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Mellow Yellow

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Frieda Martin was having a nightmare. To have one is a natural occurrence, happening quite often to most everyone. In the dictionary, it is noted as a dream arousing feelings of intense fear, horror, and distress. To Frieda it wasn't like this though. It was more as if she was living a memory of what was to come. It was the same dream she had quite often. The day Lenny drowned, the way the last thing she's done was have a fight with him, the way the police came and she never told them she had been there, and it always ended with him coming out of the water and beckoning to her. Sometimes he hugged her, sometimes he begged her to come with him to the depths, and sometimes... he pushed her in. The second time she looked it up, there was another definition, a demon or spirit once thought to plague sleeping people. The thing was, sometimes she was scared that he was one. If anyone was capable of becoming something that hadn't been a reality for years, it was him. Tonight he begged her to come with him, and full of love for her best friend she followed. As she walked into the murky water and felt it going higher and higher she realized what she was doing and struggled to leave, to get out and go anywhere but there. Strangely, her body wouldn't follow the command, and as she walked deeper and deeper into the water, she realized she had no chance, and let go.

''Ugh... that was so stupid of her, it was just a math problem. What a drama queen.''
''Heather shut up.''
''Why, its not like she can hear us!''
Frieda woke up to the sound of her classmates bickering over her sickbed. Annoyed, and embarrassed at what had just happened Frieda moved in a brave attempt to sit up.
''Ouch!'' she said surprised. Who knew it hurt after you passed out?
''Here darling, drink something.'' Frieda felt a hand pushing a glass shape into her hand and slowly pouring it down her throat. Where was she? She tried to focus on the terrible yellow walls. ''Mellow yellow'' it was called. The nurse had painted it that color to keep patients calm. God how ironic. Oh no, that was where she was. Oh... she felt like she was going to puke. Was that a symptom, or was it just cause of these terrible walls? Possibly both, mostly the later. Eww.. she pushed her way out of the stupid school news reporters and tried to walk out the door in an attempt to escape. Why they even had them was a mystery. Nothing interesting had happened since someone's mom called in hysterical to ask if there was any ammonia in the school beef.
''Wait!'', she heard a woman call after, ''After an accident like this your going to need to lie down a little longer! At least take this package left for you!'' Hmm.. strange not the regular one. This one had dark, chocolate skin, with an air of the wild about her. She must be a sub, or maybe a replacement. Good riddance, anyone who thought that color was a help obviously had no idea what they were doing. She grabbed the package and headed out- direction doorway.Once under the door, triumph clear in her eyes, Frieda turned around to claim their defeat when she opened the package and found water pouring out. It might not have been that bad if a dead fish hadn't flopped out, causing all the blood to flood to her head as she collapsed again, the smile still chiseled on her face.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 11 Next »

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