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Secrets Kept Within

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I stuffed my hands into my pockets and walked down the sidewalk. I smiled to everyone passing, the smiles never reached my eyes. Of course. I was watching for any unfamiliar face. It's be weeks, maybe months, to find out that one person was missing. Which was all the encouragement I needed. I saw a face, sooner then I expected, I didn't recognize as being part of this town. It was a boy, thirteen, maybe fourteen. Older then me, but somewhere deep inside me, I knew that's what made it funner. He was coming out of the Candy Store, a bag in his left hand, cell phone in the other. He was talking on his phone, laughing at something that had been said and heading straight for me. I stopped and backed up against the wall, putting my face into full pout mode. When he was an inch away, I jumped in front of him and fell to my knees. He almost knocked into me, stumbling in surprise. I put my face in my hands and pretended not to have noticed him. I started fake sobbing.
"Hey? Hey, are you alright?" A gentle voice asked.
I shook my head. A hand was put on my shoulder, I cringed away.
"I'm not going to hurt you." The boy said again.
I scrambled up, hiding my face behind my hair. I could see him through the curtain of my hair. He had brown hair that reached below his ears and a look of concern filled his face that made me want to burst out laughing. People would think you'd feel guilt the first time you kill a person, but I know they're wrong. I felt, well there was no other word to describe it, totally and uncontrollably excited. My heart was racing, adrenaline rushing through me, and I was practically dancing with excitement.It was my first human killing and I was gettin paid for it. Nothing could make this day more perfect. Well, except for the kill itself. I was really looking forward to that. I held my hand out to the boy, he took it.
"Will you help me?" I asked in a little girl's voice.
He nodded."Sure. What do you need help with?"
I pointed at the alley behind him."I dropped my money and it all blew in there!" I whined, stomping my feet."And I'm scared of the dark!"
He studied the alley for a moment before turning back to me.
"OK. We'll go get your money from. Come on."
We went to the alley and went in. I kept giving little sniffles here and there for good effect as we made our way into the darkest part of the alley.
"I think my money is down here." I whispered.
I was proud of myself, I was such a good liar. Then, we were covered in darkness. I whipped around, grabbed the boys shoulders, and slammed him into the wall. I heard his head hit the brick wall , followed by a groan, and I felt the boy go weak under my hands. I let go of him, letting him slide to the ground. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness and I could see he was stirring a little bit. That made me really want to throw a two year temper tantrum. I hated it when my prey was alive when they were supposed to be dead. I angrily stomped my feet in frustration and anger. I dropped to my knees besides him. He gazed at me.
"Why?" His voice was choked in fear.
I smiled coldly. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a pair of latex gloves and snapped them on. Then, I reached into another pocket and pulled out my pocket knife. I had gotten it that year for Christmas. The blade was extremely sharp. The blade was perfect.
"What are you doing?"The boy asked, fear coated his voice.
I was examining the blade when he asked me this. I raised my eyes to look at him from under my eyelids and frowned deeply at him. I shook my head and returned to examining the blade.
"I have a family you know. They'll be wondering about me soon."He babbled, clearly underestimating me.
I sighed and rolled my eyes. I reached to his hand and plucked his cell phone out of it. I flipped it open and snapped it in half, throwing the pieces to the side.
"If my parents can't reach me they'll come looking for me. They'll be worried as Hell. They'll find us. You'll see. They'll find us. They'll get you arrested.You'll go to a physco house. They'll look at you like your the most dangerous crazy person."He babbled on even more.
I sighed. He was getting on my last nerves. I was used to noise while I killed, but he was slipping on my ego and this was getting ridiculous. Not only that, he was really irritating me. I had to wait though and waiting was so not my thing. Maybe this whole getting paid to kill deal was a total bash on me. Well, the waiting was not worth it. I wanted to kill and I wanted to kill now. I ached to kill. Every fiber in my being ached to kill. I sat back against the wall and crossed my legs Indian style, examining my pocket knife. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the boy sit forward. I reached out and pushed him back against the wall.
"What are we doing just sitting here? Why did you slam me into the wall? Why are we just waiting? Are we waiting for some? Who are we waiting for? Why are you so quiet? Are you feeling guilty? Are you gonna let me go?" He was full of questions now.
I was staring at him with wide eyes as he asked his stupid ass questions. I had never heard anyone speak so much in my life before and it was driving me crazy.
"Are you going to talk? Why aren't you talking? Why haven't you killed me yet? Didn't you bring me back here to kill me? What time is it? You're going to a nut-house, you know that? How old are you anyways? Who are you working for? Are you a tourist or a local? What's your name? You not really afraid of the dark are you? Why are you so silent? Why don't you wanna talk to me?"
He kept going and going and going. And it was pissing me off big time. I took in a deep breath and looked up at the starry night sky. It was all I could do from not killing him right then and there.
"Why won't you talk to me? Are you scared of me?"He taunted.
That did it."Shut up."I snapped, my voice ice-cold.
He fell into a shocked silence. I couldn't help but let out a cold laugh.
"You really shouldn't talk so much. Its starting to really piss me the Hell off."I said quietly and dangerously.
Next to me, I could feel the boy shaking.
"What's your name anyways?"I asked, entirely bored.
"Um, Eric. Eric Heffer."
I laughed coldly and quietly."Ridiculous name."My voice sounded bored.
A slight movement made me look down the alley, the way we had been walking towards. I grabbed hold of the boys collar(I honestly didn't care what his name was)and dragged him to his feet. He was a little taller then me, but I knew I was stronger then he would ever be.
"Got your prey fast." The figure approaching praised me.
I sneered."You made me wait long enough. I want to do it now."
The boy looked at me horrified."What? What do you want to do?"
"Will you shut up?"I snarled at him and turned back to The Boss."He's pissing me off, All he does is talk and talk. Its really getting on my nerves."
A moments silence and then. "Kill him."spoken softly.
I whipped around in front of the boy and knocked him back into the wall. A sickening thud echoed in the dark alley and the boy crumbled to the ground. I bent down to him, he was still breathing, which made me furious. I brought up my knife and slashed his throat, wide open. Blood started pouring out.
"Drink it."The Boss urged.
I leaned into the boy. The blood did smell delicious. I was no vampire, but i had tasted human blood before and I wanted it more. I didn't always drink my prey's blood, it was just when I was craving it. I licked his blood and my insides exploded like fireworks. It burned like wildfire, but a good burning. I sucked at his blood, absolutely loving the warm liquid. All I could think at that moment was how delicious the blood was. I drank and drank. Finally, I had had my full and pulled back. I looked up at The Boss.
"go home. You've done well."
I jumped up and held my hand out. Money was put in it. The right amount. I spun around and went out of the alley and hurried home. That was the day I had turned ten.
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Matt C. said...
Jun. 11, 2012 at 4:44 pm
That was amazing! It truly captivated and entranced me and I will probably read it again and again. There are slight grammer issues ,but otherwise it is a thrilling book!
dragonbee said...
Jun. 26, 2011 at 10:32 pm
wow...... there are not words to say how great ,no fantasic that was
Jonesychic replied...
Jul. 2, 2011 at 9:37 pm
thanks!!!:) ill b positng more soon as i can!!!! im working on it now

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