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Secrets Kept Within

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Kid Hostage

Answers. I had to have them, but I didn’t know where to get them. My hands trembled on the steering wheel and my breathing was uneasy. I felt lightheaded and my vision was getting blurry. I jerked the car into a Seven Eleven parking lot and stomped on the break. I heard squelching behind me and looked to see cars skidding to a stop behind my diagonal park. I stepped towards the white SUV that was last in line. I couldn’t see the inhabitants clearly with my blurry vision and I could feel myself stumbling forward. I knew I wasn’t walking straight.
“Miss? Are you alright? You’re covered in blood.” A low voice murmured coming up to me.
I waved my hand at him and advanced to the SUV. The driver slowly got out, his hand clasping a shotgun. I stopped dead in my spot, eyes on the gun.
“Miss is everything alright?” The Driver asked gently.
“Give me the gun” I rasped out.
“Excuse me?”
I narrowed my eyes. “I said give me the gun” I repeated with a much stronger voice.
He backed up, his eyes still on me. “Look let me call someone. You need help” He said gently.
I let out a cold laugh and shook my head. “I don’t need help from anyone!” I shouted and lunged at him.
He stepped to the side and I crashed to my stomach. I huffed and jumped up quickly lunging for him. He was taken by surprise as I slammed into him. I snatched up his gun and pointed the muzzle on him.
“Say goodnight.” I sang and pulled the trigger laughing as the bullet blew his brains out.
His blood spattered over me and I heard screaming. I stood up and pointed the gun into the van pulling the trigger again. The bullet smashed the window and cascaded into the woman in the passenger seat. A shriek and I looked into the back to see a little girl crying. I pointed the gun at her.
“Hush” I told her roughly and she grew quiet.
I turned and saw the man who had tried to first help trying to get back to his car. He was alone. I shot at him, perfect aim. It landed in his head. He fell flat face on the pavement, brains goosing all over him. I grinned widely.
“I’m going to call the cops!” A panicked voice squeaked.
I looked up to see the only employee working running towards the door. I shot at his head and watched as the same results took place. I dropped the gun and climbed into the van peering back at the girl.
“What’s your name?” I asked gently.
“Anastasia” She said gently.
“Do people call you Ana?” She nodded her eyes wide with fear. “I’m not going to hurt you Ana.”
She shrank back, holding a stuffed bear tightly. “You killed my mommy and daddy.” She said softly.
“They got in my way sweetie.” I said gently and held out my arms. “Come here. Right now” I demanded and something in my voice had her crawling quickly to me.
I picked her up in my arms and climbed from the van quickly going to an abandoned car. I opened the passenger door and dumped the girl onto it slamming the door shut before I crawled into the driver’s seat. Fortunately, the keys were in the ignition and I revved up the engine taking off.
“Where are we going?” Ana asked after a few minutes.
I glanced at her and noticed she had put her seat belt on. “I don’t know kid. I honestly don’t know.” I told her honestly and turned back to the road.
“Why did you kill them?”
“I don’t know”
“Do you like killing?”
“You ask a lot of questions.”
“I do?”
“For a kid who just watched her parents die? Yeah, you do.”
“You killed them”
“Will you shut up?” I snapped at her.
She whimpered and sank into her seat. “I’m sorry”
“I said quiet” I muttered trying to concentrate on the road ahead of me.
“You’re covered in blood.”
I hated kids. “Yes and?”
“Shouldn’t you get cleaned up?”
“People will see”
“Think I care? Why don’t you find something to do kid?”
“I can’t.”
“Why is that?”
“Cause there’s nothing to do in a car.”
Of course there wasn’t anything to do in a car. “Tell you what. You shut up and the next town we get to I’ll buy you, what is it that you want to have fun with?”
“I want to color!” She said happily.
“I’ll get you coloring stuff then if you shut up.”
“And a Barbie?”
What was wrong with this kid? “And a Barbie” I mumbled.
She sat back and grew silent. I sighed relief my head aching. A few hours later we pulled up to a store. I could see it was full so I pulled around to the side and pulled out some hundred bills from my pocket and shoved them at her. “I want you to get whatever play things or coloring things you want but you get me a pair of pants and a new shirt with a hoodie understood? I’m going into the bathroom to clean myself up.”
“What do you wear?” She asked curiously.
“Small in women.”
She climbed out and ran around the side to go inside. I slid into the bathroom and glanced at my blood streaked face in the cracked mirror. I grabbed a paper towel and wt it wiping the blood off quickly, scrubbing at the dry blood. I scrubbed my arms and looked up as the door creaked open. It was the girl and she held out a bag of clothes. I snatched them darted into a stall and quickly changed. I stuffed my bloody clothes into the bag and left the stall and restroom with the bag in hand. The kid had already gotten back into the car and was munching on something. I slid into the driver’s seat and threw the bag into the back glancing at the hamburger. She held up another wrapped one towards me. I took it and pulled out of the parking lot.
“There are four more. Two for each of us. I thought you’d be hungry to.”
Maybe this kid wasn’t so bad after all. “Whatever” I ate while I drove. “Got anything to drink?”
She held up a bottle of water. I took it and chugged half it down.
“You have one more. I also bought two Barbies, two coloring books and two crayon boxes. In case you want to play and color.”
No way was I going to, but I wasn’t about to tell her that. “Sure kid”
“Mr. Bear kind of likes you.”
I assumed she was talking about that bear she had brought with her and I just shrugged. “Good to know.”
She started to hum gently as she took out a coloring book and crayons and got to work for them. I almost felt bad for killing her parents. Almost but not quite. I was back, slightly.
“What are you coloring?” I asked after about an hour.
“A horsey.”
“Nice going.”
“It’s for you”
Damn kid mad me feel gurgles inside. “Whatever you want kid.”
She went back to her drawing. Again I nearly felt almost bad for her. Seriously?! What was going on with me lately? I couldn’t figure any of it out. It was beyond my control. Maybe I should just take the kid to some social services place? No, then I would have to explain myself and I was in no position to do that. I had to keep quiet. And so did the kid. I’d just have to keep her entertained for the time being. I would have to.
“Hey Kid? You like Disney Land?”
“Good! If anyone asks you while you’re with me you’re my sister understood? If you say that, I’ll take you to Disney Land.”
“Really?” She squeaked.
I couldn’t believe I was doing this. “Yes really. Just keep quiet and I’m your sister.”
“Alright! I promise! What’s your name?”
“You don’t need to know that”
“Because I said so.”
"You know my name”
“I should know yours. It’s only fair.”
“How old are you?”
“Well for a six year old, you talk a lot.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Just shut up and stay quiet.”
She grew silent as I drove. Maybe I would keep this kid after all.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 8 9 10

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Matt C. said...
Jun. 11, 2012 at 4:44 pm
That was amazing! It truly captivated and entranced me and I will probably read it again and again. There are slight grammer issues ,but otherwise it is a thrilling book!
dragonbee said...
Jun. 26, 2011 at 10:32 pm
wow...... there are not words to say how great ,no fantasic that was
Jonesychic replied...
Jul. 2, 2011 at 9:37 pm
thanks!!!:) ill b positng more soon as i can!!!! im working on it now

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