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Secrets Kept Within

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It been over a week since I killed those men, I was in the train station, watching Joe weary. My head was killing me. I rolled my eyes when I turned away from him to pace the building.
"Why do you kill Lizzy?"
"Did I not say to be quiet?"I said frostily.
I heard him sigh. I glanced at him, watching as he shook his head. I saw a look of pain on his face. I stopped in my tracks.
"What's wrong?" I demanded.
"My ribs hurt, that's all."He muttered.
I studied him.
"You know I'm sorry, right?"I snarled.
He looked at me, eyebrows raised.
"No, your not."
I smiled at him."Guess your right."
He shook his head, leaned against the wall, and closed his eyes.
"I'm gonna go outside for a minute. Don't you dare even think about leaving."I said frostily, waving the gun at him and opening the door.
I stepped outside and closed the door. A hand was slammed on my mouth and I was slammed into the door. My hand slipped and let go of the gun, it dropped to the ground.
"Sh! Don't say a thing Lizzy?" A voice breathed in my ear.
I knew that voice, but I couldn't help but panic. I twisted in the grip and kicked out. They held me tighter and I heard the door pull open and I was pulled back inside.
"Hello, Joe."Jazz said, not even surprised.
My eyes widened in confusion.
"Hey, Jazz."He said, not confused at all.
Oh, now I knew why he wasn't confused. He had called them. Anger boiled in my blood and I looked at him, lust in my eyes. Joe's eyes widened with fright.
"Zach, you here?" Joe asked looking around.
"Here."He grunted against my twisting body.
More anger boiled in my blood. I twisted even more. The grips tightened even more. I kept my eyes on Joe, getting even more angrier. He looked at me and cowered under my gaze. I felt my body start to weaken. The anger in my eyes, I knew would stay there, no matter how weak I was.My body crumbled under the restraints. I laid there, on the floor, and stared at Joe. I felt the people holding me let me go, but didn't leave my side. I guess they were afraid that I would go after Joe. He was, after all, my main target for my anger at the moment.
"Why did you call us Joe?"I heard Megan ask.
"Lizzy's sick."
"What do you mean?"Zach asked.
"She's sick. We need to help her. She's the killer everyone is afraid of."
"Which Killer?"
"The Vampire Killer."
I laughed at that, a cold hearted laugh, and rolled over. I looked up at Zach and put my hands under my head and smiled.
"You still love me right?"I asked him, laughter in my voice.
"Jazz, Megan, your her friends. Did you know that she's sick?"
Jazz looked at me, I smiled at her.
"Jazz, tell him."I told her.
"tell me what?"Joe asked.
"Joe, we do know that Liz is sick, but..."She stopped.
Joe looked at her, confused."But what?"
"We're all sick."She said, trying not to laugh.
I smiled wildly."hear that Joe? Haha. We're all sick."
I started laughing my head off like crazy. My laugh was cold and loud. I sat up, chuckling. Jazz and Megan stood there, trying to hold back laughter, but I saw their bodies shaking. I got up and looked around, bodies braced themselves to lunge at me.
I rolled my eyes."I'm not going to attack dim wits. I'm to weak at the moment."I turned to the girls."When was the last time you had a feast?"
Jazz shrugged."Last time we all killed together. Why?"
I shrugged."Just wondering.Ain't you hungry or thirsty?"
She nodded, Megan following suit.
"we both are."
I shook my head and glanced around at everyone. Some of my old teammates were here, some people I didn't even know. Since I didn't know them, what the Hell? I'd go after them, they'd be a piece of cake. I just needed my gun back. I looked around, found it in one of the guys i didn't know hand. I narrowed my eyes at him and lunged for him. Someone threw themselves on me, pinning me to the ground.
"What the Hell?!"I screamed.
"Lizzy, calm down! Calm down, Lizzy!"Zach whispered in my ears.
Footsteps outside the station made us all freeze in our tracks. We all watched the door, carefully. It started to open, we all scrambled up and towards the wall behind us. The door opened against the starless night sky.The sky was black, light shone from the lamp in here, casting an eerie orange circle of light. We were all in the shadows.
"Come out, come out where ever you are."A voice taunted.
A voice I knew.I slammed myself against the wall, and hissed.My Old Boss let out a cold laugh and turned to me, slamming the door shut behind him and his gang. His gang? Wow, people do change. I scowled at them. He laughed again, motioned to one of his buddies, who turned on another lamp. I hissed at how bright it was, followed in suit by the rest.
"Looks like you also have your own little gang. Thought you only liked to have your little group of girls?"He said quietly, laughter tinged his voice.
"What do you want?"I snarled.
He smiled big."You know what i want."
I let out a snarl and lunged for him, hands grabbed me.
"Don't let her go!"Jazz cried.
Boss laughed his cold hearted laugh.
I twisted in the grips, they tightened on me. I let out a roar of fury and clawed at my predators. I had turned into he prey and I didn't like it. I didn't like it one bit at all. I wasn't going to be the predator. I wasn't going to be the predator. I wasn't going to be the predator. I snarled. I hated this! I kicked out, my eyes on my Old Boss. His eyes were on mine, cold and dark, just like mine. I saw nothing but black in those emotionless eyes. And I knew he saw the same in my eyes. There was a bunch of killers in the room, but him and I were the worst. We didn't care who we killed, as long as we got what we wanted. The rest, had their limits. They couldn't go near their own families when they killed. Me and Boss could though. We couldn't feel a damn thing. We liked it that way, but right now, we wanted to kill each other. We both knew it, we both craved for it. Its what we both wanted.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 10 Next »

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Matt C. said...
Jun. 11, 2012 at 4:44 pm
That was amazing! It truly captivated and entranced me and I will probably read it again and again. There are slight grammer issues ,but otherwise it is a thrilling book!
dragonbee said...
Jun. 26, 2011 at 10:32 pm
wow...... there are not words to say how great ,no fantasic that was
Jonesychic replied...
Jul. 2, 2011 at 9:37 pm
thanks!!!:) ill b positng more soon as i can!!!! im working on it now

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