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Fourth Period Hell Room

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Friends Until the Bitter End

The ambulance arrived at the school, and checked Jake to see if he has a pulse. The put him on the stretcher and rushed him to the ambulance truck. How was the rim so loose? I understand that this place is old and falling apart but the way that rim fell was just unbelievable. I ran to the locker room and switched my clothes. I snatched my book bag out of the locker and ran to the principal’s office to call my mom. I rushed inside and asked the secretary for the phone, but she ignored me and kept typing on her computer. I asked again nicely for the phone and she still kept typing away on the computer.

“Hey!” I yelled.

She stops typing and removes her glass and walks over to me.

“What is your problem? Yelling in here like you lost your mind.” She said.

“I have to use the phone it’s an emergency.” I explained

“Well that doesn’t mean that you have to bust in here and yell at people now you are going to have to sit down and wait like the rest of the kids that have to use the phone.” She demanded.

I looked at the kids that she pointed at that were waiting for the phone, and there were at least six kids sitting in chairs waiting to use the phone. What the hell was wrong with her? I have a friend out on a stretcher and she was worried about order in the damn school. My face began to turn hot and I was pissed off and I couldn’t take it anymore. My anger just switched and I became a totally different person.

“I’m not going to wait.” I said.

“Excuse me?” she snarled.

“I said that I am NOT going to wait to use the phone. My friend just got carried out on a stretcher and I need to get a ride to the hospital. Now, I came in here to obey the NO CELL PHONE policy in the school to call my mother from the phone you guys provide for us to use. Now I don’t’ want to have my phone snatched by a staff member and I am not going to wait for a phone that an ignorant, lazy, pathetic witch that won’t allow me to make a two minute phone call. Now, I am going to use this phone and call my mother.” I said walking over to the office phone.

I started dialing my mother’s phone number while Principal Diaz walked inside the office. The secretary tells him what I said to her and he rushes over to me and stood over my shoulder and made my phone call to my mom. She said that she was going to have the school call me down to the office and we were going to go to the hospital the second we leave. I hung up the phone and principal Diaz blocks me from leaving the office.

“Mr. Ericson I am surprised at you, why did you just disrespect my secretary like that?” he asked.

“I had to make an emergency phone call to my mom.” I replied.

“Well, there were other kids that had to make an ‘emergency’ phone call. Was it that important?” he asked.

“If it concerns my friend just leaving the school on a stretcher and I am worried, then yeah it is important to me.” I replied.

“She didn’t tell me that part.” He says while looking at his secretary. “We will discuss this later, go ahead and get to your next class.”

I walked out of the office hot tempered and worried about my friend. The bell rings and third period was dismissed. The halls begin to flood and word was getting around about Jake. I walked upstairs to go to home room. I couldn’t believe that my friend was hurt like that. There had to be a reason for why that rim fell on him like that. I walked into Mr. Reed’s class and he was writing on the board. I took a seat and kept my mouth shut while the other kids were entering the class. The bell rings and the kids are talking about the incident that happened in the gym. Mr. Reed takes control of the class.

“Alright class, settle down. I know there’s a lot of talk about Jake’s condition,” he says. “but I am sure that he will be just fine.” He said turning to the board.

I was so angry that I didn’t look at the computer and I didn’t even think about nothing else but Jake. He was like a brother to me, and if I lost him I was going to be the only shadow in the school’s radar.

“Now tomorrow we are going is the school’s open house, and I am really looking forward to meeting your parents. Especially yours Mr. Ericson.” He said with an evil smirk.

I was so tired of him and his threats he had been making toward me. I wanted to smack the smirk off his face I stared him down with an evil glare. I never wanted to threaten a teacher, but this guy was not a teacher at all. He was a monster on the prowl to ruin my life for no reason, but I wasn’t going to let him break me down.

“What’s the matter Mr. Ericson?” he asked walking over to me. “Are you scared that you might lose your friend in a matter of minutes?” he whispered.

I stood up from my chair and stood face to face with him. “You know what?” I started.

The intercom bell ring and calls for Mr. Reed.

“Mr. Reed can you seen Randy Ericson to the office, his mother is here for him.” Said the secretary.

“Sure thing he will be right down.” He said with a smile to the intercom.

He looks back at me with that evil smile on his face.

“You’d better hurry and catch your mother,” he said.

I was making my way to the doo and he stopped me and said: Tell your buddy Jake ‘Who’s bringing in the RED carpet now’.

The room fell silent, and the class was confused at why Mr. Reed said what he just said to me. He had to have something to do with the gym accident. But, I couldn’t do anything about it, the damage was already done. I had no other choice but to face it like a man and deal with it. I walked out of the classroom and made my way to the main office to meet up with my mother. I walked down the stairs and saw her waiting by the office on her phone. She was probably telling dad that we were going to the hospital. She hangs up the phone and runs towards me.

“Are you alright, son,” she asked.

“Yeah, mom, let’s just hurry to the hospital before anything else crazy happens.” I said.

We went to the parking lot, and she unlocked the trunk for my book bag. I looked over at the teacher’s parking lot and the creepy Corvette was gone, but that meant that Mr. Reed had left. I looked at my phone and the time was 11:47am. It was just the start of fourth period, and Reed was gone already? I closed the trunk and jumped in the passenger seat. I couldn’t worry about Reed and his ignorance; I had a friend in the hospital. My mom starts the car and we make our way to the hospital.

Ten minutes later, I received a text from John saying that the cops were lurking around the school interrogating the custodian trying to figure out how the basketball rim became so loose. Just like the police nowadays; they always get the job half right and it bugs me. They should always investigate the whole staff not just the one that are a coincidence of committing a crime. My mom turned into the parking lot of the hospital and I was anxious to see my friend. We jumped out of the car and rushed inside to the waiting room. Once we made it inside I looked and seen Jake’s parents sitting in the waiting room. My mom walked over to Mrs. Avery and asked about his condition.

“They just finished operating on him. They found a shard of glass in a main artery and they can’t find a way to stop the bleeding.” Said Mrs. Avery holding back her tears.

I couldn’t see myself without my friend…..my brother. He’s the best person that a guy like me would have. I had to take a seat and think through this.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Next »

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Timekeeper This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 29, 2011 at 1:42 pm

The plot is interesting and refreshing, though I hope the new teacher isn't behind the old teacher's disappearance...that would be predictable and trite.

Please check out my novel SuperNOVA and leave your thoughts on it! Thanks :D


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