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Fourth Period Hell Room

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Turn Up The Trouble

It was another day in school to everyone else, but it was another spooky day with Mr. Reed. All I was thinking about was the Gibbons being dead and Reed lying to the students. What could he be hiding from us that he didn’t want all of us to know? I bumped into John in the hallway talking to a couple of his new ‘friends’. He calls me over to the side of the hallway, and his friends leave to their next classes. “Hey, man, I wanted make sure that you are cool with the break-in later.” He asked I wanted to back out and say no, but I didn’t want to leave Jake alone with John. Who knows who killed the Gibbons besides God and the Gibbons themselves is beyond me, but I wanted to find out if Mr. Reed had anything to do with it. “Yeah, I am in. Just as long as you keep the deal you made.” I replied. “For sure, a biker never backs out of his word.” We’re going to meet at the back door later on tonight at ten, and wear black and bring some gloves.” He said walking away. I continued walking to class and was nervous about what was going to happen with Reed today. I walked through the door and Mr. Reed was already sitting at the desk looking at his computer. He glances at the door and notices me entering class. “Mr. Ericson, I need a moment with you.” He said. My heart started beating again and I didn’t know he wanted to talk to me about. Hopefully he didn’t know about me going to the Gibbons house, or heard anything about us breaking into the school tonight. I know he shouldn’t know anything about it but I was too paranoid to think straight. I walked over to his desk and he looks at me with an angry look on his face. “Yesterday I found out something that was very disturbing to me,” He began. “I know I have been a little hard on you since I started here it’s very disrespectful to make accusations like that.” Oh no! He knew that we were thinking that he was the killer; he’s going to kill me. How did he hear? Was Jake’s house wired? Was he watching our conversation from the neighbor’s tree? I began to sweat badly and my heart began beating like a sports car again. I didn’t know what to say or how to explain what I was thinking. He pulls out a two paged paper with the IM messages that Jake and I had yesterday talking about Mr. Reed. I began to calm down and tried not to celebrate that it wasn’t my accusations about him being a killer. I looked at the papers and saw that he had every insult Jake and I circled in a red ink. “Randy, these are very harmful insults, and I can’t have this in my classroom.” He said. “I’m sorry Mr. Reed.” I said. “I know you are, and I will make sure that your mother knows that you apologized after I talk to her later on today.” He said. “You can’t call my mom, please Mr. Reed it’s not necessary.” I pleaded He slams his hand on the desk. “And I said that it is not going to be tolerated in this class room. Now, Mr. Ericson take your seat or I will do a lot worse than call your mother.” He said. I slowly walked away from Mr. Reed while he was staring a whole through me. The kids looked at Mr. Reed after he snapped, and there was a dead silence. I took my seat and Jake walked in and sat next to me. “Jeez, who else died?” he asked. Mr. Reed apologizes to the class and gives them the announcements for the day. I sat in my seat scared, and nervous. This thing with Mr. Reed isn’t just unprofessional; it was more personal toward me for some reason. I just couldn’t wrap my finger around what I have done to him besides embarrass him in an online chat site. I finished the rest of school in silence and in fear. Jake and I walked home and he was talking about the break in later on tonight. While on our way home, John’s car pulls up and he tells us to get in. We jumped in his car and he volunteered to give us a ride home. Hollywood Undead was playing in the car and John was mouthing the words while smoking a cigarette. He looks at me and saw that I was quieter than I was yesterday. “The matter with you, Randy? You looked like you say a ghost.” He asked. “Reed chewed him out today about an online chat that we had bashing him. Now he’s scared about what his mom’s going to do when he gets home.” Jake answered. “S**t, is that all? You act like you beat the crap out of a nerd or something.” He said. “What am I going to do? My mom never had trouble with me except the time I broke her Dolce and Cabana shades. And I was five when that happened.” I explained. “You’ll be fine. The worst that they can do to you is lecturing you and ground you and that’s about it. You got nothing to worry about.” He said. “Yeah, and us breaking into the school could be your revenge back to him.” Said Jake. “He’s right, bro.” said john. They were right about me breaking into the school with them, but what if they were wrong about my parents. “Hey I’m going to pick you guys a down the street from Jake’s pad. It would be a lot easier for us to sneak you guys back in and to get you guys out.” John said. We dropped off Jake in front of his house and ran inside. John drops me off and tells me not to be late getting out of the house. I walked in the house and my sister was in the living room with Rocky watching TMZ. She looks at me, and rushes off the couch and tells me that the school had called. “That Mr. Reed guy called today.” She said. “Did he talk to mom?” I asked. “Yeah, she’s in your room waiting for you.” She said. I was in deep trouble if my mom was waiting for me to come to my room. I walked upstairs slower than the Undertaker making his entrance to the ring, and she was sitting in the chair next to my computer. “Randy? What happened in school today.” She asked while I was standing at the doorway. “Mom I can explain it was just me and Jake fooling around, and I forgot to log off my computer. All we were doing was making fun of Mr. Reed’s suit jacket he had on.” I explained. “That’s not what he told me. He told me that you and Jake were calling him a gutless coward, and cold heart sergeant, and one of you guys called him a butt faced jerk wad.” She explained. “Mom, why would I call a teacher that, and Jake and I don’t even call people ……butt faced jerk wads.” I said. “So why would he tell me that over that you did?” she asked. “I don’t know mom. I told you that the guy doesn’t like me at all. He’s got something against me I don’t know what it is though.” I explained. She takes a deep breath and gets out of the chair and walks up to me. “Son, I am going to take you r word for this that is since you never lied to me before. But I think that it would be a good idea that we have Mr. Reed over for dinner after the open house this Friday.” She said. “I don’t know about this mom. He’s creepy and it’s something not right about him.” I said “Well when Friday comes around we will try to get some type of understanding between the two of you. Who knows? You two might end up like Eric and Mr. Pheeny from that one show.” She laughed. She gives me a hug and kisses me on the forehead. I was relieved that I only got a slap on the wrist about this. But the thing that was puzzling me was that Mr. Reed lying to my mom about what Jake and I were talking about. My mom leaves the room and stops at the stairs. “I won’t mention this to your father as long as you stay out of trouble. Deal?” she said. “Thanks mom.” I said. I closed my bedroom door and take my phone out of my pocket. I called Jake and filled him in on the conversation with my mom. “That’s insane man, why would he lie like that?” he asked. “I don’t know,” I said grabbing my black hoody and my baseball cap. “But this is going to get worse before it gets any better. I’ll see you tonight.” Later that on that night, I was getting ready for the break in I had throw on everything that I need that was black to make sure that I wasn’t going to be caught. I put my phone on vibrate and called Jake to see if he was ready. “Yeah.” He answered. “I’m going to climb down my window and make my way to your house in five minutes. Meet me in your ally.” I said. “Alright see you there.” He said hanging up his phone. I closed my phone silently and walked over to my window. I climbed out slowly and carefully to the rooftop and slowly shut the window with enough room for me to climb back up. I tip toed from the roof to the little ladder that my dad leave out to clean the gutters. Thank god he leaves the ladder out. I slide down the ladder and rushed to Jake’s house. I was so excited to do this after what my mom told me what Reed told her. I was upset at the fact that he would like on me about that, but as soon we find his files, we were going to make sure that he was going to be behind bars for a long time. I finally reached the ally way of Jake’s house. I counted the houses to make sure that I was waiting behind the right house, and not somebody else’s house that would have someone see me. I say Jake’s backyard and the big rose bush that was sitting in front of the gate. I called John to see if he was at the end of the street where we can meet him. He confirmed that he was there and I told him that we would be there in a few minutes. I sat and waited on Jake to come out, I was thinking about what could be in his file that has made him lie about his education path and his wife’s profession. Just as I was thinking about the file, Jake taps me on the shoulder and startled me. “Let’s go.” He says running to the end of the block. Jake was wearing black paint under his eyes with a black snowboarding hat and a pair of leather glove. The ting that was throwing me off about his get up was the turtle neck sweater he was wearing. I couldn’t tell if he was going to help us break into the school or audition to be on the 70’s version of James Bond. We see john’s car at the end of the alley and jump in. John’s pulls off and we make our way to the school. This time in his car it was completely different. There was no music playing and he wasn’t holding a cigarette in his hand. I could tell that he wanted to stay focused in the break in. He had a lot of pressure since he knows how to get into places without people knowing, and having to make sure that Jake and I don’t get tangled up in trouble. “So what your mom say about Reed calling.” He asked. “She told me that she said something completely opposite that we said about him in the messages.” I replied. “I told you that there was nothing to worry about.” he said with a smile. We pull up down the street from his house, and John turns of his head lights and parks the car across the street where the back entrance was. We all get out and run to the back door of the school. John takes out the same Boy Scout knife he used to opens the Gibbons door to open the back door of the school. We slowly walked in and looked around for any security or cameras that were looking for us. John stops us before we moved on and reminds us that we are supposed to listen to what he tells us to do. We walked down hall and see the lunchroom door. The offices were two halls away around the cafeteria, so we made sure that we stayed hidden. We turn the first corner and there was a school security guard sleeping in a chair with a ‘War and Peace’ book lying on his stomach. John told me and Jake to make our way down the hall and slowly walk past the security without waking him up. Jake and I walked down the hall slowly and carefully while the snoring guard was hold the book close to his stomach. As we get closer to the guard I noticed that he was wearing headphones in his ears with music blasting into them. We made our way around the corner and looked further down the hall and saw that there was nothing that between us and the office door. I told Jake to signal for John to make his way down the hall while Jake and I slowly walked over to the door. John used the Boy Scout knife again to open the door and gives us the grand entrance inside. “You got to show me how to do that, man.” Jake whispered. “Now’s not the time I will show you later.” He said walking inside the office closing the door behind him. The office was pitch black and we couldn’t see ourselves or anything for that matter. Jake pulled out a small flashlight and looked around the office for the filing room. I noticed a door to my left and asked Jake to flash the light on the door. I must have had the luck of the Irish in me tonight since the door that we were looking for was right next to me. John opened the door and Jake followed behind him with the light. There was a hall of file cabinets in the room with student files, teacher’s file and even janitor files. I noticed that there was a computer down the file cabinet lane. “Look for a cabinet with the letter R on it.” John told Jake. Jake walked down the hall looking for the R cabinet while John and I waited for the word. “You guys are doing great. If it was me and the prospects that I was working with in my club we would have screwed up five minutes after we walked in.” he said. “I just wanted things to go right and not get caught.” I replied. “Well, that deal sure as hell stands, bro.” he said. “Hey guys come on I found it.” Jake called. John and I rushed down the hall, and looked at the filing cabinet as if we were looking at a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I rushed and opened the cabinet and started skimming through the files. There were so many with different names. I skipped down to the RE’s and saw Reed’s name on his file. I snatched it and looked at the big red stamp that said CONFIDENTIAL on it. I opened and there was a resume and an application inside. The resume was my most concern and it was a pretty long one. There were two pages that were stapled. The other page was a cover letter from a corrections office. “No way this guy was in jail.” John asked. I walked over to the computer desk while reading the letter from the state’s prison warden. Jake turned on the light started snoozing the computer. “What are you doing?” John asked. “I know where I can find out why he was in prison. It will only take a second.” Jake replied. “Alright but make sure it takes a second.” Said John The letter was very plain at the beginning and I skimmed through it to hopefully find out what he was in jail for. But the warden kept referring to him as Robert not Reed. Maybe he was married after he got out of prison. The letter said: Roberts had volunteered to do time around the facility in the chapel area for our worship services and has worked in our laundry making sure that the prisoners were wearing fresh clothes. The crimes that Mr. Roberts had committed were out of character like he was in the prison cell, but I am sure that he will be a clean fit after sitting in the psychologist office for the 2 years he served. “Hey what’s his name in the file?” Jake asked. “Isaac J. Reed. “Replied John after looking at the folder. “His name’s not in the system. That can’t be right.” Jake replied. I looked at the signature of the cover letter and the warden signed his name under a name Paul Roberts. “Wait a sec bro.” I said while looking at the name. “Look up Paul Roberts.” Jake typed in the name and pressed the enter key and the name popped up on the screen.
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Timekeeper This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 29, 2011 at 1:42 pm

The plot is interesting and refreshing, though I hope the new teacher isn't behind the old teacher's disappearance...that would be predictable and trite.

Please check out my novel SuperNOVA and leave your thoughts on it! Thanks :D


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