the twilight saga dusk

March 11, 2011
By brenda27 GOLD, georgetown, Kentucky
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Author's note: i love Stephenie Meyer she has a great mind and i love her books . the twilight saga inspired me to do this book to continue the books but this time by my own way . i hope people like it .

I sat still with my teeth clenched. “Why are you doing this to me?” “Stop crying you’ll see that you’ll look perfect.” “But I’m tired” I wined. I had been sitting for hours letting Alice mess with my hair. “Ouch” “stop moving or I will burn you with the curling iron if you don’t stop” “Alice!” I yelled, annoyed now, but I was more frustrated, angry, and tired.

Two hours later…..

“Finally you’re done you look beautiful.”
“Ok now can I leave?”
I ran down the stairs from my grandparents’ house. I heard a hiss from behind and a giggle or two from Aunt Rose.
I heard the bell ring and by the second ring, I was down stairs.
I bumped into something cold and hard, but it didn’t hurt me or bother me. I just thought it was one of my uncles, but of course I was wrong. I looked up to see my dad in front of me.
His hands were in fists, his jaw locked, and his teeth clenched .I looked for the danger and saw none and I didn’t understand what was happening, but he answered my question.

“Renesmee Carlie Cullen what are you wearing?” Anger over powered the surprise and disbelief in his voice as well.
I fidgeted not knowing what to do; I hadn’t noticed what Alice had made me wear.
“Edward stop it. She’s going out on her first date and she looks fine, like any other girl at her age; she looks beautiful.” Alice said almost hissing at my dad.
“Alice, how dare you make my daughter look like a stripper?”
At that moment, I let my eyes wander down to what I had on and was surprised to find a beautiful gown that fit perfectly to my body. it hugged it like if it were made just for me.
It had a v that came down to my bosoms it didn’t show much, but looked perfect.
Half of my back was exposed. Alice’s snarl brought me back from my thoughts.
“She’s old enough and the dress completes her look.”
“ Alice, I won’t let her go out like that. Renesmees go change!”
“Over my ashes,” Alice growled. At that moment, the bell rang, and I opened it. The first response I saw cross his face was a mixture of curiosity and then his eyes widened; his mouth popped open like in the TV shows. This made me smile and want to laugh at the same time. When I heard a snarl from behind my happiness evaporated. I turned around to see my dad`s jaw lock his eyes burning with fury. I had only seen that look once and that’s when I was little and the Volturi came.
He crouched down like if he were hunting ready to spring
quickly I moved in front of Jacob.
“Dad stop. Don’t you understand that it won’t matter if I dress this way or another Jacob will always be with me like it or not.” “The thing is Nessie that you look hot with that dress and I don’t mind it at all; it looks beautiful on your body.”
I smiled a little at that statement. That’s when hell broke loose. Jacob knew what was about to come. He knew if he played with fire he would get burned. He took my hand and we stepped out of the door, my dad on our heels. My dad launched at Jacob and in a blink of an eye, Jacob phased. “Stop, stop, Jacob!” I screamed for all that mattered to me which was Jacob at that moment my heart pounded in my chest, with every thump my mind raced.
I tried to go after Jacob, but Alice`s hold on me was too tight. I tried to fight it, but I couldn’t.
In five seconds, my family arrived and the pack on their heels. I could see surprise anger and disappointment. Emmett looked very happy, almost enjoying it, like if it were a movie. The pack moved around ready to get Jacobs back. “Dad, stop, I love him! Stop!” “Stop Edward don’t you see your hurting Nessie” the fight stopped to the screams that I gave out with every thought my mind came up with , what if I lose him , what if I never see him again , I can’t live without him. I dropped to the floor with exhaustion, worry and hatred in my mind and all went blank after that. My eyes opened and my dad was there he tied to pick me up and I cringed away from his touch from him.
I could see the pain in his eyes and he could see me and how I felt. My mom came close and kissed my forehead she whispered low “his sorry and I know what he did is …”
“Stop I don’t want to hear it I just don’t” She left and I was alone I could hear them on the porch and I just couldn’t stay like this I couldn’t live without him I had to do something.
And my mind was made up. “Alice please don’t let him see what I’m about to do please help me please Jacobs my life my future past and present.”
It was five in the morning everyone was at my grandparents’ house Alice thought I needed some alone time. I am grateful for what Alice had done for me. I packed my bag and took some money that we had lying around I only took the necessary for me and Jacob.
I left from my window with one thought in mind to never come back. As I ran towards la push I noticed I had my father’s ability to run fast. And I didn’t want anything to do with him but I had to endure it.

I reached la push in a minute, my suitcase in hand and ready to find Jacob and tell him that he was all I wanted and a life without him was hell. He was the only thought in my mind.
And he filled every space in my mind. I knocked the door anxious to see him my heart pound in my chest wanting to come out my stomach in a knot and my mind going ballistic. Billy answered the door.
“Nessie what are you doing here ...”
“I need to see him Billy where he is?” “His not here I thought he was with you are you ok?”
“I’m fine”
I left without meeting his worried eyes where could he be. I thought of walking down the beach to clear my head and that’s where I found him sitting on a piece of drift wood mom used to say it was theirs because they used to always sit there.

“Jacob I love you”
he looked at up and I saw worry in his brown eyes. “Nessie what are you doing here you should be at home”
“I don’t belong at home I belong with you, I can’t live without you and if that means I never have to see my family then I will take that risk for you”
“let’s live this town, lets runaway together and never come back it only be me and you”
“Are you sure that that’s what you want”
“of course your all I want, and I will always want you, forever.” He stood up smiled and kissed my checks he graved my hand and we left he stopped for clothes and some other stuff he needed and we left living everything behind I knew my dad would be all ready in touch with my decision but it was dusk and we were reaching brazil Alice couldn’t see me because of Jacob and that helped me.
We arrived at Angra dos reis we installed in the hotel and rested there. I was curled up to Jacobs body I didn’t need any covers to stay warm his body was enough to make me sweat. My dreams were peaceful his snores were soft and they were almost like a lullaby that he composed for me. I woke up to the sound of a ring my cell phone I forgot I had brought it. My parents had got me for Christmas but I didn’t use it much now. “Hello”
I answered mumbling the words into the phone.
“Where are you?” my eyes narrowed my mouth locked and I held my self-strong enough not to hang the phone up.
I knew if I did I would never hear him again. “I’m where I want to be”
“Renesmee Cullen you come home now” His yell just made it worse the whole world was giving us their back and I didn’t care. I couldn’t control myself and I yelled in to the phone “ this my life my decision”
I heard a small voice in the background mom .
“Let me talk to her Edward “my mother asked him. “Mom don’t try to convince me, I’m not coming home this is where I want to be and where I’m going to stay.”
I told her not letting her speak “ I know that I’m not trying to change your mind your old enough to do what you want I just want to tell you that I will miss you and that hopefully some day you will come back to your family.” I was surprised with her answer she knew me so well and I loved that. “Thanks mom that helps a lot at least I know you are on my side.” She hung up and I felt a little better all that pressure I had was a little less heavy. Meanwhile Jake woke up I kissed his cheek to say good morning. “So what are we going to do today?” Jacob asked yawning and stretching his self out of bed.
“Well I was thinking that maybe we should eat first don’t you think so”
he smiled and I couldn’t resist smiling back at him.
He kissed me and twirled me around.
He put me down and said
“sounds like fun” I raced him to the bathroom and won I bet he let me win I took a shower and got ready to live with some jeans and a top. He got in after I was done I didn’t know where we would go but at least I spoke portages’ my mind raced remembering everything I had learned I found that learning different languages was very interesting and that it could help me in the future . Jacob came out of the shower wearing a v neck shirt and some jeans he smiled at me and we left. We found place that looked beautiful it was near the hotel and gave a perfect view of the islands that surround it Angra dos reis has 365 islands. The food there was great it had many different taste`s and it was wonderful , I could see Jacob liked it because he was absorbing everything I thought the place would run out of food before I finished my plate . After eating I thought it would be nice to go walk and see some of the wonders Brazil has. It was getting late when the breeze arrived I felt Jacobs arms tighten around me making me fill warm and save. We stood there and I felt Jacob stiffened his body trembled and I looked up and fallowed to where he was looking they were here they found us. They approached in a v shape the darkest cape in front. They drifted closer until they reached us. My body froze my eyes narrowed I knew how to fight but we were outnumbered there was four and we were two we would lose.
“Renesmee here you are I’ve been looking for you” a girl in the front spoke and I knew who she was Jane of course a blond short vampire with an angle face, but she wasn’t I knew too well about her. “Well then if you found me what do you want” I said irritated and worried. She smiled a halfhearted smile “we have come for you aro wants to speak with you.” “Come Renesmee come” I fallowed her knowing that if I didn’t we would die. Jacobs hand trembled in mine I looked at him and told him to come but of course he would he would never live me alone with them. We reached the closet airport and took the first flight to Italy. We arrived at three in the morning my heart was sinking with everything that was happening. It was all my fault and we would die it was always my fault since the last memory I have of the volturi, when they came that cold winter day when the snow stuck to the ground when I had to sleep in a tent. The day my mother said she was living me. Tears stung my eyes that pressure that was eliminated was back but now stronger and heavier than ever before. I had to at least save Jacob he wouldn’t die for me not for me, I promised myself. I would never see them ever again. Were they still alive would they know what was happing? I was sorry for what happened but there was no turning back I would save him even if I had to die. We left the airport and they took us to a car Dimitri, was driving a crooked smile played on his lips. I tried to ignore him but I couldn’t there was something about him that was so strange and I couldn’t stop staring at him. My mind wouldn’t stop spinning it didn’t take long to arrive to volteria. My mother had come here when she was human she was eighteen and my father thought my mother had died because aunt rose had told him what aunt Alice had seen in her vision. So when Alice got to my mother and saw she was alive ,and saw my father come to the Volturi to get killed she told my mother and they came to save my father .the darkest time of my mother`s life was When my father left my mother because of the accident, That happened at her eighteenth birthday. It was dusk to her. Well right now my life felt darker than ever before. I was alone I was probably going to die and so was he but no he wouldn’t because I would fight for him the only thing I had left the person I loved the most he would not die I would give my life for his . I know how to fight I know my advantages and my openers’ so I had a chances to at least take some down before I died I would be able to save his life I would explain this later to him somehow .

It took Dimitri, ten minutes to get from the airport to the castle. They were waiting for us their eager smile on their lips. Aro approached us with a shine in his eyes; I could see his curiosity was in the air. In the back I saw Caius and Marcus. Marcus looked board and Caius looked pleased. As aro drifted forward his milky eyes caught my attention they were red, a blood kind of red. His papery skin so pale and simple reminded me of someone I had seen before that’s when the thought hit me it was the roman coven. Of course valdimir and Stefan hated the volturi for taking what was theirs. They had the same papery skin as the volturi. Aros voice broke my thoughts. “Nessie welcome to my palace, finally I have found you.” “What do you want with her?” Jacob asked I could hear the fear in his voice he was worried and I didn’t want to hurt him liked that. His voice was strained with anger his body trembled and I knew this wasn’t good the guard`s approached forward they got in crouch position ready to fight. Aro lifted his hands as in surrender and said “peace my children peace we do not want to fight with our guests.” “Jacob it’s okay calm down” I told him holding his hand he was only vibrating know but I knew he was alert of everything that was happing. “Oh Jacob we would never do anything bad to you or Nessie we want to make you an offer that is if you let me?” what was he talking about an offer I couldn’t understand what did he want of us that he didn’t have what could he offer us ? “What’s the offer about what do you want with us.” I almost hissed at him I had to calm down. “We want you to be part of our volturi guard but if you don’t want to…….” He broke off sentence before I dropped to the ground and my screams muted his voice. Pain rolled through my veins it hurt and I couldn’t control it. “Stop, stop it, it hearts, stop” I yelled the voice I heard was different than mine it was strained and all the screams came out in hisses. Jane was causing this I could see her smile from where I laid and the more she smiled the more pain I felt. “My dear Jane that’s not necessary stop my child.” Aro commanded the pain disappeared but I could see she enjoyed it. Jake kneeled down and helped me up. My mind was racing I couldn’t win when Jane could do that to me whenever she wanted to. And that’s when I felt a new sensation in my body a new thrill a powerful feeling of wanting to be part of the volturi guard. It was a desire that I couldn’t control I never wanted anything like this it was so strong, I needed to be part of the volturi guard and I would be one. “Well what’s your answer?” aro questioned I spoke before Jacob could. “I would love to be part of your guard aro.” I saw Jacob look at me with a confused expression on his face.” “Excellent” aro chimed happily. “Stop that I know you’re doing that stupid leech.” I looked up at Jacob confused about what he was saying and to who he was yelling at .my mind searched the place and who or what was causing this I looked at the guard and they looked confused Marcus and Caius they didn’t know what was happing. Aro spoke before I could and I just stood still.” Who are you talking to Jacob” “Chelsea that filthy blood sucker” Jacob spit out his anger growing. A memory came back, of course that feeling I had wasn’t mine she made me feel this way she could loosen ties as well as tighten them she did this when the volturi wanted vampires to join their Volturi guard . “Chelsea” her name escaped my lips my lips curled back from my teeth, letting my teeth expose. A beautiful blond vampire came she had a porcelain face she smiled at aro with her perfect white teeth, she had dark brown hair that where in waves. She had crimson eyes she placed her hand in aro`s, aro can read every thought you ever had by touching your hand. She left in a few seconds after aro dropped his hand from hers. “I’m sorry for that accident” aro apologized with an apologetic smile in the corner of his lips. Jacob looked concerned but said nothing he stood behind me ready to protect me in any minute. But there was no danger around. I looked at aro and told him what was on my mind. “My offer still stands I haven’t changed my mind.” I told him talking casually like if we were talking about going out to eat. He smiled and I knew he wasn’t going to say no to my offer. “Well this is great…” he was cut off by Jacobs’s voice “well if that’s the case I will join the guard to I will never live Renesmee unprotected.” Jacob told us I could see the irritation in his eyes. There was something wrong Jacob was offering to be a guard dog something I knew he would never do but it was me he did it for me . I couldn’t let him do this to himself to what he is I would talk to him alone to night. Aro broke through my concerns “excellent we have new members in our family please welcome them.” I could see that he was planning ahead to the future and I couldn’t help but shiver , to think of what he planned ahead my thoughts were in line and I knew what I had to do it was a matter of time now to put them in place with my plane , the plane that would save us. I had to get my rules heard my rights my conditions even if I had to fight for them with my teeth. And I would win I always did. “One condition aro that you will not separate Jacob from me, that nobody will come between us is that clear?” I spoke with a strong voice reassuring him I was serious. He looked curious and concerned like if I had hurt his feelings but I knew otherwise. I could see Caius smirk from behind aro. Aro answered in a hurt voice.” But of course I would never do that dear one I could never do that to my children Jacobs your soul mate just like your father had your mother , you too are made for each other reminds me of Edward and Bella.” I winced at their name I knew I hurt them and thinking about them was worse than knowing id never see them again. He smiled and called someone forward I had seen the vampire before but not up close he reminded me of Jane they looked so alike he had brown hair and had crimson eyes like her as well their features were the same but until I heard his name did I know the truth behind him.” Alec my dear bring joule so that he can show our guest where they will sleep, they must be tired from this long day.” Aro commanded to Alec. My mind knew that name and that’s when I knew that Alec and Jane were twins I had forgot everything Alice told me. It had only been a year ago when I asked Alice about the volutrie`s guard she had told me about Felix, Dimitri and alec and Jane I had forgot, but now I knew alec and Jane the most powerful ones in the guard with Jane that can inflict pain in other by her mind and alec that could block out all your senses when the Volturi had your verdict decided. Dimitri was a tracker and he was the reason we couldn’t run away. We had only one way to win and it was to play along to try to keep aro out of my mind. Alec`s angelic voice made me concentrate on what really mattered at this instant. “if you don’t mind aro I would rather take them myself like you said to welcome them and I would like to show Nessie and her dog where to sleep” I could see from the corner of my eye Jacobs hands ball into fits because of the statement he had just heard .aro smiled at him “that’s wonderful go ahead dear one show them our hospitality to our new family, I will see you tomorrow my children.” I tried to suppress a shiver that ran down my back but I couldn’t. Before I could stop the words that slipped from my mouth I said what a memory from the past left life was obscure that’s the only word I could use to describe my life now bleak and obscure. Nothing else, what am I going to do when all is lost and you know it. The feeling of someone punching you in the stomach the lacking of air what is there to do but parish with the one you love. If all is lost if every hope has been burned if the time limit is gone if your life is over and all you have is the pain that you have caused.

My mind was raising I knew I shouldn’t but I couldn’t stop the words from living my lips and with one look at my surroundings I knew I had made a mistake how could I have stopped but now it was too late. “ well Aro I guess you finally got what you wanted a Cullen and your own personal guard dog what you have wanted and thought of so much , I know it my …. Father told me, and you also have a Cullen is that not what you wanted?” I had a hard time saying the word it’s like my throat had been clogged up and I couldn’t talk the air came rapidly but it heart like being cut from the inside out , the rawness stung and I saw Jacob stare at me worried I looked at him with so many apologies in my eyes . Aro looked confused and also a bit amused I could see eagerness in his ruby eyes, a shiver went down my spine almost as warning me that there was danger coming. After some seconds of silent Aro spoke “well nessie that was a thought and your right now all I need to complete my guard would be Edward, Bella and Alice.” I cringed at his words anger rose within me warning that I might explode. My teeth clenched the only thing I wanted to do was throw myself at him and rip his limbs from his body. he would never say those names again not while I lived and could prevent it , he had no right to do it , I tried to calm myself I had to try that was what would save us from our destiny to die. To die or fallow how ironic I knew we would die even if we did what they wanted it was just a matter of time.
“Come nessie” Alec commanded one hand stretched out, his voice so gentle one of a caring person it was sweet. I looked at him something in his eyes twinkled and a smile played at his lips he said again “come” and I graved his hand, from behind I heard Jacob hiss I turned to see betrayal in his eyes. Sadness covered him I couldn’t hurt him like this it was going to kill me. I was causing so much pain but I would get it back in time I knew it well. I turned hating what I was doing hating myself hating that I knew it was my fault and I couldn’t change it. We walked out so much guilt weighing down on me cautioning me that any moment it would crush me. My life was hell and every second I burned more. Alec’s voice broke my thoughts. “We have arrived to Andy’s house Jacob you will stay with him. He has your room ready and will tell you what you will do tomorrow, good night.” He turned around almost dragging me away I pulled back not understanding did he not here what I told aro about separating me from Jacob. I was about to speak but Jacob bit me to it. “Isn’t Renesmee going to stay with me?” Jacobs’s fury surprised but I knew and understood it the only thing I asked for and they were not doing what I asked for. I graved his hand it was trembling I looked up with pleading eyes to tell him to calm down, he looked me in the eyes and I saw my future in his. “It’s okay I’ll be with you in any way I can, don’t worry about this you know I love you and I’ll be okay , I promise.” It was hard to believe the words that came out of my mouth I knew I didn’t want to be away from him he is my everything the spark of light in this twisted night that every second I didn’t watch out it ripped another piece from my chest , making the pain harder to endure. He spoke from his heart and I could hear it in his voice. His eyes showed me his soul and I knew he could see mine. “I know that and I love you and I want you with Me.” he pulled me by the waist until there was nothing between us there would never be. His lips touched mine sending sparks through my body everything changed but nothing changed in reality, but at that moment everything disappeared the sadness , madness and tears were gone like they never existed it was only me and him like it should have been from the begging . My world stopped and the only thing there was were thumping of our hearts like one. Because we were one if he left me I would die and vice versa. We broke not having enough air I laid my head on his chest and he laid his head on mine I loved Jacob he was my Jacob would always be. I looked up into his eyes and told him good night. “Good night Jacob” he looked at me and I could see he understood that I loved him even if we lived separately. He kissed my forehead and whispered good night and disappeared in to the house. I turned around and walked away from the corner of my eye I saw him peek through the windows. He was worried and I could see he was in pain to let me live. Alec`s scoffing broke my inner thoughts I had forgot he was still here. “Wow how can you stand him?” I looked at him not understanding him he said it playfully but there was more in his voice almost like ignorance. He smiled trying to hide his irritation his perfect white teeth exposed any human in sight would have been frightened to the sight of them but I was no human. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, why is it so important to you any way my life is none of your business.” I snapped back I didn’t understand why he cared if he thought he was going to get in my life and tell me what’s right and wrong then he was wrong. I looked him in the eyes my jaw clenched and my anger exposing everything I had held back since I saw them. “I’m sorry but he has anger problem and I don’t think you disserve someone like that.” he spoke calm with nothing weighing him down he knew what I was feeling and he knew he wouldn’t win.
“His a wolf what do you expect?” I yelled irritation strainig my voice, that anger was coming out and at any moment I would put our self’s on the fire and we would burn. He whispered seeing the irritation in my eyes .” you mean shape shifter nessie he isn’t a real wolf not that I know” that was it the final line he crossed it my mind was ticking down the seconds it turned on my heels ready to live I didn’t know where to go but I would live this behind before I did the impossible . He grabbed my wrist and pulled me back I crushed into him and he leaned in and pressed his lips on mine I struggled to get away. He whispered in my ear what he had on his mind. “ he doesn’t disserve you , you should be with someone you can relate to someone like me nessie I could make you happy and he will never be able your mortal enemies’” I wanted to pull away I tried but I couldn’t he had me trapped I yelled at him to let me go “ stop let me go alec I don’t want you stop” at my last protest I felt his body separate from mine he wasn’t next to me anymore he was flying through the air to the far wall . His body hit the wall but that didn’t hurt him I knew it didn’t. I felt a hand pull me back it was Jacob he had heard me I was behind him and my fear rose warning that it would boil over . He was going to phase no this couldn’t happen this shouldn’t “Jacob no please stop don’t!” I pleaded him he looked at me concern lingered in his eyes but I could see the hatred in them he turned and pushed me a side before he phased. I didn’t know what to do I was late , I saw alec attack Jacob the fight frightened me and that’s when I saw alec flip back in pain he looked like he couldn’t breathe like he was suffocating. A snarl came from behind I turned surprised to see Jane standing behind me she looked unpleased. “What are you doing?” she spit out with as much venom as she could put into those words. At that moment I noticed Alec stand up and look her straight in the eyes. “Jane what are you doing here?” he asked her she looked at me and I felt my insides burn pain rose in my veins every inch hurt I couldn’t fight it . I fell to the floor with pain my insides felt like if they were being exposed to fire raw. Alec hissed and the pain ceased all there was became black I heard Alec exclaim to his sister. “I’m protecting her like I was sent to do.” Jane looked angry and betrayed he hissed at his at the angelic demon. “So you’re willing to protect her but kill her mate she will never love you Alec don’t you understand.” she snarled back her eyes were black cold. She glanced at me and I saw hatred and for a moment touched Jacobs eyes in that instant I saw that twinkle that alec had when he saw me . She was in love with Jacob. No I wouldn’t allow it that’s why she protected him no . “You will not hurt her any more Jane I won’t allow it this is nothing that concerns you so live now .” alec exclaimed “ so than you will give me your back then I won’t let you hurt him he is never going to be left unprotected do you understand I will protected him with my life .” she yelled at him her hands were in fists and anger lurked in her eyes . “If that’s what you want than do it but listen to me your wasting your time do you understand.” he answered determination in his voice “ than live alec live and I will fallow you out .” she spoke I could see she had a little regret in what she had just spoke but she would not give up she wouldn’t . “I can’t Renesmee doesn’t know where to stay I haven’t shown her yet.” Alec answered I had forgot about that and now that had come up where was I going to stay? “Well she can stay with Jacob that’s what aro said” she spoke “ we have no other reason to be here come brother lets depart leave them to sleep , come” she said it with a gentle voice she knew alec wouldn’t come in the night if I was with Jacob he wouldn’t harm him . She had ruined his plan he wanted to separate us but he had not thought about how his sister would react so now he couldn’t do anything. He turned and closed the distance between us I turned to Jacob but he was gone I searched for him. He was coming out of the shadows he was in his human form now he came and stood by me. Alec smiled and whispered softly almost as if he wore talking to a baby “good night Renesmee sweet dreams.” He kissed my hand and turned around I felt Jacob try to push me a side. He would not allow this. I graved his hand and touched his face I showed him how much I loved him from the moment I felt him close to this day I showed him that I would always love him. He smiled and I felt his body relax. I felt a hard cold hand move mine from his face it dropped to my side turned to see Jane she was looking at Jacob and I knew she would to give up she would try to get Jacob. She smiled at him he tensed but didn’t move. She spoke clear and only to him “sleeps well Jacob I will miss you, but” She turned on her hills and walked to her brothers side he wore a sour mask on his face. my fury was boiling over I crouched down and sprang at her I felt two hands pull me back it was Jacob I could see he was worried but I didn’t care about that now . I pushed him away and sprang for Jane’s neck she stood there not moving she knew that her power was enough to stop me in my tracks but she didn’t count on her brother. I crashed into her sending us to the ground I looked at her she looked startled and angry I pinned her down she tried to get away to fight back but it didn’t work . I spit at her all that I had held back since I saw her that day at the park. “ don’t mess with Jacob or me because I will not second think next time, Jacob is mine and if you think you will come between us you better think again because I will stop at nothing to protect him .” I got off her and stood there looking at her she was pissed now I could see that. I knew what I was doing I was putting myself in danger but that didn’t matter he was all I had and I would do all I could to keep him alive. It was my fault and I knew it they were gone. And he was here that’s all that mattered so when he looks me in the eyes and I read fear I know he fears for us and what the future holds. So if all I can do is keep him alive than that’s what I’ll do.

The author's comments:
this is as much as i have i will keep writing and adding to the story later.

I felt as Jacob pulled me back he had me by the waist and I didn’t fight back. I watched them disappear into the shadows. we walked in silence I knew he would ask and I was trying to keep him from asking damn why did I have to lose it why couldn’t I hold it back . I knew he loved me but … I don’t know there something inside that told me that there was more to what Jane was doing and I feared that . He stopped me and hugged me tight he whispered “it’s ok nessie will get through this.” I hadn’t noticed the tears that over flowed my eyes causing me to be blind for a second. He whipped the tears from my eyes and smiled at me I could see so many questions in his eyes but they would be unanswered. He held me in his arms until I calmed down a yawn escaped my mouth and he smiled telling me that we should go to sleep now. We entered the house where we meet Adrian and his sister aysel her name is so beautiful it means moonlight. She is a friendly vampire she has curly brown hair with a dimpled smile and golden eyes. I was shocked to know that another vegetarian lived with the volturi. Adrian had golden eyes too he had blonde hair and he was muscular his body resembled something of uncle jasper. They were turned into vampires in nineteen twelve in Germany. The volturi killed there family when they were seventeen. We sat in the living room listening to their story. Adrian began Jacob was eating some burritos and drinking coke when Adrian began he spoke softly as if trying to control the grief that over whelmed him. “It was nineteen twelve the middle of October we had just finished eating and my mom Emma was cleaning up she had heard something that startled her she called my father and he came into the kitchen she spoke in a frantic voice saying that something was out there . My father told her that everything was fine that nothing was out there but he was wrong I sat in the coach with my sisters. I could see they were frightened as well especially the small one Heidi she was terrified. Graved her and held her close to my chest whispering to her that nothing was wrong. That everything was well, when suddenly the door opened and they came in they were perfectly lined up they held my stare and I told my sisters to go up stairs but when aysel tried to take Heidi upstairs they stopped her and graved her she screamed and they threw her to the wall. I got up and my father came to the living room with my mother behind him he looked frightened he came to me and told them to leave but they didn’t they merely smiled at what he said. My biggest brother Eric came down the stairs he approached us when Jane ordered them to do what they pleased with us but to leave me and aysel alive they had been spying us they knew we were special and they wanted us . Eric was the first to die he tried to fight but we wouldn’t win. We knew it and we didn’t want to accept it. A guard named Felix got to him he stopped him before he even got near us. He smiled and graved him by the neck and drained him from all his blood. My father tried to fight to stop the monster. ….” I flinched at the story I could see pain, regret and fear. Felix he had done so much I knew him and knew what he could do he reminded me of the legend of lamia meaning blood drinker this vampire was the first of our kind who drank blood from children still that story send shivers down my spine the Egyptian coven told me that story when we had a camp out for my birthday I had turned ten and I wanted a camp out of my own . We told stories and laughed at everything that happened I stayed outside in a sleeping tent that night with Jacob he didn’t let me sleep so I left him there in the middle of the night he was frightened when he woke up and didn’t find me my parents thought it was funny to lie to him and tell him that they thought I was with him. I remember how scared Jacob had got when he didn’t find me not because my parents would get mad but because he loved me. That’s when I realized I loved him to. Adrian’s cough brought me back from the past from my family. “They took my father’s life my mother cried out in grief and pain to see what was happing and I couldn’t do anything all I could do was stare, at my family getting killed. Heidi hid from them they didn’t find her I had a paper in my pocket and I found a pencil I wrote a letter to let people know to take care of her to love her and never leave her. I slid the paper under the cabinet she was in. I heard her whimper and I whispered I love you to her for the last time I would. They took only five minutes to kill them Jane approached me and said that I was no longer in charge of my life that I lived for aro only. We left that night we arrived to Italy the next day. . He spoke to us telling us about how our lives would be better after we were changed. He changed us and we never felt happy we went back to Germany to look for Heidi. We found her she was happy with her new family, we couldn’t take her away. We left and promised to never go back to the past. We couldn’t drink human blood because if we did we would give in to the monster. We heard about how your family lived off animal blood and decided to do that as well. We have done it for many decades now following your ways .” he finished and I could see that there was guilt lurking in his eyes but I did not ask any questions I had my own guilt that pushed me down drowning me in a pool of fear.

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I went to sleep with a shadow of destruction clinging to me. Every step I took broke another floor of grief from inside. What can I do? Should we try to run, hide, and find them at least? But if we run they`ll kill him and that’s what I’m trying to avoid. What can I do? It’s frustrating trying to do so much and always finding a wall that presses me back. No, ah I screamed mad and unpleased Jacob was still down stairs with Adrian. But I could hear him coming up the stairs he must be taking the by two`s by the sound of it. He opened the door I sat down and let my eyes fall to the pale carpet. Help my insides screamed help let me go back to my child hood where I was always save. He closed the space between us with one movement. I knew he was worried I knew I could feel it he got down on his knees to eye level. And spoke in a soft voice trying to comfort me, but no one could comfort me. “Nessie what’s wrong I know all is bad but will make it will find away even if we have to run.” And that was it we had to run and when we were far enough I would tell him to go without so that I could save him. I would tell him we would be splitting up and running different routes and that we would meet up a certain point. He frowned and it tore my heart all the pain I’m causing him and what I would cause him but I would pay it all by saving him. It was all for the best.

I fell asleep in his arms how I would miss his smell his warmth. I stood up and took a shower. today it all began my plan my death and my loneliness I fell to my knees and cried all that I had to hold back when he was near . I stood and walked out I put my clothes on and descended the stairs where I found him. “Jacob” he turned and smiled I loved that smile. he was such a child. He ran to me to kiss me his lips so warm so perfect made for mine I smiled and whispered low “ I love you Jacob black I love you.” His smile grew wider and he did what I would never had guessed he screamed so that everyone could hear. “And I love you renesmee carlie Cullen” I felt his hands around my waist a he twirled me around I giggled as he screamed that he loved me over and over. I felt in love and I never wanted it to end. The door opened reviling alec he starred at us and I could see sadness in his eyes but also ambition Jacob stopped and smirked at alec . alec spoke in a hush tone only to me. “ come renesmee you have much to learn come” he held his hand out as I took it . “ jane will come for you mutt” alec spat out. I glared at him and he just turned around to live. I kissed jake and left. I catched up to him and stoped him “ who do you think you are to talk to jacob that way you have no right so im warning you about this cut it or you`ll see who I am.” I stormed of living the shocked alec be hind I walked into the room where aro would meet me . I saw him sitting on his pedal stole I walked up to him and he turned to me he spoke in a proud voice like a father speaking to a daughter who has done a has won a spelling bee. “Renesmee I’ve been waiting for you but it’s ok so how do you like living with us?” “Well I don’t really appreciate how Alec and Jane have been trying to separate me and Jacob. I would like if you spoke to them because you did promised me that we would be together.” I commended I had enough of the little game they were playing. He looked shocked I waited for his response. He called for Alec and Jane. They came in and Jane spoke “you called us?”
“Dear ones don’t tell me it’s true what my nessie has said.” They looked down with shame in their eyes Alec spoke this time. “I’m sorry that we have let you down master.” “I love her.” he spoke and from behind I heard a growl no this couldn’t happen they couldn’t he here. They would die no.

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