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Secrets Kept Within

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Found Out

I breathed. I was going to live and I was going to have save myself from this dreadful killing. I held my hand on the wound and breathed down on my hand, a thin sheet of ice wrapped around my hand. I pushed on the wound, pain erupted, but I ignored it. I hated doing this. I breathed another sheet of ice and my wound iced over. The ice seeped in and I felt the coolness of the ice soothe the pain and burning and heal it. I look up at Boss and smiled again.
"My mother had the same powers. Its why you killed her and now you want to kill me."I said softly.
He looked at me with wide eyes.
"I thought, I thought."He stammered.
I shook my head."You think you pummeled my powers out don't you? What the Hell do you think I was doing when you weren't teaching me?"
I twisted my body, all the pain was gone. I was completely healed, for now. I spun on my heel, whipped to the boy who had my gun, snatched it from him, and jumped over Boss without a second thought. This was all merely done in a second, quickly. They didn't even notice. I leaned against the wall, looking at my prize with admiring eyes.
"You know it would be a shame for me to kill you, Theodore."I whispered, using Boss' real name.
I heard him growl and at that I laughed. It felt good to use my powers again, even if it was only to heal, but I would soon change that. All these bastards in here that were with Boss would die, not to mention Boss himself. I would make sure of that, myself. I would die if I had to. I raised my eyes and looked into the inky blackness of those emotionless eyes. I was going to clear my name first. I smiled coldly at him.
"Why frame me? I thought I was your treasured student?"I told him, my voice bored.
He snarled, I laughed again.
"I was your prized student. I was just to good for you wasn't I? You were intimidated by me. I know how you work, Theodore. Any killer better then you, you have to destroy. just so your at the top of the list. Well, those days are over. I'm at the top of the list and there is nothing you can do. 'Cause thanks to you framing me, it just made me that more popular. I owe you a thank you, Theodore. I really appreciate." I was egging him on.
This was dangerous, very dangerous, but I had to do it. I was risking my life for the lives of my brothers and father, it was going to be fine doing so.He snarled, let a growl escape his throat. It came from the chest, deep down. My heart skipped a beat, excitement pumped my adrenaline. i had to work fast. I stuffed the gun in my pocket, pushed off the wall, and skidded to a stop in front of Boss. I smiled coldly and started to swiftly dance my way around him.
"You really amaze me, you know. You shouldn't play with your prey like that. I thought you hated playing with your prey."He told me, his eyes carefully watching my twirling.
I let out a small laugh.
"Am I your predator and your my prey? Or are you my predator and I'm your prey? Which is it Theodore?"My eyes were livid with excitement, my voice soft and dangerous.
The flames in the lamp danced around, casting shadows everywhere, making them dance along with me. I enjoyed the thrill that was running through my blood stream.I saw his eyes narrow, I smiled as I passed his face again.
"What do you think it is Elizabeth? Your the expert here."He said quietly.
I froze in tracks. I knew that voice. I knew that voice and didn't like it. I spun to face him, face to face.
"Don't even think about it."I growled.
He threw back his head and let out a cold laugh. A shiver ran down my spine. I didn't like this one bit.
"Kill me! Kill me now! You want to kill me, so kill me, Elizabeth. Get it done and over with.Simple as that! Just kill me."
My hand wrapped around the gun, my finger itching to slide over the trigger and pull it.
"You know, you've never really loved anyone."He told me, eying my hand grip.
I raised my eyebrows to him.
"You can't love anyone. Your a killer with no emotion. The only time you feel happy is when you kill and drink blood. Its why your the most dangerous killer out there. You can't feel anything for anyone. You don't even feel your own god damn misery inside of yourself. Because your to busy killing, that's what makes you avoid it. You can't do anything about it. Its set in deeply. I can feel love though. I can feel misery. I can feel it all."He told me, looking straight in my eyes.
I stared into the inky blackness of those eyes. He was right, he could feel. I could see a spark of fear here and there, he wasn't good at hiding it. I never felt fright, I never felt anything. I was emotionless. I was a sad pathetic excuse of a girl living in this world. I was a killer, the best out there. I was already found out. Everyone knew who the Hell I was. Everyone was scared of me. When it started, I didn't care, but lately, I've been taking it all to heart, and it was ridiculous. I actually thought I could clear my name. Well, now I see that was completely impossible. I was found out, but the only way I was ever going to get somewhere to hide better, I was going to have to let Boss live. This made my stomach flip, a vile of vomit rose, which I swallowed. Disgusting shit. I thought. I was screwed, whether or not I liked to admit it.Which I totally didn't. I glared at him, looked straight into his eyes.
"My mother wasn't like me. I'm a lot worse then she was. She loved all of us, my father as well. You know this."I said flatly, no emotion in my voice.
He winced at my tone.
"Yeah, she loved your pathetic excuse of a family. Then again, I don't understand that. You don't love any of them. You never have and never will. You are the worst killer out there."He said, smiling at me.
I snarled at him. I guess he was right. It was as if I didn't even have a family. But my family wasn't a pathetic excuse of a family. They were perfectly fine. I was the pathetic excuse in the family, just like I was a pathetic excuse anywhere. I knew that if any stupid as detectives were to go through my bedroom back home they would find my diary's. No doubt they would read them, find all the evidence there. From every single killing from the very first of my animal killings. I had no doubt whatsoever. Now, I knew here was no point to try and clear my name. I had to eventually turn myself in though, but now wasn't the time. I had to make sure Boss was killed, going to Hell, and never heard from again. My insides burned with the passion of killing him. I would make sure he was my very last kill ever. My last one. He had to be my last. Just, not now. I let my hand loose up on the gun and stuffed it in my pocket.
"What do you want from me?"I hissed between clenched teeth.
"I want you to do a Mission for me."He said, loud enough everyone heard.
I stood stalk still, staring at him. I heard whispers, scuttles of impatient feet, and I could see a few people giving me anxious glances or deadly stares that would, for a normal person, send them into emotional misery. They only made adrenaline pump hard in my blood streams, my heart was pounding against my rib cage, it felt ready to burst out of it. Did anyone hear my ridiculously pounding heart? I thought they could. A cold sweat broke out over my forehead, my hand felt clammy. This wasn't normal, not normal one bit. What was the mission?
"What?" I asked, weary of what answer was going to be.
He turned around, motioning for me to follow him. His stupid ass followers moved out of the way for us. I stepped in line behind him. I saw his followers give me nasty looks as I passed, except the last follower. He looked at me, fright in his eyes. As I walked past him, time seemed to slow. I knew the fright in his eyes weren't for himself, it was for me. He was scared for me. He knew what my mission was going to be and that's why he was scared. He had Found Out the Mission and he knew what I would have to do. He was the second dog in this horrid group, he was Boss' advisory. He was the spy. He was the one who was told Boss' deep dark secrets. He was me. In the general speaking of killers sense. My eyes flashed at him. He still was scared for me. He wasn't an entire killer, he still had emotions. If I could just keep him from finding the one trigger to vanquish his emotions and go all killer I would. I was going to try. He needn't be a killer. No one did. Except me. I was already in to deep. A few more killing wouldn't hurt. We stepped outside of the building, the cold wind hitting my face. It was a bitter cold. It stung the exposed parts of my flesh, pulled my hair, and ripped at my clothes.
"My mission for you is this. You find everyone in your pathetic family and kill each and everyone of them."
A slap in the face. It wasn't the wind. It was the damn words. I knew where this was headed. He knew how I felt about killing my family. Sure, as I killed them, I would have no problem whatsoever, but once they were dead, I would, no doubt, go into an uncontrollable rage. I had a very bad anger problem and killing my family triggered it majorly. And when my anger was triggered, so was my killing side, big time. He knew this. I would probably end up killing myself in the attempt. He knew this, this is what he wanted. The damn asshole. My eyes flashed.
"Oh, one more person you have to kill. James Night."He whispered the name.
I snapped my eyes in his direction. His eyes were dancing not only in happiness, but wait what was that? I could see fear. A lot of it. He was scared shitless. I could see that. He was scared for himself. Of what I could possibly do at such a an absurd mission tact. I narrowed my eyes at him, I saw him step back just a little. I opened my mouth to respond, but was interrupted by an SUV pulling into the parking lot. The headlights washed over the two of us as it pulled to a stop a few feet from us. It came to a stop, the engine was cut off, and the doors opened. Out stepped three men all in black. I swallowed. This outta be good. They headed straight for us.
"What are you two doing out this late? There's a killer on the loose. You really shouldn't be out here."
Something sparked on their chests which caught my attention. Badges. FBI Badges. I reached for Boss and pulled him back with me. This was not good. Not good at all. They braced themselves, watching our steps.
"Something wrong?"The one with shoulder length brown hair asked.
I shook my head."Nothing. Why are you here?"
"Patrolling for the killer. Did you know this was the last place The Vampire Killer killed?"
I raised my eyebrows as if I really was shocked."Really?"My voice squeaked. Perfect.
The tallest man there looked at me suspiciously. I didn't like the way he looked at me. My hand twitched, I tried not to put it to my gun. I wanted my gun. I wanted it. But I couldn't do a damn thing about it now. The tallest man was watching me carefully. I wondered if he could see the bulge in both pockets from both guns. I didn't entirely rule this out. I was about to be found out from the FBI. But I wasn't going to go quietly. I backed up another step.
"You OK?"
I nodded, my stress level rising."Yeah. What do you want?"
"We were wondering if you've seen this girl?" The middle man asked, pulling out a photo.
It was me. I was in the photo. It was before I had dyed my hair black, before it had reached my ankles as it was now. That was me as a blonde. That was me before I was framed and had to go into hiding. Something in my heart caused pain. Incredible pain. I gasped and dropped to the ground. It hurt, badly. I clutched at my heart. I let out another cry of pain as it stabbed my heart again. Voices around me started shouting, hands were on my waist. I screamed and clawed at them to let go. I threw myself on the ground, another stab of pain sent me screaming bloody Mary. It echoed through the night air, no matter how hard the wind blew, my scream outmatched it. Hands again were put on me, I kicked and clawed them away. Another shard of pain, worse then first three, sent me into panic and deadly screaming mode.
"Make it stop! Make it stop!"I screamed, water running down my face.
Water? Salt water? Oh, tears. Well, great. I was crying. How the Hell do I start crying? I wanted to stop. I wanted the pain and tears to stop. I cried even harder for that, and as another jolt of pain was set in my heart, the screams intensified and the tears ran faster. I knew I was found out by Boss. I knew I was soon going to be found out by the FBI. I knew I only had a matter of time, but I wanted to know what the hell was going on with me right now? I was going to be found out. I was going to be found out. Another shard of pain. Another scream. I didn't care if I was going to be found out. Another shoot of pain. Another scream. Hands again, I clawed and kicked. Hands held me down tighter, I twisted, kicked, and clawed. More tears, faster. I wanted them to stop. i wanted my family to know I was safe. More tears, more pain. I wanted my family to be safe. More pain. That's all I wanted. My family safe and sound. Ding! It rang clear, like a bell, through my mind. I knew what was wrong with me. My heart had finally found out. My heart had finally connected with my mind. I was feeling emotions. Emotions I wasn't used to. Emotions I had only ever dreamed of feeling. My mind finally found out and now it was a total catastrophe. But I wanted this, no matter how much pain it took my heart and mind to set in. I was finally found out. By myself. Not the stupid ass FBI, which would never find me out til I finished my own mission. To kill Boss. I was found out inside.
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Matt C. said...
Jun. 11, 2012 at 4:44 pm
That was amazing! It truly captivated and entranced me and I will probably read it again and again. There are slight grammer issues ,but otherwise it is a thrilling book!
dragonbee said...
Jun. 26, 2011 at 10:32 pm
wow...... there are not words to say how great ,no fantasic that was
Jonesychic replied...
Jul. 2, 2011 at 9:37 pm
thanks!!!:) ill b positng more soon as i can!!!! im working on it now

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