell don't remember it." She managed a small smile and we walked through the door and I went upstairs to take a shower. I stood in the for an hour, just standing there and washing George's blood off of me. I got out and put a black tank top and blue dotted underwear on and laid down in my bed and tried to go to sleep, but much to my displeasure I just couldn't, I was exhausted but I still couldn't make myself sleep. At Least tomorrow's Sunday.

I laid there for hours until the sun just barely peaked on the horizon and I finally fell asleep. I awoke at noon to the sound of my phone going off, it was Holly. She text me Heyy Erin, wanna hang later??? So I figured I could tell Holly what was going on, after all she seem like the only person I could trust. So I picked up my phone and replied I'd love to is two good? Meet me at that huge tree in the field, you know what I'm talking bout? I eagerly and nervously awaited a response, finally she answered, I know what your talking bout says :)! I got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth, and got something to eat. I told my mom where I was going and with who and she said I could go. As I was leaving I looked at my mom and said "Hey mom, things are gonna be ok." and walked out the door.

I walked down to the big tree and waited for Holly, she came and I hugged her and said "Hey, I have some major malfunctions!" she looked at me and her smile dropped and she said "What's wrong Erin?" I took a deep breath, "Well, everyone is blaming me for all those murders and the police think I did it and I don't know what to do!" She looked at me with evil, satisfied eyes and said "Erin, Erin, Erin, I know you didn't do it." I looked hopefully at her and said "Really?" She smirked and laughed a little and said "Well of course I believe you, I did it." My mouth dropped and I looked questioningly and sadly at my once close friend, "Y-You what?" She smiled in satisfaction "Yes didn't you realize it, I left early when Mia died and then your dad so you'd seem suspicious. It was just a matter of gaining your trust and finding a way to make it so it looked like you did it." My eyes wide and mouth still hanging wide open I managed a gasp and "I-I-I'll tell them you did it!" She smiled that twisted sick smile once more "You won't do that." I looked angrily at her and said "And what exactly is stopping me?" She laughed out loud and said "Erin, who are they going to believe?" She was right, no one would believe me I was the main suspect, I'd have to get evidence first.

I walked home with Holly laughing loudly behind me, I began to ran but I could still hear her laugh even when I was falling asleep I could hear that sick twisted laugh. When I woke up the next I ate, got dressed did my normal routine. When I walked on the bus Holly tapped her hand on the spot next to her and said "Hey Erin, why don't you have a seat?" I kept walking and said "There's no way in hell I'm sitting next to you." The people around me were staring at me, god damn it I didn't do anything. I sat in my back seat and plugged my earphones in and tried not to cry.

I walked off to see Ashlynn and Seamus holding hands and I ran into the girls bathroom and cried until I heard the bell, s***, I thought to myself, I'm late. So I stood up clean myself up and walked into class and said I had "girl problems". The teacher believed me, or just didn't want to get on my bad side. I sat in my seat and did my work but I wasn't really focused, I couldn't no matter how hard I tried. I went to the rest on my classes with the same problem until finally the day ended and I walked home. Then I heard my phone go off, it was Holly, oh god, Are you going to follow the sirens again? Oh my God, no this couldn't be happening, Who did you kill this tI'me? She quickly replied Who did you run in the bathroom crying over? And btw I didn't do it yet, you still have tI'me to come rescue hI'm. I ran as fast as I could until I reached Seamus's house and was bleeding out on the floor, gasping for breath. I leaned down and there was fear in his eyes, I kissed hI'm and said "I've always love you." I could taste his blood on my lips and feel it on my hands. The police walked through the door along with the perI'medics. John cuffed me, "Looks like we have the evidence we need now." I sobbed "No you can't take hI'm from me!"

John threw me the the police car, I cried and cried until we got to the police station. "So," John said as he shoved me into the interrogation room, "I heard you two used to date, I hear alot from my daughter, I also heard he dumped you, you must have been pretty upset about it." I took out my phone and went to the message Holly sent me and said, "Look, Holly McMillen sent me this message." John looked questioningly at me and said "Erin, there isn't anything there and I've never heard of anyone here by name of McMillen." "What do you mean it's right there!" I said as I pointed to the screen that was now blank, I went to my messages and the only ones were from Seamus and Mia. I went through my contacts and Holly's name was gone. "This is I'mpossible, I was just talkingg to Holly she's the one who told me he was dieing, I was trying to save hI'm! You have to believe me!"

Then suddenly a scene flashed through my mind, it as me and I had a knife, and Brian, he's bleeding. "So Brian, not so big now are you. Ha and to think I used to like you." "What did I do?" Brian questioned weeping. "Why nothing Brian, I just wanted to hear you scream!" and I slabbed and slashed and I was laughing and then everything came back to normal. Then it happened again but it wasn't Brian it was Mia,she was crying blood, like in my dream. I was standing over top of her with the same twisted smile Holly had "Are you sorry Mia?" She cried and shook her head yes, "Then say your sorry" I said like a mother talkingg to a child "I-I'm s-s-sorry" she sobbed and I cut her again "I don't believe you Mia!" She cried out as blood splattered on the walls "It's to late for that anyway!".Then John slowly came into focus only to be lost again in a vision of me standing over George "Oh George, why couldn't you just leave me be? What kind of person do you think you are hitting a fifteen year old kid, your sick, you scum!" I exclaI'med and with every word was another stab to George's stomach. Then my last vision of Seamus, we were standing there and he said he couldn't love me because I was a killer. "But Seamus I love you and we need to be together." He grabbed my hand "No, we don't." I grI'maced and grabbed my knife while sobbing and stabbed hI'm in the stomach and chest screaming "You can't do this to me! If I can't have you no one can!" He coughed up blood and I was laying on the floor crying and whispering sweet words into his ears and I kissed hI'm.

My vision cleared and I could see John in front of me in a hospital bed, "You passed out," he explained "what happened?" I began to cry "I did do it! And I didn't even know, I'm not sure what happened but I-I thought Holly did it." John looked caringly at me "Your very sick Erin, we're going to get you the help you need." Holly looked up at John and said "I think you want Erin, I'm Holly nice to meet you."

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