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the twilight saga dusk

Author's note: i love Stephenie Meyer she has a great mind and i love her books . the twilight saga inspired me...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: i love Stephenie Meyer she has a great mind and i love her books . the twilight saga inspired me to do this book to continue the books but this time by my own way . i hope people like it .  « Hide author's note
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and hell broke lose

I sat still with my teeth clenched. “Why are you doing this to me?” “Stop crying you’ll see that you’ll look perfect.” “But I’m tired” I wined. I had been sitting for hours letting Alice mess with my hair. “Ouch” “stop moving or I will burn you with the curling iron if you don’t stop” “Alice!” I yelled, annoyed now, but I was more frustrated, angry, and tired.

Two hours later…..

“Finally you’re done you look beautiful.”
“Ok now can I leave?”
I ran down the stairs from my grandparents’ house. I heard a hiss from behind and a giggle or two from Aunt Rose.
I heard the bell ring and by the second ring, I was down stairs.
I bumped into something cold and hard, but it didn’t hurt me or bother me. I just thought it was one of my uncles, but of course I was wrong. I looked up to see my dad in front of me.
His hands were in fists, his jaw locked, and his teeth clenched .I looked for the danger and saw none and I didn’t understand what was happening, but he answered my question.
“Renesmee Carlie Cullen what are you wearing?” Anger over powered the surprise and disbelief in his voice as well.
I fidgeted not knowing what to do; I hadn’t noticed what Alice had made me wear.
“Edward stop it. She’s going out on her first date and she looks fine, like any other girl at her age; she looks beautiful.” Alice said almost hissing at my dad.
“Alice, how dare you make my daughter look like a stripper?”
At that moment, I let my eyes wander down to what I had on and was surprised to find a beautiful gown that fit perfectly to my body. it hugged it like if it were made just for me.
It had a v that came down to my bosoms it didn’t show much, but looked perfect.
Half of my back was exposed. Alice’s snarl brought me back from my thoughts.
“She’s old enough and the dress completes her look.”
“ Alice, I won’t let her go out like that. Renesmees go change!”
“Over my ashes,” Alice growled. At that moment, the bell rang, and I opened it. The first response I saw cross his face was a mixture of curiosity and then his eyes widened; his mouth popped open like in the TV shows. This made me smile and want to laugh at the same time. When I heard a snarl from behind my happiness evaporated. I turned around to see my dad`s jaw lock his eyes burning with fury. I had only seen that look once and that’s when I was little and the Volturi came.
He crouched down like if he were hunting ready to spring
quickly I moved in front of Jacob.
“Dad stop. Don’t you understand that it won’t matter if I dress this way or another Jacob will always be with me like it or not.” “The thing is Nessie that you look hot with that dress and I don’t mind it at all; it looks beautiful on your body.”
I smiled a little at that statement. That’s when hell broke loose. Jacob knew what was about to come. He knew if he played with fire he would get burned. He took my hand and we stepped out of the door, my dad on our heels. My dad launched at Jacob and in a blink of an eye, Jacob phased. “Stop, stop, Jacob!” I screamed for all that mattered to me which was Jacob at that moment my heart pounded in my chest, with every thump my mind raced.
I tried to go after Jacob, but Alice`s hold on me was too tight. I tried to fight it, but I couldn’t.
In five seconds, my family arrived and the pack on their heels. I could see surprise anger and disappointment. Emmett looked very happy, almost enjoying it, like if it were a movie. The pack moved around ready to get Jacobs back. “Dad, stop, I love him! Stop!” “Stop Edward don’t you see your hurting Nessie” the fight stopped to the screams that I gave out with every thought my mind came up with , what if I lose him , what if I never see him again , I can’t live without him. I dropped to the floor with exhaustion, worry and hatred in my mind and all went blank after that. My eyes opened and my dad was there he tied to pick me up and I cringed away from his touch from him.
I could see the pain in his eyes and he could see me and how I felt. My mom came close and kissed my forehead she whispered low “his sorry and I know what he did is …”
“Stop I don’t want to hear it I just don’t” She left and I was alone I could hear them on the porch and I just couldn’t stay like this I couldn’t live without him I had to do something.
And my mind was made up. “Alice please don’t let him see what I’m about to do please help me please Jacobs my life my future past and present.”
It was five in the morning everyone was at my grandparents’ house Alice thought I needed some alone time. I am grateful for what Alice had done for me. I packed my bag and took some money that we had lying around I only took the necessary for me and Jacob.
I left from my window with one thought in mind to never come back. As I ran towards la push I noticed I had my father’s ability to run fast. And I didn’t want anything to do with him but I had to endure it.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

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