July 12, 2011
By Tyra96 BRONZE, austin, Texas
Tyra96 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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This is a small section of the book that will maybe give u a better idea and I'd include on my back cover:

I write this letter to the world that was never written to me. Never a heads up on how human world might be, not even a manual of things that might go on. But I guess if we all had perfect lives there would be nothing to live for. I don’t know why I have these thoughts or so called dreams but, there teaching me I just wish everyone else could see. I lift my head looking around in a mysterious space, but this time it’s just air. I rise and move around walking slowly. Into nothing. Swirling and spinning in circles I go round and round making myself dizzy. My head lifts upward to the blank surrounding and I close my eyes and embrace it.

Tyra B.


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