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Secrets Kept Within

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How I came Upon Them

I was a year old when my mother left. I hardly remember her. My brothers and father raised me, they still are, as I'm only fifteen. Or, so they try. I want to tell you the secrets of my life, but first, I have to tell you how I came upon them.

I rocked back on my heels and folded my arms across my chest. I was leaning against the schools wall, waiting for my brother to pick me up. I put my head against the wall and closed my eyes. Anyone walking by would see me just standing there, staring through my thick, dark sunglasses. They would see me as a threat and would avoid me. They'd give me weird looks, whisper about me to their friends, and watch me like a bomb about to explode. I knew all this. I knew what was going to be said, how I was going to be looked at, and most defiantly the rumors that were bound to circulate within days. I knew all this, I didn't care. I knew all this, because I was going to make sure all this happened. I couldn't let anyone come close to me. Not after... I stopped dead cold at that thought and shook it from my mind. I couldn't bring myself to think of what happened. I just couldn't. A horn honking startled me out of this reverie and I looked to see Joe in the parking lot, waiting for me. I pushed off the wall, grabbed my bag, and made my way to his Mustang. I opened the door, throwing my bag in. I was about to climb in when I heard my false name being called. I turned around to see a blonde haired boy, who looked around my age, running towards me.
"Avon Reeves?" The boy panted as he got to me.
I nodded. He held out a small box to me. I looked at it skeptically, then took it reluctantly. He turned quickly and walked away. I watched as he got into an SUV parked behind my brother's Mustang. I shifted my eyes to the driver and drew in a sharp breath. He looked at me, dark sunglasses hiding the emotion in his eyes. It was only until he pulled away I remembered where I was. I let out my breath, it was shaky, and got in the car, pulling the door shut. Joe pulled out of the space and pulled onto the road. We drove in silence for a few minuted until we reached the highway. Joe broke the silence first.
"What's in the box?"
He quickly glanced at me. "Open it."
I shook my head."No way. A bomb or something could be in this box."
"I don't think so, Lizzy."
"How can you be so sure?"I asked, weary of the answer.
"Just open it."
I stared at the box, reached into my pocket, and pulled out a pocket knife. I slit it open, carefully cutting the tape off. It popped open. I peered into it and gasped.
"What is it Liz?"
I stuck my hand in and pulled out a necklace box. I popped it open and there, sat a diamond necklace. I drew in another breath and brought it out.
"Whoa. That's some necklace." Joe exclaimed.
I brought it to my face and examined it closely. There was no way there was a camera of any kind on here and it was real diamonds. Two diamond heart were at the end.
"What's that writing on the inside of the case?" Joe asked a few minutes later.
I looked down at it and swallowed.
"To-to m-my be-belove-beloved Eliza-Elizabeth. J-J-James! I choked, letting out a wail.
I dropped both the necklace and case, covered my face with my hands, and bent over.
"Lizzy. Lizzy, everything will be fine. Joe said, patting my shoulder.
I cringed away from him. "I want James!" I cried.
"I know." Joe sighed. "I know."
It took awhile to calm down, I felt disgusted with myself, but we were still driving. This took me as odd. I studied Joe's face through the safety of my sunglasses, then looked in the back seat. Empty.
"They're in the trunk. Less suspicious." Joe said.
I turned back around and looked out my window.
"Do you have everything Lizzy?"
I nodded. "Yeah."
This was simple routine. More silence followed, we reached the next town. Joe pulled into a parking lot of an abandoned train station. I quickly put my necklace in its case and stuffed it in my pocket along with my pocket knife. I grabbed my bag and got out with Joe. We met at the front and stood there. After a couple of minutes, so it seemed, but it turned out to be really almost an hour and a half, Joe's phone rang once. We turned to the street we had come off of and watched. I heard a door behind us open and close, footsteps nearing us. They stopped, inches behind us. We didn't turn around. We knew the routine by heart.
"Suitcases are in the trunk." Joe stated.
"What's in the backpack girl?" A rough voice asked.
"School things." I answered sharply.
"You two have guns?"
"Yeah. We're required to." I answered icily.
Something hard hit my head and sent me sprawling into the car. My head slammed into it and I slid to the ground.
"Don't smart ass to me. Here, we handle things differently. Got that?"The voice snarled.
I groaned. I felt my collar tugged and I was pulled up from the ground.
"Get the kids suitcases. You,boy,come along."
The man dragged me to the building. It felt like he kicked something and I was thrust into the dark, hitting the ground. I quickly scrambled up.
"Where are we?" My voice cracked.
I felt sick, this wasn't me. This was so not me. How come I was acting like this?
"What's your name girl?" The voice asked.
"Avon Reeves." I answered automatically.
That's why I was acting like how I was. Avon wasn't the real me. I still thought I was Avon. I shook my head, clearing it.
"Elizabeth." I said.
"Good girl."
"Where's Joe?" I asked into the darkness.
"Don't worry about him. He's fine."
I stuffed my hands into my pockets and wrapped my hand around my pocket knife. A shot of excitement sped through me. Whoever was in here I could kill quickly. I smiled to myself in the dark. They wouldn't even be expecting it. I started to draw the pocket knife out, but stopped. I heard breathing, more then one person. I froze and held my breath. I listened to the breathing. Six people, six grown people. They would override me the instant I went after one of them. As much as I loved a chase, I wasn't going to afford it.
"Come on." The voice told me, pushing my back so I moved.
He lead me out of the building. Joe was outside with four other men. I looked behind me. Six men were behind me. Safety precautions. I whipped my head around and resisted an urge to go after just one of them. My mouth watered as I fought the urge. I was thirsty for the blood I smelled. I was hungry to see fear leak in their eyes. I craved to hear the pleadings and cries. My body ached for it all, my thirst and hunger was starting to become unbearable. I wanted to kill. I wanted to do it right then and there, but not with Joe just a few feet away. He believed I was innocent and I was going to keep it that way. I had to have my family believe I was innocent to stay out of the small places like prison and a mental hospital and anywhere like that. Thinking of these places sent a shiver down my spine and anger boiled in me. I hated those places. There was no damn way I was going to one of them. I had to stay under the radar. That boiled my blood. I stopped by Joe and gave him a hug, I knew what had to be done in order to protect him. I whipped out my gun and slammed it into the back of his head. He crumbled in my arms. I swallowed and turned to the men, pointing my gun at them.
"You're all fakes! You ain't part of the Program! How did you even find us?" I snarled.
One of the men smiled coldly. "Smart girl. How'd you figure that out?"
"Everyone in the Program puts up with all my s***. You didn't. That's when I figured it out." I said flatly.
His cold smile widened, showing brilliant white teeth. He looked like he was a vampire about to attack. I smiled to myself at the thought.
"Smart ass." He snarled.
I smiled big at him."thanks for noticing."
I slid my finger over the trigger and pointed the gun straight at him.
"You wouldn't dare."The man said said, eying the barrel of the gun.
I squeezed the trigger. It went off. The gun tingled in my hand, a tremor of excitement shot through my body. I turned the gun on the nine of the rest of the men. Shot them all down. I was dancing inside with pure happiness. I smelled fear, I smelled blood, I smelled what I was craving. I walked over to the man who had hit me earlier and spit on him. He smelled like despair and loneliness. No wonder he was such an ass. I wasn't going to drink his blood, no matter how much thirsty I was. I bent down to the man who was next to this pathetic excuse of a man. He looked no more then a little over twenty and had such a sweet face. I licked my lips. He just may cure my cravings even only for a little bit. His blood wasn't tainted with the smell of weed, cigarettes, and tobacco. I licked my lips again. I wanted to smoke so badly. I sighed, this would have to do for now. I bent to the wound in his chest and licked the blood up. I was sucking it up, swallowing it fast so I could have more when something moved behind. I froze. There was no possible way any of these bastards could be alive, I shot them all in the heart. I spun around, the warm, crimson liquid running down my chin. Joe stood there, staring at me with horror, eyes widened. S***, I forgot about him.
"Want some?" I grunted.
He shook his head, he kept swallowing. I could only guess he was trying to find his voice.
"Are you a vampire?" He said weakly, finally finding his voice.
I let out a cold cackle. He cringed away from the noise.
"No! I'm not! I'm the killer!" I hissed, a smile lighting my face.
He looked at me with shock. I knew what he saw. Pure excitement dancing in my eyes. I saw him gulp and his eyes flicker to the gun on the ground, to the blood running down my chin and neck, and to my eyes. He stepped away from me, I could smell his fear. I licked my lips, I could smell the sweet texture of the pool that his blood would make. I stepped towards him, I could kill him with my bare hands if I wanted to. Right then and There. It would be way to easy. So why wasn't I killing him? Why the Hell was I hesitating? I knew the answer to that. I stepped back and bent to pick up the gun, putting it in my pocket.
"Are you going to kill me?" Joe asked.
I looked at him sharply. "No! No, I'm not! Why would you think that?" I scoffed.
"You killed them. You don't seem to even care."
I frowned at him, knowing my eyes would stop dancing and look dull."Why should I care?" I asked weary.
"You just killed ten men! That's why you should care!"
I scowled at Joe. I really hated it when he started acting like a big brother. It annoyed the Hell out of me.
"Don't you feel any remorse, Lizzy?" Joe asked.
I raised an eyebrow at him,cocked my head to the side, and gave a slight smile."Should I?" I taunted.
He gave me a fearful gaze, I stared blankly back at him. This I could do all night, but I smelled my feast running cold, and I was getting thirsty again. I looked away.
"I'm thirsty. I'm going to finish my meal." I told him, turning back to my unfinished meal.
I bent down and started sucking again. It was warm, going cold. Not heated like it was before. Damn Joe made me lose my meal. That pissed me off, but the blood was still good, so I kept drinking.
"That's disgusting." I heard Joe tell me.
I ignored him and kept drinking.Soon, I ran him dry of blood. I sat back on my heels, didn't bother to clean myself up. I stood up.
"You're the killer.How long have you been killing?"
I smiled coldly at Joe. "Humans? Or animals?" I said lightly.
"Just in general."
"Since I could hold a gun and walk."
He stood in silence for a few minutes. "Your sick Lizzy. You need help." He said quietly.
I shook my head."No, I don't need help. I'm perfectly fine OK?"
"Lizzy, let me help you."
"NO! NO! I don't need any help!"I screamed.
I've been killing since I could walk and hold a gun. It was animals first, then when I turned ten, it turned to humans. I loved the feeling of the kills. Each and every time it got more exciting.
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Matt C. said...
Jun. 11, 2012 at 4:44 pm
That was amazing! It truly captivated and entranced me and I will probably read it again and again. There are slight grammer issues ,but otherwise it is a thrilling book!
dragonbee said...
Jun. 26, 2011 at 10:32 pm
wow...... there are not words to say how great ,no fantasic that was
Jonesychic replied...
Jul. 2, 2011 at 9:37 pm
thanks!!!:) ill b positng more soon as i can!!!! im working on it now

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